Thinning hair is not the end of the world

by SHOPIFY API / NOV 2, 2009


    We are far more used to men being prone to thinning hair and baldness. This is not a male only problem though; women can lose some of their hair and it can be incredibly distressing. Most commonly hair loss is caused by aging, but there are other reasons for this to happen as well.

    There can be a family history of hair loss or it can be caused by illness. Sometimes women have intense hormonal upheavals and unfortunately this can mean hair loss. In our modern society with our hectic pace of life, some people have huge stresses in their life and this can show through hair loss.

    The most well-known medical reason for hair loss is a side effect of chemotherapy. Most times when the hair grows back, it is very fine and thin. Women especially find this very distressing and they long to have their beautiful hair of old back. You can opt for a wig to hide the problem of thinning hair, but wigs are not the most comfortable things to wear.

    Safe and easy

    When a person already has a problem with thinning or extremely fine hair, the last thing they want is to damage the precious hair that they do have. This is where clip in hair extensions really come to the rescue.

    At Clip you only get 100% human hair clip in extensions. Human hair clip in extensions are natural, so they don’t look obvious or artificial. Clip in hair extensions also cost a fraction of what good quality permanent hair extensions cost. This appeals greatly to people who want to wear hair extensions mostly only for special occasions. Fine or thinning hair really does not have to be the end of the world with affordable clip in hair extensions available to help you feel like yourself again.

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