Steal Her Style: Jennifer Lopez

by SHOPIFY API / JUN 19, 2014


    With her new album having just hit stores, and her stylish appearance at the World Cup kick-off, our beady
    little eyes have most definitely been drawn to our favourite singer cum actress cum hair icon, Jennifer Lopez!
    She’s long been one of the most desirable women in Hollywood, and all set to make a big comeback, our Jen
    has gone all out with her new look, and her hair is looking absolutely fabulous. If, like us, you’re already
    scurrying off to the hairdressers with a J-Lo pic in hand, then why not take a look at some of our favourite
    Lopez styles, and have a go at creating your own.
    The New Pony
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    Why rock a standard ponytail when you could go totally J-Lo and create a modern, interesting version in seconds? Fresh off the block (sorry), this cute style is so simple to achieve by popping the front of your hair up in a hair tie, and then creating a normal low ponytail just beneath. Why not try two trends at once and incorporate a scrunchie into your look? Great for the gym, the office, a wedding – you name it. Good work Jen.
    Woke Up Like This
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    Eat your heart out Bey, J-Lo is stealing your thunder when it comes to the super-hot fresh outta the sheets look. Normally not one to deviate from her favoured middle parting, Jen bucks the trend and opts for an OTT side fringe, dramatically pulled across and teamed with messy, slightly curled locks. The whole look is seductive, playful, and like the Queen of Pop, you can pretend it wasn’t even deliberate.
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    Nobody works those warm colours like J-Lo, and this gorgeous caramel ‘do looks fab, and ultra-LA! The hot trend of the moment is roots, and Miss Lopez channels the relaxed vibe perfectly with this look, and the gentle curls really bring out the differing tones in her hair. This look is all about volume – it has to be big! So dig out your salt spray, turn that head upside down, and spray for your life! Plenty of mousse and hairspray will also help hold this style.
    Plait Perfection
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    At Clip Hair, we LOVE a plait, and this sexy senorita is pulling off this relaxed French plait with oodles of style! Working the messy look, she’s left out strands framing her face and subtly pulled from the main body of the plait, which stops this groomed look from being too overworked, and it means it can stand the test of time without deteriorating. Top marks!
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    Nobody does that rough-parta-town look quite as well as Jen, who pulls off the whole rags to riches vibe like a total pro. Sometimes our favourite Latin babe dips back into some of her Jenny From The Block styles, and works them through with chic accessories and a fierce smoky eye. This statement bun is demure and sophisticated, with a carefully wrapped knot, but is undeniably strong and sure to turn heads. You can create this look at home in any way you like, but be sure to pull the main body of your hair back nice and tight to create the same couture feel.
    Alternative Lady
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    Who knew it – J-Lo’s a hipster! The woman of the moment working the look of the moment too, it’s a hair enthusiast’s dream come true! Pulling the top part of her hair into a tight up-section creates interest, volume, and is an ultra-modern way to spice up messy hair. If you’re looking for a new hairstyle this summer, try copying Jen’s look at home – it’s a fab way of getting your hair off your face, but still looking super hot. Miss Lopez is blessed with immensely thick hair, but if you need a little helping hand then simply pop a row or two of clip in hair extensions in the lower part of your hair, and our ponytail extensions are a quick and easy way to achieve this same effect.
    Channel your very own inner sassy senorita this summer, and try and create your own versions of Jen’s relaxed, messy mane. The key is to not over style, keep it natural, and get it big! Good luck, and happy hairstyling!

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