Collection: Red Clip In Ponytail Extensions

Fiery, vibrant, and foxy: what’s not to love about flaming red hair? Our range of red ponytail extensions is one of the most inclusive in the world, proudly showing off ten luxurious red shades: from bright copper to dark auburn, mahogany ponytail extensions and more – we know our reds. Read more

Cliphair's red ponytail extensions are the ideal choice for anyone looking to add drama to a sultry red mane. Whether you're going for a fashionable high ponytail or a relaxed, low pony in pure clean girls aesthetic, our assortment of red clip-in ponytails extensions provide an unparalleled blend of superior quality, comfort, and style. Read less

Shop the Red Clip in Ponytail Collection

Our collection features an extensive range of natural ginger ponytail extensions, auburn ponytail extensions, and so on – offering an ideal match for anyone with a passion for red hair and a love for different hairstyles. When it’s time to put your hair up, nobody does it quite like our red wrap around ponytail.

Why Buy Cliphair's Red Ponytail Extensions?

Premium Quality: 100% Remy human hair you can count on for ultimate shine, softness, manageability and natural finish. Hair that looks and moves as natural as you can imagine, impossible to tell from your real hair!

Adaptable Styling: Our red ponytail extensions offer limitless styling opportunities. Think of a trendy gym hairstyle, an elegant ponytail for a special occasion or a boho-chic braid for a day on the beach.

Easy To Wear: Cliphair's red clip-in ponytails are quick and easy to wear, making it the unmissable hair accessory for the ultimate glamour. In the comfort of your own home, in less than 5 minutes – how perfect is that?

Three Different Lengths: The Mini, 14” inches long ponytail hair extensions to recreate fab flipped out ponytail hairstyles; The Medium, 20” inches long clip in ponytail that adds length and thickness to short and medium hair; The Mega, 24” inches long clip in ponytail extensions to add volume to long hair and bring super-glam hairstyles to life.

How to Use Cliphair's Ponytail Extensions?

Applying our ponytail extensions is as easy as it gets. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Begin by gathering your natural hair into a ponytail or a small, compact bun.
  2. Fit the extension by inserting the little clip beneath your hair tie and rolling the wrap around extension around the Velcro attachment.
  3. Fasten the extensions by using a bobby pin or two. There you have it! An impeccable, voluminous ponytail.

Find out more in our dedicated blog: How to Use Ponytail Extensions

Styling Tips, Haircare & Maintenance

Maintaining your red ponytail extension in its prime condition is a simple task – you just need to show it some love. First things first, the basics: unlike natural hair, extensions aren't nourished by your scalp's natural oils. We've provided you with frizz-resistant, superior quality hair extensions, but now it’s your turn to take care of it.

Using our Silky Moisture Lock Spray, with its formula specifically thought with human hair extensions in mind, will guarantee shine, sleekness, and softness. Think of it as the first step to achieve a flawless finish – but there’s more.

When it comes to washing your red ponytail hair extensions, always opt for sulfate-free and alcohol- free shampoos and conditioners, which are gentle on human hair and help avoid dryness, brittleness, and pesky crinkly hairs! Heat-styling your extensions is okay – they are human hair, after all – but be careful with your heat. Keep the settings of your favourite curling iron or straightener on low, and always spritz your tresses with heat protectant spray before using any curling wand or straightener on your added tresses.

Finally, address any knots with a detangling brush for hair extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Our premium selection of red shades for ponytail extensions is enviable – but if you’re unsure, you can always count on our team of trained hair professionals to help you find the perfect match for your tresses and achieve a seamless blend.
    • Make sure you show your ponytail some love by using the right products, gentle brushing, and mindful styling. Always keep your heat-based styling tools settings on low, use heat protection before curling or straightening, be kind with your brushing and give them some spa day with a nourishing mask when needed. Last but not least: no sulfates in your shampoo and conditioner!
    • Whilst technically yes, our extensions can be dyed, we don’t recommend it. If you’re really keen on trying, we suggest consulting a professional to avoid any potential damage and make sure you achieve the desired colour.
    • Keep it knot-free with a hair extensions detangling brush, follow the fitting instructions to wear it, and most importantly: own it! A ponytail is a powerful and elegant hairstyle that allows you to play around with statement accessories and colourful makeup. Express yourself with the most versatile hair accessory in our roster!