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Remy Royale I-Tips - Lightest Blonde (#60)

Remy Royale I-Tips - Lightest Blonde (#60)

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The MOST cost effective hair extensions method on the market, our best selling Remy Royale I-Tip Hair Extensions. Thick from root to tip and requires no heat or glue to apply! I-Tips are easy to apply, have an extremely natural finish and are very discreet.

  • 100% Double Drawn, Remy, Human Hair – Same thickness from top to bottom.
  • Top quality, AAAAA grade hair
  • 50 strands in a pack. 1g per strand.
  • Versatile and Discreet. Perfect for wearing your hair up!
  • Suitable for most hair types. Extreme fine hair should see Nano Rings.
  • No heat or glue needed to apply
  • Can be re-used multiple times
  • To be used with 3-5mm micro rings or tubes
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 I-TIPS (Stick Tips)

Our pre-bonded I-tip hair extensions will give you all the volume, length and body you want for months at a time, without damaging your own hair.

A great cost effective and discreet method of permanent hair extensions that’s perfect for customers who like to wear their hair up. I-Tips are different to Nano Rings as they can be re-used/repositioned using the same ring, slightly bigger, faster to apply and less expensive.

Our Remy Royale I-Tip sets come with 50 strands in a pack weighing at 50g (1g per strand). The hair is all 100% Remy, Human hair and double drawn meaning its as thick at the tops as it is at the ends.


I-Tips can be applied with micro rings or copper tubes that are 3-5mm in diameter. All professional hair extensions should be applied by a qualified hair extensionist for the best results and to avoid any damage to your hair.

Pack Composition:

Each pack comes with 50 strands, with a total weight of 50g (1g per strand).

A half head usually consists of 50-100 strands (1-2 packs) and a full head 150-200 strands (3-4 packs). The hair can be removed and re-used several times before needing replacing as long as it is looked after well. The rings can be re-used once before needing replacing.


Hair Type : Double Drawn. 100% Remy, Human hair.

Set Weight :

18 Inch 50gm pack (1g per strand)
20 Inch 50gm pack (1g per strand)
22 Inch 50gm pack (1g per strand)

Lifetime : 6-12 months (with correct care)

Hair Quality: AAAAA Grade

Usage : Maintenance needed after 6 weeks and full removal after 12 weeks.

Suitable Rings: 3-5mm Micro rings, Copper tubes or Shrinkies


For a long and happy life with your permanent hair extensions, correct aftercare is crucial. Follow the advice below to keep your hair extensions looking and feeling their best 😊 

  • For the best results only use Cliphairs Deep Moisture Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask. The sulphate and paraben free formula is specially designed for hair extensions but great for your own hair too!  
  • Always use Heat Protection Spray before styling or drying with heated tools.  
  • Only use hair extension friendly hairbrushes without bobbles on the ends like The Wet One by Cliphair detangling hairbrush.  
  • Loosely braid your hair before sleeping to prevent knots and matting from forming.  
  • Never bleach or lighten you’re hair extensions. They can be dyed darker or toned with semi-permanent dyes however this will affect the quality and life span. For this reason, once the hair has been dyed the guarantee policy is voided.  
  • Never apply professional extensions by yourself. All permanent hair extensions should only be applied and removed by a qualified stylist to prevent any damage to your own hair.   
  • Always dry and brush your hair extensions before sleeping to avoid matting and knots.  
  • Stick to the maintenance and repositioning schedule agreed with you’re stylist.  

Check out our full care guide here for more in-depth instructions on taking care of you’re hair extensions.

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