A Guide To Permanent Hair Extensions

by BRENDA L. / JUN 7, 2023

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    The popularity of permanent hair extensions is only growing bigger as each year goes past, the attraction of a natural looking transformation that you do not need to apply yourself is enough to tempt even the most low maintenance of hair enthusiasts. In todays blog we cover everything there is to know including the cost of permanent hair extensions in the US, how long they last and which ones are most suited to certain hair types.

    What Are Permanent Hair Extensions?

    Permanent Hair Extensions are fixed to the natural hair by a professional extensionist for a number of weeks or even months before they need to be removed and replaced. Unlike temporary hair extensions, they can be slept in, showered in and worn during exercise and swimming, perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle. The application methods vary in time and cost as they can be glued in, clamped in with rings, sewn in or in some cases a combination of multiple techniques.

    Types Of Permanent Hair Extensions

    Tape-In Extensions

    It's no surprise that Tape Hair Extensions are one of the most popular permanent extension methods, this is due to their lightweight feel and fast application. They consist of 4cm wide paper-thin wefts that are topped with sticky tape made from gentle medical adhesive. A small slice of the natural hair is sandwiched between two tapes to lengthen or thicken the hair. Tape-Ins are suitable for all hair types from thick hair to thin as they lay completely flat to the head staying discreet in even the finest of hair. They are best for customers who prefer to wear their hair down as the sides of the wefts can become visible if the hair is pulled back into a ponytail. To find out more about this much-loved extension method, check out our blog “Everything you need to know about tape hair extensions”.

    Micro Ring Hair Extensions

    Micro ring hair extensions are perfect for customers who like to wear their hair up as they are small and discreet and can be added closer to the hairline than wefted methods. The actual hair is referred to as I-Tip Hair Extensions or Stick Tip Extensions and they require zero glue or heat to apply making them one of the gentlest permanent extension systems. The extension strand is attached by threading a tiny strand of natural hair through a micro ring or copper tube, the I-Tip is then inserted into the ring and clamped shut with pliers. Micro ring hair extensions are also very cost-effective as they can be reused many times as long as the hair is still in good condition, they are very easy to reapply. The only downside to this method is the time-consuming application which can take up to 4.5 hours for a full head however the natural-looking results are well worth the wait. For more information read our dedicated blog “Everything you need to know about I Tip hair extensions”.

    Weaves And Sew-In Hair Extensions

    Weft or Weave hair extensions are the most versatile type of hair extension as they have multiple ways to apply them to suit the customer's preference, the most popular method being the “LA Weave”. A weft or weave is simply a wide strip of hair that can be cut into bespoke pieces to be sewn in, glued in, clamped in or made into custom clip in hair extensions. A weave is the fastest route to a drastic length transformation, perfect for use on thick short hair due to its thickness. Weave hair extensions are suitable for average to thick hair types as they are slightly less discreet and heavier than other methods. Our Remy Royale Hair Weft is made from premium AAAAA grade, double drawn, Remy, human hair and comes in over 35 colours to match any shade!

    Nano Ring Hair Extensions

    Nano Rings are the most discreet hair extension method perfect for very thin or fine hair as they are virtually invisible once applied and can be placed super close to the hairline. The application method is identical to the gentle zero glue or heat micro ring system however the ring used to attach the hair is 3x smaller and called a “Nano Bead”. The natural hair is threaded through a minuscule bead using a loop tool, next the Nano Tip extension is placed inside the ring and clamped tightly shut. Nano hair extensions are an excellent choice for active customers that enjoy wearing their hair up and like to experiment with different hairstyles, they can even be used to create a fringe at the front of the hair! They can be reused many times, provided that the hair is still in good condition however a new bead will need to be used on each application. Due to the tiny size and intricate application process, Nano Rings do tend to be a little more costly than other types and also take longer to apply. If you're considering this miracle extension method, here’s everything you should know before taking the plunge.

    How Much Do Permanent Hair Extensions Cost?

    The cost of hair extensions relies on many factors including length, type, quality, colour and weight. Here at Cliphair all of our permanent hair extensions are made from top quality 100% Remy, human hair that’s used by thousands of professionals worldwide! Another cost to consider when entering into permanent hair extensions is the maintenance, most methods will require a maintenance appointment every 6-8 weeks to tighten and check the extensions. The cost of this appointment varies widely depending on location, stylist and extension type. See below for a breakdown of permanent hair extensions' cost.

    Hair Extension Type Hair Cost
    Nano Ring Hair Extensions (50g) £80-£110
    I-Tip Hair Extensions (50g) £90-£105
    Weave Hair Extensions (120g) £135-£200
    Tape Hair Extensions (100g) £95-£155

    How Long Do Permanent Hair Extensions Last?

    Most Permanent Hair Extensions apart from fusion methods will need to be maintained after 6-8 weeks, this means they are either removed and reapplied or simply tightened and checked. As the natural hair grows the extensions will grow down alongside so after this time there will be a larger gap from the root to the extension. This can make them more noticeable or even cause matting so it's super important to attend maintenance appointments to move the extensions back up. The life span of the hair extensions completely depends on the quality and how well the hair has been looked after. In general, AAA grade quality permanently applied extensions such as our Tape-Ins have a life span of 3 months according to correct care. Higher quality hair like the extensions from our Remy Royale range which includes Nanos, I-tips and Weaves are AAAAA grade and have a life span of 6-9 months according to good care. For a more in-depth look into the life span of all types of hair extensions, check out our blog “How long do hair extensions last?”

    Caring For Permanent Hair Extensions

    Looking after your hair extensions correctly is crucial to keep them and your own hair healthy, bad care can lead to a multitude of issues that could cause damage to your own hair as well as your extensions. Even though all of our extensions are made from human hair, they have been removed from their natural root so they no longer receive the nutrients and oils they need to survive, so there are a few changes that need to be made to your usual haircare routine to protect them. Ingredients such as sulphates and alcohol should be avoided as they can cause dryness, heat protection spray before using any heated tools is also a must to prevent damage. Follow all of the advice in our Ultimate care guide blog to ensure a long and happy life with your hair extensions.

    Choosing The Best Permanent Hair Extensions

    Permanent Hair Extensions can be life-changing if used correctly, gone are the days where you need to apply and remove your extensions on a daily basis, your transformation can now last for weeks or even months on end! Each category is suitable for specific hair types so it's well worth having a physical consultation with a professional extensionist before choosing your product to make sure they are safe to use and that they will be the best option to achieve your desired results. For thin and fine hair Nano ring hair extensions or Tape in hair extensions are the best option, for medium to thick hair weaves and i-tips are great choices. Once you’ve chosen the perfect extension type you'll need to consider the length, read our blog “How to choose the perfect length of hair extensions for you”.


    Permanent hair extensions offer a transformative solution for adding length, volume, and versatility to your hairstyle. This guide has covered everything you need to know about permanent extensions, from application methods to maintenance tips. Now that you're equipped with this knowledge, why not explore Cliphair's collection of premium hair extensions? Elevate your look and embrace the freedom of beautiful, long-lasting extensions with Cliphair today!

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