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Moisturising Silky Hairspray For Extensions 50ml

Moisturising Silky Hairspray For Extensions 50ml

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  • Locks in moisture for hydrated hair that's noticeably shiny
  • Leaves your hair silky smooth and tangle-free
  • Eliminates frizz and prevents split ends
  • Replenishes natural hair oils and protects from heat
  • Nourishes conditions and enhances natural body
  • Protects against wear and tear for longer-lasting extensions


Read all about it! This incredible moisturising and nourishing hairspray have a unique formula that keeps your hair extensions looking as gorgeous as the day you applied them. It not only softens the hair but also makes it silky, hydrated and noticeably shiny, by sealing in moisture and keeping the cuticles intact. The result? Longer-lasting, beautifully-protected extensions.

This nourishing spray is suitable for straight, curly or wavy hair. Remember to use sparingly and keep it away from your roots and bonds.


Ethical buying

No animal testing

Directions for Use

A few ways you can use this wonder spray:

1. Spritz sparingly onto your hair extensions before styling to moisturise and keep them looking at their best.

2. Use a small amount on wet hair before styling to detangle.

3. Apply a small amount to dry hair as a styling cream.

4. Keep away from your roots and extension bonds - apply to the lengths of your hair only.

5. This non-greasy spray is also a star at keeping your natural hair healthy and shiny.

Top Tip: Once you’ve finished styling, gently spray the product once more to refresh the nozzle and leave it ready for the next use.


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Reviews From Our Trade Customers


Kelly Fletcher

I am pleased to say they were amazing, the conditioner left the extension soft, revived and extremely enhanced, highly recommended and must have product in your hair care routine, I am extremely happy with all the new products of Cliphair in hair care range, as an old customer, I feel honoured that Cliphair selected me for product review.


Zoe Webbe

Lovely smell to these products with a great lather despite being sulphate-free. My hair felt really silkyeven after just using these 2 products. I couldn't wait to try the treatment too!