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Whether you’re a professional looking for a better product for your client, or just interested in u tip hair extensions for yourself we have you covered. Cliphair’s range of u tip fusion hair extensions are all made with Remy human hair so we have the shiniest, silkiest hair extensions available. With a huge range of colours and free colour matching, our professional quality u-tip hair extensions can be cut, styled and even dyed for a unique look. Have a browse of our u tip hair extensions for sale and see if they are the right choice for you!

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Don't Settle For Slipping: U Tip Human Hair Extensions Bond Directly With Your Hair

Nail tip hair extensions, also called u-tip extensions, are pre bonded with a keratin tip that holds the strands together. Unlike other pre bonded extensions which need rings or tubes, u tip human hair extensions are actually attached using this keratin tip. Your hairdresser will use a heat gun to melt the keratin tip, before attaching it directly to your natural hair. As the keratin cools it hardens, staying firmly on your head. Utip hair extensions are also known as “fusion” extensions, because the extension is fused using this keratin ‘glue’. This bond is very sturdy, and u-tip extensions are unlikely to slip or move after they have been applied, perfect for those who want a more rugged semi-permanent extension application. While it should go without saying, u tip fusion hair extensions must be applied and removed by a qualified professional. Trying to heat-apply extensions by yourself can damage both the extensions and your hair. But don’t worry; plenty of stylists can professionally apply u tip hair extensions in the US!

Strand by Strand Application for Full Flexibility with U Tip Human Hair Extensions

Pre bonded nail tip hair extensions can give a really natural look in the hands of a professional hair stylist. Whereas a weft may come with 100g of hair attached, using u tip hair extensions 1g at a time gives a stylist more flexibility when crafting your perfect look. Placing each small strand at a time allows them to blend in your hair extensions to your natural hair so well that no one will be able to tell you’re wearing u tip human hair extensions!

  • Nothing to see, nothing to feel: U tip fusion hair extensions are very light and tend to feel the most natural, so if clips or tapes are just too heavy then this could be the option for you.
  • Striking streaks and contrasting colours: Having each Remy strand applied individually gives you the option of using multiple colours for your hair extensions, whether that’s blonde streaks or a rainbow on your head

Nail tip pre bonded human hair extensions offer a stylist endless options so you can be sure to find your own dazzling, unique look.

Buy The Best U Tip Human Hair Extensions Will Last 6 Months with Some Simple Care

There’s no need to constantly buy u tip hair extensions, by following some simple guidance you can keep them in top condition so your real human hair can be reapplied and give you up to 6 months of wear!

  • Avoid Alcohol, Argan Oil, Sulphate Shampoo, and Coconut Oil: Using hair products containing these substances will damage the keratin fusion u-tip hair extensions, causing them to slip.
  • Keep the heat away: One of the advantages of Remy human hair is that it can be styled alongside your natural hair including curling or straightening the hair. Just stay away from the roots of your hair where the u tip hair extensions are joined. The heat from the iron could start to melt the bonds!
  • Brush and Braid Your Hair: Keep your nail tip pre bonded human hair extensions tangle-free and safe in a braid or ponytail at night.

To keep your extensions looking their best, u tip human hair extensions should be given the same amount of care as your natural hair.

Alternatives to Pre Bonded U Tip Hair Extensions - Heat Free Fusion for Fragile Hair

Heat applications aren’t for everyone. Whether you are put off by the thought of melting keratin or your hairdresser thinks your natural hair is too fragile, there are heat-free alternatives to pre bonded u tip hair extensions. Sets of nano ring hair extensions and stick tip extensions are perfect for those people avoiding heat applications. Each pack contains 50 strands, with each strand weighing 1g each; just like our pre bonded nail u tip Remy human hair extensions. Whatever you need, Cliphair has an option. You’ll probably want 5 to 9 packs for a full head. For your hair extensions, nail tips may not be the right application method, but that is why Cliphair has plenty of choices!

Trim the Options and Talk to Your Stylist about Nail Tip Hair Extensions in the US

All of Cliphair’s u tip extensions human hair must be applied by a professional hairdresser, ideally one who specialises in nail tip hair extensions in the US. These are not a DIY option, and not every hairdresser is qualified to apply keratin fusion u tip hair extensions. Before you jump in, it is worth talking to your stylist. They may choose to recommend something different like I-tip hair extensions if your hair is fragile or has existing heat damage. Once you commit to u tip extensions you’ll be at the salon for about 2 hours while they are applied, so make sure you are comfortable with your hairdresser before you get stuck in the seat! If you’re ready to go, buy your u tip hair extensions in the UK right now from Cliphair!

Only the Best U Tip Human Hair Extensions from Cliphair US

At Cliphair, our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with your purchase. All of our u-tip hair extensions are made with the best quality 100% Remy human hair, widely regarded as the best hair for natural nail tip hair extensions. We offer a free colour matching service; free shipping worldwide and we promise there are no hidden charges. It’s hardly surprising that Cliphair is one of the most popular suppliers of utip hair extensions in Europe! To top it off we offer a no quibble, exchange or refund promise for unused and unaltered items if you are not satisfied for any reason. Order before 2PM on a working day and your u tip fusion hair extensions will be in the post on that very day! With nothing to lose, order u tip hair extensions from Cliphair today!


What are U Tip hair extensions?

U tip hair extensions are a semi-permanent extension application where the keratin tip is lightly melted, and fused to a strand of your natural hair. It is a very sturdy method of attachment that is often a favourite of professional hair stylists.

Do U-Tip extensions damage your hair?

If applied and removed correctly, u-tip extensions will not damage your natural hair. Because there is heat involved, it is very important to make sure that only a professional is applying your u-tip extensions.

How long do U Tip extensions last?

Depending on how well you take care of your u tip extensions, they could last you up to 6 months. Most people will need an adjustment at 8-12 weeks, depending on how fast their hair grows. During this appointment the u tip extensions will be reapplied closer to your roots.

How many U Tip extensions needed for a full head?

Most people need 5 to 9 packs for a full head. If you are going from very short to very long hair, or you have naturally thick hair then you may need twice as many packs of u tip extensions. Your stylist will give you the best recommendation.