The Top 10 Haircare Products and Accessories to use with Hair Extensions 

Hair extensions require a little more love and attention than our own hair, even if they are made from human hair. This is because they have been removed from their natural root meaning the hair is no longer getting all the natural oils and nutrients that it needs to thrive. Its important to know that not all haircare products are suitable to use on hair extensions, using the wrong products or tools could damage the hair and massively effect the life span. Therefore, taking care of your hair extensions correctly and using the right products and tools will not only keep them fresh for longer but also improve the overall look!

Here at Cliphair, we have listed the Top 10 Haircare products and Tools/Accessories that are suitable for Hair extensions. From Shampoos to Hair Brushes we've listed our favourites, why they are individually so important and explained what each one is. Believe it or not most of these products are also far better for your own hair too and can all absolutely be used even when you are not using Hair extensions! 

No1. Dry Shampoo

Hair Extensions and Dry Shampoo go hand in hand, its almost like they were made for each other! This is especially true for those of us that have hair extensions permanently attached as you will know washing your hair can be a major chore that sometimes you just simply don’t have the time for. For those days, when your hair is greasy but you either haven’t got the time or simply just cannot be bothered for the washing procedure, Dry Shampoo is a LIFESAVER.

The way it works is kind of gross but for us hair enthusiasts super interesting! Basically, Dry shampoos are made from starch or alcohol based active ingredients that soak up the natural oils and sweat from the scalp and your hair, leaving it looking clean and dry. Back in the day before dry shampoos were easy to get a lot of people used to use talcum powder as a alternative. Most Dry shampoos have a fragrance added to give your hair a fresh scent too.

See below for our Dry Shampoo we offer here at Cliphair which is suitable for use with Hair extensions. Simply shake the can before use, then spray on the greasy areas (usually parting and crown) 15cm away. If you can see any residue just give your hair a little rub to help the spray absorb evenly.

Whether its to add waves, curls or to be sleek and straight we all love to style our hair with a bit of heat from time to time.

Doing this too often or incorrectly can dry our hair out leaving it weak and brittle and much more prone to breaking. The best heated appliances to use are ones where you can control the temperature, for human hair extensions its not advised to use a heat higher than 180 degrees.

Heat protection spray is a great way to shield your hair from heat damage, its especially important to use with hair extensions as they are more fragile than your own hair. The ingredients contain friendly silicone properties that form a protective layer over the hair shaft stopping the heat from penetrating through the cuticle and causing breakage.

If you imagine how a sun cream works on your skin, this is pretty much the same but for your hair! And speaking of the sun, you can also give your hair a spritz of heat protection in very hot and sunny weather to prevent the sun from drying it out too.

See below for our Heat Protection Spray we offer here at Cliphair which is suitable for use with Hair extensions. Simply shake the bottle before use, then spray from 15 cm away over the mid-lengths and ends of your hair before applying any heat. Avoid spraying too closely onto the hair, you shouldn’t be able to see wet streaks a light layer from 15cm distance is enough the hair should not feel wet after or have a obvious residue.

I like to leave the hair a couple of minutes after the spray has been applied before I start to apply heat to let the spray work its magic first! For thick hair you can split the hair into sections before applying.

Cliphair Heat Protect Spray

heat protect spray

No 3. Shampoo

Washing your hair whether you have hair extensions in or not can be a job in itself, which is why its even more crucial to do it right!

These days we are so much more aware and cautious of the ingredients and chemicals that come into contact with our hair, skin, nails and even what were eating. And rightly so, there are definitely some ingredients that should be avoided when buying your shampoo for hair extensions and its important to understand why.

The main ingredients to avoid when choosing a shampoo suitable for hair extensions are sulphates and alcohol. The reason behind this is both of these ingredients are extremely drying for our hair, not only do they remove any natural oils they will in time dull any lovely vibrant colours you’ve put on your hair.

Even though Sulphate and alcohol are both great at removing residue and oil from the hair they can take away too much, leaving the hair feeling dry and dehydrated.

As hair extensions are already deprived of their natural hydration from the scalp they do not need any help in loosing more from harsh products.
A good quality Hair Extensions friendly shampoo will have a very low level of these ingredients or none at all.

Below we have our Cliphair Extensions Friendly Shampoo that includes a conditioner for double the moisture! This product is especially great for Clip-in or Temporary hair extensions, for permanent hair extensions we advise to use a extra conditioner after this shampoo for a stronger hit of hydration as the hair is being worn daily.

Some Sulphate free shampoos can be difficult to lather to feel free to do 2 shampoos, this is how the hair is washed in a professional salon and why it always feels super clean! Remember to always thoroughly rinse your hair after using any product on the scalp to avoid product build up.  

Cliphair 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner

cliphair shampoo

Now that your a pro at looking after Curly and Wavy hair extensions why not have a browse through our collection here at Cliphair, we've got a wide range of lengths and 20 shades to choose from! Our Curly and Wavy Clip-in hair extensions come in Full head sets weighing up to 160g with 8 pieces. Whatever your after you will find it in our selection, and remember if you need any help choosing the right ones for you feel free to ask an expert and use our FREE Colour Match and Advice service by clicking the button below!

No 4. Conditioner 

Conditioning your hair and hair extensions is one of the best and easiest ways to keep your hair healthy, looking great and protected from damage. Dry, dehydrated and brittle hair can cause a multitude of problems including colour fade, hair breakage, thinning and the dreaded frizz.

Luckily there is a overwhelming amount of fantastic hair extension friendly conditioners on the market today to choose from.

Surprisingly, some people avoid conditioner as they believe It makes there hair too soft, silky and flat. As long as conditioner is used correctly it will not cause these problems, it doesn’t always need to be applied to the scalp or roots only the mid-lengths to ends of the hair where the hair needs it most. Conditioning the hair is a step that should NEVER be skipped regardless of your hair type or thickness.

Styling habits, chemical processing and general wear and tear can open or damage the hair cuticle, which if left untreated will give a dull appearance and weaken the quality of the hair. What conditioner does is help to flatten and seal that cuticle, leaving the hair shaft smooth, strong and shiny. A smooth, flat cuticle is much easier to manage and looks a lot healthier.

Our favourite Hair extension Friendly Conditioners are Loreal EverPure Moisture Conditioner and Moroccan oil Hydrating Conditioner which we have linked below for you! Simple apply either of these to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair/hair extensions, leave for 5-10 minutes before rinsing for the best result. You can also give your hair a blast of cold water on the final rinse to really seal those hair cuticles for a extra dazzling shine!

Loreal EverPure Moisture Conditioner

loreal conditioner

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Conditioner

moroccan oil hydrating conditioner

No 5. Moisture Spray

This product is very closely related to serums and leave in conditioners; however it is slightly lighter in weight and also gives a gorgeous shine. You wont find this item everywhere on the market as our Cliphair Moisture Spray has been specially developed to serve the needs of hair extensions without weighing the hair down.

Some shine or moisture sprays contain a lot of unfriendly silicones, even though they give the hair a dazzling shine they can over time build up on the hair leaving it feeling dry and plastic like. Our Silky Moisture shine spray is designed to help eliminate frizz and dullness whilst giving the hair a boost of moisture at the same time.

Simply spray the moisture spray onto the hair from 15cm away, you can apply this to wet or dry hair. Use when the hair is wet as a detangler to help with brushing and when the hair is dry to smooth and add shine!  

Cliphair Moisture Spray

moisture spray

No 6. Deep Conditioning Hair Mask 

Conditioner and deep conditioning hair masks are very similar, the difference is in the strength. A standard conditioner is an almost everyday product that is used a lot and every time you wash your hair, whereas a deep conditioning hair mask is a much stronger version of this that is normally only used once a week or every two weeks. Depending on your hair extensions, whether they are permanent or temporary will decide how often you should use this product on your hair.

There are lots of different types of Deep conditioning hair masks for example: hydration, repair, and colour. Each type focuses on a different hair concern, deep hydration masks focus on moisture and nutrients back to parched or dry hair. Repair masks are used for hair that is chemically or heat damaged to help rebuild the broken bonds and strengthen the hair shaft. Colour conditioning masks main aim is to moisturise the hair to prevent the colour from fading or changing.

When used in hair salons they are referred to as deep conditioning hair treatments and are highly recommended to have when having any colour service to restore the hair. For hair extensions we advise a deep conditioning hair mask that focuses on hydration, which is what hair extensions are always lacking as they are deprived of natural oils from the root.

Deep conditioning hair masks penetrate much deeper into the hair shaft and underneath the cuticles meaning they are more effective than regular conditioner. The reason it is not advised to use these masks with each wash is because even though they are amazing they are very strong and can leave weight or residue on the hair if used too much, they should be thoroughly rinsed after each use. Below we have listed the recommended usage with 2 types of hair extensions and for those without hair extensions.

Permanent hair extensions – 1-2 times every 2 weeks

Temporary hair extensions (clip ins) – We advise to wash these items every 8-12 uses, therefor a deep conditioning mask can be used every time the hair is washed as it is not washed very often.

Natural hair/no extensions – 1-2 times every 2 weeks.

Simple shampoo the hair as normal, rinse thoroughly and towel dry. Remember with hair extensions do not rub the hair but pat/dab it dry. Then generously apply the hair mask to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, it should be left on for 1-2 hours for maximum effect! Rinse well and dry.

Your hair will feel AMAZING after this treatment, to get that salon special feel at home you can also wrap your hair in cling film or a wash hat to keep it warm when the mask is on, with hair extensions they can be left in a warm place. This will open the cuticles and allow the mask to penetrate even deeper into the hair.

Below we have listed our favourite deep conditioning hair mask which is the Hydration mask by Moroccan oil in light, which is suitable for hair extensions.  

Moroccan Oil Light Hydrating Mask

Moroccan oil hydration mask

No 7. Serum/Oil 

Oils and Serums are a fantastic way of smoothing the hair after styling, eliminating frizz and adding shine to the hair. They also create a small barrier to protect the hair against environmental damage like wind, cold and heat. These items should be used on the ends of the hair only as they can be very oily, when added to the roots they can make the hair appear greasy and dirty so steer clear of those areas when applying!

Serums and oils do not penetrate the hair shaft, it is just a coating that sits on top of the hair that will be removed when washed. For deeper moisture, a conditioner or hair mask will need to be used, oils/serums used on their own will not repair or completely hydrate the hair.

We’ve listed our favourite oil and favourite serum suitable for hair extensions below. To use simply add a very small pump almost the size of a pea to the palm of your hand, rub your hands together if necessary, remove any excess oil before touching the hair. Your hands should not be dripping, it should be a light coating if you need to use more you can later, for the first coat go small on the amount! Start applying by simply running your fingers through the ends of the hair and slowly working up towards the mid-lengths if needed.  

Moroccan oil Treatment Light

Moroccan oil Treatment Light

No 8. Hairbrush 

Using the incorrect hairbrush on your hair extensions can seriously damage the life span and also your own hair. Whether your using permanent hair extensions or Clip-ins this is extremely important and a step that should not be skipped!

Hairbrushes that have bobbles on the ends like paddle brushes can catch the bonded/attached parts of the extension and pull them out which can in turn cause tension on your own hair that can be uncomfortable. Whereas brushes with plastic spikes like our Cliphair detangling brush or Tangle Teezers glide over the attached areas without displacing or snagging on the hair. Its not only permanent hair extensions that can run into problems with bobble brushes, Clip-in laced seamed hair extensions are also affected. The bobbles can catch onto the thread in the seam pulling it away which causes shedding in hair extensions and the clips can also come loose.

You should also avoid using fine toothed combs near the roots when you have permanent hair extensions applied as again the teeth are too close together and will tug on the threads and attachments. The best brushes to use near the roots and top of the wefts are either a Loop brush or a plastic spiked brush like a tangle teezer, below we have linked our Cliphair version that is suitable for use with your own hair and all types of hair extensions!  

Cliphair Detangling Hairbrush

Cliphair Detangling hairbrush

No 9. Hairbands

We all know the typical causes of hair damage: colouring, heat, chemicals and neglect. But, hairbands are a secret assassin when it comes to causing hair breakage and the worst part is most of us don’t even realise we are damaging our precious hair when we use them.

Ever noticed that the hair framing the front of your face is looking gappy and thin? This is probably because your tying your hair up too tightly with harsh hairbands weakening your hair with every use which causes the hair to eventually snap leaving your layers looking uneven and sparse!

Hairbands are like grips, for some reason no matter what we do they alllllways manage to go missing and leave us searching for anything we can use to put our hair up. DON’T be tempted to use an elastic band when your in this situation, the rubber creates so much friction against the hair shaft that it gradually wears it away until eventually the hair strand snaps.

Elastic bands are by far the worst culprit for this but it is not limited to these types. Any hairbands that have a particularly tight, rubber like texture will have the same effect. This is why for people that wear there hair in high pony’s or buns a lot, will often find the layers framing there face or in the area around their crown will have a lot of weak and broken hairs as those are the sections of the hair that come into directly into contact with the hairband.

Good news is there is tons of choice on the market today for not only safe but trendy hairbands that wont cause your hair unnecessary damage, so you can continue to rock all the hair up styles you love! Look for hairbands or scrunchies that have a silky fabric covering over the elastic part to keep your hair safe but also looking fabulous. Scrunchies are sooo popular right now, that retro vibe is so on trend so you wont even have to sacrifice your style to stop your hair from breaking.

You can also just swerve hairbands completely a few days of the week and use little plastic crocodile clips to keep your hair out of your face which will cause no damage whatsoever! Below we've linked our favourite and affordable silk hairbands from Only Curls.

Silk Hair Scrunchies

Silk Scrunchies only curl

No 10. Heated Styling Tool 

Heated styling tools give us the freedom to change our hair easily without the need for professional help and over the years they have come a long way in terms of the damage it causes to the hair. Whether your transforming your straight hair into bouncy waves or taming your curly locks into a sleek and smooth style, heated tools definitely make the process a lot quicker and easier.

Gone are the days of having to sleep in rollers or sit for hours under a dryer to get the look your after, with these tools you can level up your look in minutes!

However using heat on your hair can come with its risks, it can dry the hair out leaving it weak and prone to breakage. This happens when heat is over used and used without heat protection, we advise not to use heat on the hair more than 2-3 times a week and ALWAYS use a heat protection spray before to prevent any damage.

Heat styling is almost like dying, in the way that we all know its not great for the hair but the results are so good that we will take the disadvantages that come with it. The great news is…it doesn’t have to be a risk! Just the same as dying your hair if its done correctly and with the right products you can avoid the damage.

The best heated appliances to use whether its tongs, straighteners, heated rollers or hairdryers are the ones that you can control and change the temperature. Its not advised (or necessary)  to use heat over 180 degrees on hair extensions as they are more fragile than your own hair because they are not attached to their natural root. This means they will break more easily and become dry faster, so using a tool that you can reduce the heat will prevent the hair from becoming exposed to unnecessary heat.

Also you should bare in mind problem areas of thinning when using heat and reduce it when applying to sections that are very thin or brittle like around the hairline and face. Below we have listed 2 of our favourite styling tools that have the feature of heat control.  

Now that you know which products/tools are suitable for your hair and hair extensions why not have a browse through our collection here at Cliphair, we've got a wide variety of styles, lengths and 70 shades to choose from! Something to solve all hair concerns and we also sell everything you need to maintain them as we have listed above! Whatever your after you will find it in our selection, and remember if you need any help choosing the right ones for you feel free to ask an expert and use our FREE Colour Match and Advice service by clicking the button below!

Look out for next weeks blog: REMY ROYALE DOUBLE DRAWN explained!