Suggested hair Styles for Ombre Hair

by SHOPIFY API / MAY 20, 2014


    Ombre hair styles have definitely kept on leading the scene – this season with bolder colours and pastel hues! Now that ClipHair has shown you how to actually get the Ombre inspired look by dying your own extensions at home (if you haven’t checked that out yet, click the link to be redirected to ClipHair’s YouTube channel, and while you’re there do not forget to subscribe!), here are a few simple inspirations which make Ombre hair look really stylish and bring out the contrasting colours in your hair! Enjoy!
    doughnut bun and wrapped ponytail hairdo
    Starting off with Buns which are so convenient and make you look effortlessly stylish and pulled together. The first bun using a small doughnut hair accessory, allows you to wrap around the remaining hair of your extensions around it. That remaining hair will of course have your Ombre effect, thus giving a pop of colour to an otherwise ordinary bun. No time for that little doughnut thingy? Well just grab your hair into a ponytail, and when tying it around your hair for the last time, do not completely pull the hair out. Wrap the remaining hair around your rubber band, secure with a bobby pin and viola, you’ve got another style!
    loose side plait and twisted half up-half down
    A loose plait, tugged at to make it look thicker, is also a very complementary and easy style for Ombre hair. Make sure you do not plait your bottom colour too, in order to achieve a striking contrast. A side plait is even hotter! And in order to make your bottom colour look asymmetrical, tying up your hair in a half up – half down do, by twisting the sides of your hair and securing in a pony tail, will lift the hair and give you a super funky pattern on sleek straight hair! If you’re not too sure on how to place your extensions in order to achieve a secure style, with no clips showing and ultimate comfort, what my tutorial by clicking this link
    Last but not least, my favourite out of the bunch…
    bow inspired hairstyles

    Aren’t these Bow Hairstyles the cutest? Perhaps a bit trickier to explain how to achieve this look in a written post, I will be definitely showing you how to achieve this easy bow style in a You Tube tutorial coming up soon! So stay tuned for that and make sure you’re subscribed!Of course, these are but a few of the hairstyles which complement Ombre and Dipdye hair. Creativity and trial and error is the key to see what suits you best and, of course, which is the most flattering for your particular hairstyle. Don’t forget that apart from dying your own extensions ombre as seen in the tutorial, you can also get your ready made set from the variety available at ClipHair!

    I hope you enjoyed this post, and do stay tuned for my Bow Hairstyle Tutorial in the coming weeks!

    Written By: Davi Gouder

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