Collection: 150g Hair Extensions

We made exploring a fresh hairstyle simple and accessible for all those who’d like to try it – and we did it by using our superior-quality, cuticle-aligned Remy Royale range. Read on to find out how 150g hair extensions can change your look and elevate your style in just a matter of minutes! With our Seamless Hair Extensions ranging from 150g to 190g, any client or stylist can now recreate stunning hairdos in no time, with unmatched shine, softness and manageability thanks to this double-drawn beauty. Searching for your perfect fit? Look no further than these luscious tresses for your next luxurious hair makeover.

Why Choose 150g Hair Extensions

Within a range of 150g to 190g, our Seamless Hair Extensions come in as a luxury clip-in option designed to cater to any audience. With its flat silicone seams that lie against the scalp, this product ensures a discreet application and unmatched comfort whilst looking fabulous – we’re talking about hand-selected strands that offer a fuller, plump finish with the same thickness from root to tip, allowing you to effortlessly achieve a celebrity-worthy makeover. These extensions provide the bounce, volume, shine, and length you crave and are easy to fit and easy to remove on your own, giving you the freedom to switch your looks whenever you’d like without ever compromising on quality. Want to know more? Check out our dedicated blog: “How Many Grams Of Hair Extensions Do I Need?” to find out how extensions’ by weight can impact your final results.

Our 150g Styles and Shades

Over 50 glamorous shades make the Seamless Hair Extensions colour roster, appealing to everyone: trendy brunettes, gorgeous blondes, fiery redheads, and striking black-haired beauts – last but not least, indulging in a captivating selection of mixed shades and balayages for sun-kissed hairdos that will make your complexion glow. How did we do it? By teaming up with colour experts and salon professionals, of course.

Why Choose Cliphair

Our mission goes far beyond stunning hair and superior-quality clip-ins. We pride ourselves on providing you with an experience, not just online shopping! By working with qualified hair professionals and beauty enthusiasts, we keep things interesting by offering seasonal campaigns and unmissable deals – but wait, there’s more! How about personalised consultations and expert advice to find your perfect hairstyle? We choose to empower our customers starting with their hair, so why not do it with our exquisite selection of 150g Seamless Hair Extensions, all crafted from 100% Remy human hair?

Style Tips and Inspiration

Feeling creative? Styling Seamless Hair Extensions is a breeze. Unleash your fantasy and create the looks of your dreams in no time: from bouncy curls to soft waves, gorgeous braids and elegant updos, you can arrange your 150g hair extensions to match your every mood, in the comfort of your own home.

Care and Maintenance

To maintain the beauty and lustre of your Remy hair extensions, treat them with care! Here’s how:

  • Opt for sulfate-free, alcohol-free shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks to prevent dryness
  • Prior to wearing your extensions, gently detangle them using a hair extensions detangling brush
  • Never wear your extensions while swimming
  • Take your hair extensions off before going to sleep
  • Before using heat styling tools like blow dryers, straighteners, or curling wands, remember to apply a generous dose of heat-protectant spray

Step up your hair game with superior quality. Get your 150g Hair Extensions today!