The 2023 Festival Hairstyles You'll Fall In Love With

by BRENDA L. / APR 26, 2023

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    Uncertain weather, mild temperatures, a pair sunglasses always in your bag (or on your head)... Well, all of this means one thing: festival season is here!

    As fashion and beauty evolve, this year we’ve been blessed with a series of brand new looks! For 2023, the vibe has shifted towards harmonious, natural looks and hippie-esque flowy tresses. 

    Hair extensions are, of course, rising in popularity through festival season – allowing people to switch things up for a day by adding colour, volume, and length to their mane. Need some inspiration for your next weekend of shenanigans? Let’s have a look at the most popular festival hairstyles of 2023.

    Wild And Free Curls

    Textured hair is living its very own moment, usually paired in long length and lots, lots of volume. It may sound weird, but being blessed with natural ringlets doesn’t always mean that you won’t need hair extensions – in fact, many curly celebrities resort to curly hair extensions to add length to their tresses and boost their natural volume for glamorous, thick and dramatic looks. 

    Zendaya’s Coachella look – paired with a frilly skirt and corseted top following the 2023 spring trends – is an inspiration for curly-haired beauties that would like to enhance their style by amplifying the fullness of their hair.

    Middle Part Everything

    Middle-parted everything is still a major allure, as demonstrated by celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Pink Pantheress, Kendall Jenner, and more. If this year you’d like to go for a “less is more” type of vibe for your festival day or night out, pairing a middle part with sleek, long lengths is a clever move to achieve a youthful Y2K look. 

    Seamless hair extensions work in perfect harmony with this type of hairstyle, maintaining the same thickness from root to tip and performing with unmatched softness and shine.

    The 90s Bob

    Thinking of getting a big chop? Well – why not? Short bobs are still going strong this year, being the number one choice for short hair cut. Getting your tresses cut off doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to say goodbye to long hair forever, quite the opposite: by playing with an accessory such as Ultra Volume hair extensions, you can easily blend in the shorter length and switch things up whenever you’d like to.

    Wet Hair Don’t Care

    Wet-effect tresses are all the rage now, and we probably owe this to Rosalia – the Spanish singer that had us all in a chokehold with the release of her album Motomami. Other celebrities before her gave this hairstyle a go, such as Kim Kardashian and many performers during the early 2000s, when the wet look was unmistakably popular. You can easily achieve this by using the correct products and yes, it will work on clip in hair extensions too – for boosted volume and length.

    Soft Waves Forever

    Gently tousled lengths and effortlessly glamorous waves are particularly popular this season – and it’s easy to see why. First of all, the look is incredibly easy to achieve, and second: you can recreate it in the comfort of your own home, with or without human hair extensions (depending on the finish you’re going for). Depending on your hair type, you may want to add a few clip ins to get more thickness in your tresses – after this, styling is fairly easy. Check out our dedicated blog: How To Get Heatless Curls In 12 Easy Ways.

    Space Buns Among Us

    For the nostalgic souls out there, yes – space buns are still a thing. After all, they have the “best festival hairstyle” reputation for a reason! If you’re lacking the necessary length and volume to recreate this cutesy, playful and peppy hairdo for your next music festival weekend, feel free to apply Remy hair extensions to solve the problem and rock and effortless, grungy set of trendy space buns – as seen on celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and more.

    Hair Rings Trend

    Not exactly a hairstyle but a popular hair accessory, hair rings are still very much in – especially within a younger audience. You can give them a try and implement them in your space buns set, or why not? Paired with double Dutch braids or a long, thick French braid. Hair rings can be purchased online or, in some cases, at your local hair and beauty supplier. They come in different shapes, materials and colours – and they are fairly cheap too!

    Baby Braids Are Back

    Micro bubble ponytails and baby braids have been seen everywhere last summer, and guess what? Yes, they’re back and better than ever. You can combine them with hair rings and other accessories (such as colourful mini hair ties or hair tinsel), and you can wear them on the front to frame your face gracefully, or add them to your mane for magnified body, volume and texture.

    Bandana Hairstyles & Biker Vibes

    A bandana can be a clever way to keep your hair away from your face (or instead to keep it in place), whilst keeping you trendy and cool. There are lots of different combinations that you can try with a bandana, and with the right set of real hair extensions you can bring to life a variety of hairstyles that you can play around and experiment with all summer long! The beauty of it? A bandana on your hair will also protect your scalp and reduce sun damage. Find your bandana hairstyle idea in our post: 12 Cute Bandana Hairstyles You Must Try.

    The Modified Sleek Updo

    Celebrities such as Shay Mitchell know exactly how to spice up a classic hairstyle with a good dose of festival styling, and honestly? I’m here for it! A sleek middle part with slicked back lengths and curly ends is the right balance between glamorous, editorial and casual – and trust me, it’s not easy to come up with something like this nowadays! However simple, this type of hairstyle has a subtle yet outrageously cool and ground-breaking flavour. If you’re a fan of accessorising, try implementing a few hair clips to match your outfit.


    Although 2023 is still surfing on the same wave that 2021 and 2022 tried to push on us – heavily influenced by 90s pop culture and intensified Y2K trends brought back to life – this year it’s been a pleasure seeing a few new entries among the usual suspects. Ready to style? Don’t forget to show us your super cute creations when using Cliphair hair extensions!

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