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Remy Royale Double Drawn Human Hair Weft Weave Extensions - Ice Blonde

Remy Royale Double Drawn Human Hair Weft Weave Extensions - Ice Blonde

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A Gorgeous 120 Grams double drawn hair weave, same thick and lusciousness from top to bottom.
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This royale human hair weft/weave is truly a crowning beauty, made with premium quality AAAAA grade 100% remy human hair. these gorgeous locks are double drawn, which means its tips are as thick as its top, with a soft, smooth and silky feel.

This weft/weave is extremely versatile and can be glued in, weaved in, sewn in and clipped in! it can also be cut, dyed, straightened, curled andd used as your heart’s desire. This gorgeous weave is 48 inches in width, which gives you plenty of options to customise this beautiful crown for your head!


Hair Type : Double Drawn 100% Remy Grade AAAAA Hair

Hair Style : European Straight Hair

Length : 16-22 Inches

Total Width : 48 Inches

Set Weight : 120g Hair

Number of Wefts : One

Type : Weft / Weave

Lifetime : 6-12 months (depending on care and use)

Usage : Can be curled, straightened, tonged, washed & dyed

Do's & Dont's

Our extensions are made from 100% Remy Human Hair, however they have to cared for slightly differently then your own hair. We have made a quick summary of hair extensions do's and don't's for you. For detailed instructions please check our hair care page.

  • You can curl, tong & straighten them
  • You can use your GHDs on them without any problem
  • You can wash hair extensions
  • You can dye them
  • Don't use products containing alcohol as they can dry out the extensions and you don't want that happening
  • Don't use shampoo designed for volume or for dyed hair
  • Don't bleach or lighten the extensions.
> Read Full Care Instructions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do hair weave extensions last for?

Weave in hair extensions should last around 6-8 weeks before needing to be removed and re-positioned if they’ve been properly fitted and you’ve followed the care instructions. You should be careful not to leave weaved in hair extensions in for too long, as this can affect the growth of your natural hair, so make sure it’s removed within 8 weeks.

Can you wash your hair with weave hair extensions?

Micro loop hair extensions are added in strands to your hair. Your natural hair is pulled through the pre-attached ring, then a clamp is used to hold the extension in place. This small bead sits underneath your hairline, so the extensions can’t be seen and are comfortable to wear.

What is a hair extension weft?

Weft hair extensions are made from a collection of strands of hair, which are then woven onto a fine strip, ready to be applied to your hair in a variety of methods. This is easier than applying individual strands and lets the extensions move naturally with your natural hair.

How much do weave weft extensions cost?

The cost of hair weft extensions can vary depending on quality. It’s better to invest in real human hair wefts, as they are easier to style and maintain, and blend in with your natural hair. Sets can cost from around $88 to just under $150, plus the cost of having your weave sewn in by a hairdresser.