Collection: Wavy Clip In Hair Extensions Made From Remy Human Hair

For the best wavy extensions that money can buy, look no further than Cliphair for all of your wavy human hair extension needs. These extensions are made with 100% Remy hair, which is soft, luscious, and blends naturally with your own hair. With these wavey clip in hair extensions, you’ll be the envy of your friends and none will be the wiser. Do you want to create an instant and classic look for a night out or a special event? Cliphair has excellent wavey clip in hair extensions at a reasonable price. An easy and affordable look that can boost your style instantly…what more could you want?

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The Wavy Human Hair Extension for All Hair Types

Don’t let the name fool you—the wavy human hair extension can be used by anyone, even if your hair isn’t wavy! While these wavy extensions pair well with those that have naturally wavy hair, they also work with straight and curly hair. This wave is a soft curl, the same as a bouncy blow dry at the salon. These wavy extensions are permanently waved to help quickly lift your hair and bring volume to your locks.

Create A Stunning Look with Wavy Clip in Hair Extensions

Do you have an important event coming up? Are you getting dressed up for a night out on the town, or a date with that special someone? Our wavy clip in hair extensions are the perfect thing for a quick but impressive look. These wavy hair clip in extensions come with metal clips pre-attached, so you can easily take them in and out and adjust them to your liking. No matter your hairstyle, these wavey clip in hair extensions can instantly add thickness to your head for a truly breath-taking look. They are perfect for a special evening but convenient enough for everyday wear.

These wavy hair clip ins are convenient and also come in many colours for you to choose from. We offer our popular wavy full head clip in darkest brown for any brunettes looking to make a bold statement. Each wavy human hair extension is carefully crafted for a natural look. For those that prefer a more middle ground in colour, our medium brown wavy clip in hair extensions are a wonderful shade that blends brown and blond for a lovely look. For a truly stunning look that’s sure to turn heads, our bleach blond wavy clip is a vibrant shade of gold and yellow, so you’ll stand out in the crowd!

The Most Versatile of Wavy Clip in Human Hair Extensions

Our wavy clip in human hair extensions can be used frequently and in many settings. They are easy and manageable enough for everyday wear but are also suitable for a classy evening that requires a glamorous look. With the wavy extensions, human hair helps make this product both high-quality and long-lasting. Our full headsets range from 14 inch to 26 inch so they are suitable for most hair lengths and will blend well with different lengths to help add volume. These adaptable wavy clip in hair extensions are perfect for anyone looking to boost their hair and their confidence.

The Wavy Clip in Hair Extension That’s Made to Last

What’s better is that each wavy clip in hair extension uses real hair so you can style and wash them, just as you would your regular hair. The clip in hair application makes it easy to put in or remove when you need to wash your wavy extensions. Be sure to use an extensions friendly shampoo and conditioner, and only wash them up to twice a week if you wear them daily. This will keep them soft and vibrant.

There are plenty of things to do and things to avoid when it comes to your wavy extensions to help them last longer. With your extensions, be sure to do the following:

  • Continue to brush your hair regularly. Your own hair needs it, and it will help your wavy extensions. Be sure to brush it before you shower and get your hair wet to help avoid any extra tangles.
  • Use alcohol/sulphate free products and style your hair as you normally would, just be careful around the clips!
  • If you’re using wavy clip in hair extensions, take them out regularly and give your scalp (and your extensions) a break.

Just a few additional minutes of care throughout the day can go a long way with your wavy extensions. Similar to your real hair, however, make sure to avoid the following:

  • Using too much heat! Just like our own heads, it can damage the wavy clip in hair extensions a bit faster. If and when possible, stay away from curling irons and blow-dryers.
  • Stay away from saline or chlorinated water when possible. Because these extensions use human hair, these can break the hair down faster.
  • Try not to wash your hair too often. Twice a week is fine and will help each wavy human hair extension last a long time.

With the right care and proper dedication, your wavy extensions can last anywhere from 3-6 months with regular use, up to a year if they are not worn as often! That’s because these extensions are high-quality products made with Remy hair.

Quality Wavy Hair Extensions in the US

Our products are of the highest quality, so you know you’ll get the best wavy hair extensions in the US for your money. What’s better, at Cliphair we also ship within the UK and worldwide. From our website to your doorstep, we offer a 48-hour no-hassle guarantee on any wavy extensions you buy. That’s because we know when you see and feel our quality wavy human hair extension, you won’t want to shop with anyone else.


Can you get wavy hair extensions?

Wavy hair extensions are a great way to instantly add thickness and volume to your hair. The extensions have a permanent wave and are suitable for multiple hair types. Wavy clip in hair extensions are a great way to quickly change your look but be sure to seek out a hairstylist for tape in or bonded extensions.

How do you take care of wavy hair extensions?

Because our wavy extensions are made with human hair, you can take care of them in a similar way to your own hair—by washing with sulphate and alcohol free shampoo and washing your clip ins every 10-12 uses. Be sure to brush your hair regularly to avoid tangles and don’t swim in chlorinated or salty water.

What are the best extensions for curly hair?

If you have curly hair and want extensions, consider investing in wavy human hair extensions. These wavy extensions are perfect if you already have curly hair as they have a natural permanent wave that pairs well with curly hair types. With real hair used, they will blend seamlessly with your own hair.

How much do wavy clip in hair extensions from Cliphair cost?

Prices will vary according to personal shopper needs. Depending on how long you want your hair extensions or what particular shade you desire, your wavy clip in hair extension will cost anywhere from $60-98. That’s because we use 100% Remy hair, a high-quality product at an affordable price.