What Is A Dry Haircut?

by BRENDA L. / SEP 28, 2022

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    Wet haircut or dry haircut? Well, although until not too long ago the answer was considered kind of obvious, nowadays hair enthusiasts and experts all over the world are exploring new routes when it comes to styling and cutting techniques.

    Dry-cutting hair seems to be the latest trend. But what is a dry haircut and how does it work? Is it good, is it safe? Who can try it? Let’s find out together.

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    Are Dry Haircuts Good?

    The short answer is: yes. There are many advantages to dry cutting actually, and experts are all in favour of this new technique. But why?

    Dry Haircuts Are Awesome If You have Wavy Or Curly Hair

    Depending on the haircut you’re going for, if you have tight ringlets you know that even half an inch chopped off in the wrong place can make a huge difference. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how much you care for your curly hair and how much effort you put into styling it properly, at some point you will need a good trim. Dry haircuts on curls and/or waves guarantee that you know exactly where and what you’re doing. And for your aftercare… Check out our blog: 10 Protective Hairstyles For Curly Hair: 3B To 4C Edition.

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    Dry Haircuts Are Faster

    If you remember the days of a wet haircut at the salon, you surely remember how your stylist often had to go back to it and make trims and adjustments here and there after blow drying your tresses. You can say goodbye to the whole shebang with a dry haircut.

    Dry Haircuts Are Gentler On Damaged Hair

    A haircut needs quite a lot of combing, and everyone knows that comb+wet hair isn’t a good match. Dry cutting your hair means that whilst the comb is running through your strands, they are already in place and have lost the elasticity that comes with wetness, meaning that there’s less stress applied to your hair.

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    Dry Haircuts Mean You Get What You See

    When your hair is damp, it sits a little longer and flat on your head. It’s completely normal, considering the weight of the water. A dry haircut happens on hair that is already placed in its usual position. Remember when you would chop an inch from your wet mane, only to find out that once it dries out it’s shorter than you wanted? That’s not going to happen with a dry haircut.

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    Dry Cutting Is Perfect For Hair Dusting And Getting Rid Of Split Ends

    If you’re after broken, crinkly ends, hair dusting is the perfect treatment for you without giving up on your hair’s length. However, this cannot happen on wet hair. A dry haircut is a perfect way to measure your haircut and to get rid of split ends. I have talked more in detail about hair dusting in our dedicated blog: Goodbye, Split Ends! What Is Hair Dusting?

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    Does Dry Cutting Work On Hair Extensions?

    Human hair extensions are treated differently than your natural hair, and in any case, they should be cut and styled when they are completely dry. If you need to cut your hair extensions make sure you leave them in the care of an expert.

    What Should You Ask For?

    Dry cutting isn’t something that your average stylist has lots of experience with, since the majority of the beauty schools and academies still train their students on the conventional wet haircut system. This doesn’t mean that you can’t ask though, but make sure that the person that is going to take care of your hair is confident in their answer. Make sure you also explain how you usually wear your hair (parting, blow-dry style, etc) in order to prevent a nightmare haircut (if this already happened to you, then check out our guide: Top Tips: How To Fix A Bad Haircut).


    Dry cutting seems to be the cutting-edge (pun intended) technique that is revolutionising the world of hair and hair extensions. Depending on the style you are looking for and your hair type, this technique might just be what you need to try. 

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