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by SHOPIFY API / JUN 5, 2014


    With the recent release of the anticipated Disney movie Maleficent still fresh on the lips of bloggers and journalists everywhere, we’ve been flicking tirelessly through red carpet pictures to identify who has upped the hair stakes at the biggest premiere of the moment. And, up to our eyeballs in pictures of gorgeous gowns and laidback locks, we couldn’t help but notice one lovely little lady striding forth from the pack – the fabulous Elle Fanning.
    The rising star of the Fanning family, Dakota’s younger sister has blossomed in recent months and become something of a style crush for us here at ClipHair HQ. She’s bang on trend at the moment, channelling her
    inner boho-chick with long, effortless locks in a series of simple, understated styles. Here is our run-down of the best Elle Fanning looks to date.

    long, effortless locks

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    Any Wes Anderson fans out there will be silently praising our blonde bombshell for successfully pulling off the coveted Margot Tenenbaum side-fringe-and-clip combo, and goodness does she do it well! Her look says “I woke up like this”, and we sort of bet she did – gorgeous Miss Fanning rocks the tousled look perfectly. You can achieve the look yourself by taking the natural look and quite simply sleeping with your hair down, or alternatively loosely curl and then straighten sections of your hair intermittently. You might want to straighten the roots, wave the middle, and straighten the ends again – however you approach it, the key is asymmetry and avoiding a pattern. Keep it wild and untamed.

    edgy curled ponytail

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    Our beloved mini-Fanning looks all grown up in this stunning Miu Miu shoot, where she sports an edgy curled ponytail with her statement blonde tresses. The way the front of the hair has been pulled back tightly makes this look a high-end catwalk hit, draws the eye to the focal point, and accentuates the curls. If you’re trying this look for yourself, remember that the height here is very important – if you too hope to nail the couture vibe, make sure your pony is at the very top of your head. As soon as it drops to the crown, you’re back in girl-next-door territory. The higher the edgier, darling!
    boho-cum-mermaid waves
    Elle Fanning, we salute you! The former tiny-tot star has firmly stepped up to the fashion plate and is now sashaying with A-listers, and is styled very appropriately for it too! This look is ultra-trendy at the moment, as long and loose hairstyles flood in from all corners of Hollywood. Made huge by the likes of the Olsens, these boho-cum-mermaid waves are the hot way to look effortlessly fantastic and are relatively simple to create yourself too. You can get the look in minutes with a wide-barrel crimping iron, by loosely curling with a barrel curler, or to save your hair from heat damage, by sectioning and plaiting when wet. Remember – the chunkier the plaits, the looser the waves. If you’re using extensions but want to avoid heating tools, we’ve got a step by step guide for how to do so here.
    To rock this look a la Elle, we definitely recommend opting for the centre parting, which makes the whole look a little more relaxed and cool.

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    Not all showbiz looks have to be hard work, and Miss Fanning demonstrates this perfectly with a simple side plait. This look can sometimes turn out somewhat infantile, which is why there’s a fine line when it comes to getting it right. Firstly, it has to look casual. Elle has perfected her plait by making it uneven – it’s loosely composed at the top, and becomes tighter and more uniform towards the end. The sections of hair are different sizes and the whole braid looks ‘thrown together’, which is the best way to achieve effortless glam. Secondly, it has to be simple – Elle’s lack of fringe or any other detailing around her face make this look a success. If you like to leave a little hair out, go ahead, but try and make the strands loose and natural, as if they’ve fallen out on their own. Thirdly, she’s adhered to the cardinal rule of visible hair ties, and covered hers with a lock of her own hair. Expertly done, if we say so ourselves.

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    simple side plait
    very natural down-do pict1
    very natural down-do pict2
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    Our final Elle look is probably her most frequently represented style, a very natural down-do. Her side parting looks uber-chic with the slight presence of dark blonde roots, making the whole look very Kate Moss circa 1995. The main body of her hair is straight, but the ends are slightly curled for a very subtle introduction of interest, without look too styled. Elle Fanning is best-known for looking effortless and still fresh, and this look encompasses her hair ethos. To get this look at home, simply run your hair through straighteners (but leave it a little messy) and then gently curl the ends with a curling iron. The ends needn’t be neat or even, as this look works best when it’s underworked.
    Whether Elle Fanning is new on your radar, or you’ve been carefully eyeing up the blonde bombshell for some time, she is certainly a figure to check in on. We suspect that she might well become a huge style icon before the year is up, so be sure to get her looks underway before the rest of the world cotton on! Best of luck



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