The Return of 90s Style

by SHOPIFY API / APR 17, 2014



    Whether you’re a fan of the Spice Girls, body glitter, or metallic mini skirts, there’s no doubt that the 1990s bring back fond memories for all of us. It’s no wonder, therefore, that we could hardly contain ourselves when we got the memo that the 90s have made a full return to the world of fashion. We’ve put together a few of our favourite 90s looks to get you inspired to recreate the best decade of all!

    Make it Metallic


    Nothing says 90s luxe like a good old metallic miniskirt, and this A-line skirt/cropped jumped combo is super 90s and super cute! Note the pastel colours, contrasting materials, and introduction of ankle socks. This look is still totally wearable – we’re thinking a white A-line skirt, pastel fluffy knit jumper, platform sandals and glitter socks.



    It’s the queen of the 90s herself – Gwen Stefani! At the absolute forefront of pre- millennium fashion, Gwen can be seen rocking everything from Japanese-inspired platforms and fluffy bikinis to metallic tank tops and flowing skirts, but for us the winning aspect has always been her hair! You can recreate her looks by simply sectioning your hair and either plaiting or putting into small buns. Experiment with different partings and 90s accessories like scrunchies and pipe cleaners. For a kitsch look with a little kick, try a pastel palette like our beloved singer, who combines hers with her trademark 90s buns and some interesting facial décor!


    Double Trouble


    When we think 1990s style, it’s hard not to think of one momentous fashion disaster – the Britney and Justin denim saga!


    But despite this definite breach of style, double denim is textbook 90s and can be executed with great success. It’s an easy trend to slip into now, because denim is so widely used – you can experiment with high-waisted jeans, a denim skater skirt, a midi, shorts, skinnies… anything! With so much range on the denim market, you’ll be sure to find something you like. Then it’s just about choosing what you double with – it might be a denim jacket, a denim shirt, or anything else you can fashion, find, or buy. Don’t be afraid to mix colours too – although the 90s was predominantly blue, investing in blacks, greys, acid washes or coloured denims will all help you work the trend.


    As one of our big 90s icons, it seems foolish not to include her in a comprehensive round-up of our favourite 90s fashion, and there’s something about Mariah’s locks that make us feel all nostalgic.
    This is the sort of style that can be easily achieved with curling tongs, and the messier the better. Try and vary the curls by using sections of differing thicknesses, and vary the tightness of the curl, making them looser at the root and ends. The messier the better, so introduce mousse and hairspray by turning your head upside down and spraying for your life! If you need a little helping hand getting yours as big, try some volume spray.
    Create your ode to the 90s today by mixing some fun and funky outfits with trademark 90s hair, and see yourself sail straight to the top of the trend charts!


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