The Ultimate Guide To Clip-In Fringe: How To Style Clip-In Bangs?

by BRENDA L. / NOV 4, 2022

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    Fringes (or bangs, if you’re more for the US nomenclature), are a trend that comes and goes. Some people have made it their signature style, and some others use their fringe strategically to hide or accentuate certain features of their faces. Hollywood stars, fictional characters, and influencers have rocked this super cute hairstyle throughout the years. If you’d like to try it without committing to the good old snipper, then you may be curious about clip-in bangs. Let’s get to know this product a little better and find out everything you need to know about how to hide a clip-in fringe and how to style it.

    1. What Are Clip-In Bangs?

    Clip-in bangs (aka a clip-in fringe) are a subtle makeover that you can pop on and off whenever you feel like switching styles. Some days you just feel like wearing bangs, whilst some other days you’re just into that sleek middle part that everyone’s so obsessed with lately. No matter your style, a clip-in fringe can be used to match your aesthetic. So, in a few words: clip-in bangs are a versatile hair accessory for you to cut and style however you want, to create full blunt bangs, curtain bangs, or even baby bangs and choppy bangs. Once your fringe is cut and styled to your desired look, it literally takes only a few seconds to wear them and blend them in with your natural hair!

    2. Why Should You Get A Clip-In Fringe?

    Sooner or later, either because you’ve been binge-watching New Girl and got obsessed with Jess and Cece’s hairstyles, or you want a new hairstyle to show your ex what they’re going to miss out on, know that almost every girl goes through a bangs phase at least once in their lives. It’s a given. You’re not alone. And no, you don’t need to cut your hair only to regret it later. Trust me, I’ve been there. Clip-in bangs are an awesome way to get “the look” before going to your hairdresser in case you really, really want to have permanent bangs. They are also a hair accessory that gives you a lot of freedom and allows you to try different types of bangs (you’ll be surprised to know how many there are!).

    3. Are Clip-In Bangs Better Than Natural Bangs?

    Well, yes and no - it always depends on what you’re looking for. They are awesome to kind of have an idea of what natural bangs will look on you, without having to go through the pain of growing your hair out in case you don’t like it; they also allow you to switch your looks up more often, something that you may not be able to do because of a cowlick or because (obviously) natural hair takes much longer to grow.

    Pros Of Owning A Clip-In Fringe:

    • Quick to wear and quick to take out
    • Allows you to try different hairstyles without committing
    • Natural looking
    • Cheaper (hairdressers will charge you to trim your bangs every few weeks)

    Pros Of Having Bangs With Natural Hair:

    • You don’t need to wear a hair accessory - it’s just how you wake up!
    • You don’t need to worry about it when you go swimming or at the gym
    • Natural looking… They are natural, after all!
    • Likely won’t dry out after six months of usage, whilst hair extensions need to be swapped

    Cons Of Owning A Clip-In Fringe:

    • Hair extensions don’t receive nourishment from your scalp, so will need to be replaced after a few months
    • It is not recommended to bleach or treat your hair extensions, so if you change your hair colour quite often you’re likely to need a new, matching set of clip-in bangs
    • It is not a permanent hairstyle and will need to be taken off before going to sleep
    • It is not recommended to wear whilst swimming

    Cons Of Having Bangs With Natural Hair:

    • A natural fringe needs constant upkeep. If you’re considering cutting your bangs, accept the fact that they will need a good trim every few weeks.
    • Bangs get oily by the end of the day, in 90% of the cases.
    • Bangs need to be styled every morning, and sometimes they need to be washed more often than the rest of your hair. Your face’s natural oils, sweat and makeup will make it heavy and greasy!
    • A natural fringe needs to be taken care of by an expert. There are too many horror stories about hairdressers cutting their client’s bangs too short.

    Depending on your lifestyle and requirements, your craving for a change can be satisfied with clip-in bangs before making any decisions.

    4. Where To Buy Clip-In Bangs?

    Cliphair offers a wide, inclusive range of clip-in bangs for you to explore. Our clip-in fringe is made of 100% Remy human hair and can be cut and styled just like your own - minus having to worry about regrowth and frizz! Explore our selection of clip-in bangs.

    5. How To Style Clip-In Bangs?

    First of all, unless you’re a real pro, take your human hair extensions to a trusted hair stylist for their first wash and cut. There are several types of fringe hairstyles that you can try. Here are a few:

    Curtain Bangs

    This trendy fringe hairstyle has been around for a long time, occasionally coming and going but never truly leaving. With its versatility, it’s an easy, relatively low-maintenance style that goes well with any hair type and face shape out there. 

    Classic curtain bangs are usually worn with a slight part down the middle, although you can always turn the volume up and achieve the big 90s blowout with your dreams (I’m looking at you, Matilda Djerf). When growing it out, you can also spread the fringe to the outer edges, perhaps paired with a messy bun for a long-lost artsy look. You can let it open for a beachy look over summer with a sea salt hair spray, and it’s a suitable look for any type of texture or layered haircut.

    Baby Bangs

    If you’re looking for an extreme transformation, then baby bangs might be for you. Whilst traditionally fringes have been worn long enough to conceive most of your forehead and brush against your eyebrows, baby bangs have been created to achieve the opposite. This cool hairstyle will effortlessly bring all the focus to your forehead, eyebrows, and cheekbones area. Baby bangs’ popularity peaked in the 1950s, the pin-up era, with stars like Audrey Hepburn, Veronica Lake, and Bettie Page sporting this flirty look. Nowadays, it’s a cool and edgy look often seen making a comeback on the runway.

    Choppy Bangs

    This textured hairstyle is achieved by cutting the fringe a different length from one side to another, resulting in an often angled, uneven cut – unlike blunt or straight bangs.

    A choppy fringe will be your best ally in balancing out a long and round face; it’s been worn by celebrities like actress Reese Witherspoon and singer Jennifer Lopez and has been the talk of the town at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. Choppy bangs add edginess (also depending on how chunky you make it!) and can be added to any hair length.

    Side-Swept Bangs

    The iconic 2000s hairstyle that defined the youth of thousands and thousands of millennials out there. Side-swept bangs are what you get when you pair a fringe with a side part: slightly longer than straight-across bangs, this hairstyle can help in hiding fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Frequently worn on and off the red carpet by the many celebrities that have chosen this convenient and versatile hairstyle, side bangs can be paired with any length for a youthful, vibrant look. 

    Blunt Bangs

    This is the best fringe for people with long, even hair. Blunt bangs have been around for a long time and have been adopted by many celebrities too – including Sandra Bullock and Cher. In most cases, this hairstyle can be easily achieved by people with straight hair; but if you have thin, straight spaghetti-like strands you may want to use a round brush to blow-dry your bangs moving upwards. Need some more inspo? Think of Hannah Simone’s blunt bangs and long, flowy tresses when playing Cece Parekh. Unforgettable.

    Once your clip-in fringe is washed and cut to perfectly suit your face and match your expectations, it’s time to prep the rest of your hair.

    Gently brush through your clip-in bangs using a detangling hair extensions brush; then, part your hair in the middle and secure your sections behind your ears, making sure they lay as flat as possible. You may want to use bobby pins for the best results, depending on how thick your natural hair is.

    Slide the larger clips in your hair from the front hairline and clip them in place. Then, fasten the smaller clips at the centre of your head. Easy, no?

    Shake your head to make sure the clip-in bangs feel securely attached to your head and proceed to blend them in with the aid of your detangling hairbrush. This is important to prevent any damage to your Remy hair extensions and their clips/attachments.

    Last step: let’s get to styling! Depending on the type of fringe hairstyle you’re going for, you’ll need to go in with your styling tools of choice. You can add a set of Ultra Volume clip-in hair extensions to get the ultimate retro blowout paired with fluffy curtain bangs, or perhaps go for Seamless hair extensions to straighten down and achieve the ultimate sleek hairstyle.

    6. How To Use Clip-In Bangs?

    Once you have them trimmed/cut according to the style you want to achieve, wearing them on and off is just as easy as it seems. Simply clip them in, brush your hair, and you’re ready to go! Once your day has finished and you’re ready to go to sleep, pop them off and store them somewhere clean and safe.

    7. Can I Cut My Own Bangs?

    Yes and no. I mean, can you? Certainly, I can’t physically stop you. But would I recommend it? Given that I have given myself a haircut at 1 AM after a breakup a couple of times in my youth, I would definitely not recommend it. Have I learned something from it? Perhaps now my chopping skills are a little better, but I also know better than doing something like that. There’s a reason why hair stylists go through years of school to learn their profession, after all.

    @sophiebarkleyy Guys I gave myself the choooppppp my hands were shaking so bad 🤣🤣🤣 @Brad Mondo tutorial came thru #hairtok #bangs #cuttingbangs ♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) - CKay

    8. How To Wash Clip-In Bangs?

    Just like the rest of our Remy-quality human hair extensions range, Cliphair’s clip-in bangs can be washed, blow-dried, and styled using heat-based tools, just like your own hair - but with some extra perks. For example? Unless they get wet, you’re unlikely to need to style them as often as you would with a natural fringe. This will also give your real hair extensions longer life. The aftercare rules are simple: make sure you use sulphate-free and alcohol-free products when washing your hair extensions and stick to a nourishing washing-up routine designed for dry and damaged hair to keep your bangs looking their best. This is because hair extensions don’t receive any nourishment from your scalp, so you’ll need to compensate for that! When styling, always keep your heat settings to the minimum when using a blow-dryer or a flat iron, and make sure you always spritz some heat protectant spray on your hair extensions to minimise heat damage.

    9. How To Hide Clip-In Bangs

    Cliphair’s mission is all about confidence - did you think we would let you walk around with a product that looks obviously fake? Our clip-in bangs are made with 100% Remy human hair, hand-sewn and attached to a discreet mini-clip through a breathable lace mesh that won’t be noticeable. The finish? Natural-looking, fierce hair that will look and feel just like your own (if not better!). The face-framing locks on the sides make sure your transformation will be glamorous but natural, blending in with the rest of your hair. Make sure you ask your hairstylist to trim them accordingly to match your desired hairstyle and seamlessly blend into your natural hair.

    10. Do Clip-In Bangs Work With Any Hairstyle?

    If you’ve been asking yourself: “what haircut do I need to have to wear clip-in bangs?” the answer is: pretty much anybody can wear one! As long as you have the right length (this may not be the ideal choice for extremely short pixie haircuts and definitely not for a buzzcut!) whether your hair is short, medium, or long you too can switch things up with a clip-in fringe. Even when wearing your hair up in a boho-chic messy bun or a sleek ponytail!

    11. Conclusion:

    As you can see, clip-in bangs are a no-commitment, fun and glamorous accessory to use whenever you feel like giving yourself a little makeover. Find your shade within our 25 available colours! (Yes, you read that right!)

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