Trend Alert: Rainbow Hair Extensions

by SHOPIFY API / MAY 1, 2014


    With ombré slowly losing its red-hot Hollywood appeal, we’re looking around for a new style to coin as our own, and we think we might just have found something. With colour starting to reintroduce itself to the follicles of our favourite celebs, we’re stocking up fast on a range of rainbow hair extensions to satisfy our craving for colour. Here are some examples of coloured hair in action that we think look just fab.

    Known for being fierce and feminine, Katy Perry is the perfect example of how a pop of colour can add spice to a simple hairstyle. These pinks, purples, and blues offset her dark hair colour nicely, and when curled into her red carpet look, they create something energetic and different.

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    How incredible does Nicki Minaj look with this stunning candy pink head of hair? Try your own version of her fun look by incorporating a full head of pink extensions and mixing with layers or streaks of blonde, or another complimentary colour.

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    We found this fun take on colour whilst searching for inspiration, and we think it’s the perfect transitional look for ombré lovers! To create the look, all you need is to introduce some purple extensions that are slightly longer than your own hair, or sandwich them – natural shorter hair: coloured extensions: natural colour extensions. Purple isn’t the only colour that this style works with – these examples look great too.

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    Simply create a layer of colour underneath your natural hair to achieve this simple look.

    All hail the ruler of daring hair – Lady Gaga! The usually ultra-wacky star tones down her look with this wearable turquoise shade. Aqua tones are yet to catch on in the hair world, which is why we think you’d be wise to bag this trend as your own, before everyone gets wind of what’s hot.

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    We’re not afraid to say that with her ‘rough diamond’ look, Ke$ha occasionally slips underneath our radar when it comes to celebrity hair, but she has exceeded our expectations with this cool and quirky multi-coloured number! She’s chosen a full palette of rainbow tones, but you can be as minimal in your colour selection as you like. The key thing to remember with this look is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, so scatter your colour however you like it, and create a different look every day! Check out our full range of coloured extensions to get started on your own look.

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    This trend is all about having fun, so if you aren’t sold by any of these examples, then create your own! It’s all about freedom, creativity, and self-expression. Oh, and looking fab of course.

    Written By Ula Haris

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