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Shade Ring Bundle

Shade Ring Bundle

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For the stylist that has it all: make your own life easier when it comes to finding the perfect colour. Get the Shade Ring Bundle for 10% less than the usual price!


  • 1 Mixed Shades Colour Ring
  • 1 Solid Shades Colour Ring
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Got that Cliphair vibe going on at the salon? Showcase your connection to our brand, and help your customers find their shade in an easier, quicker, and more personal way. With these two gorgeous colour rings, no shade is left behind! The Shade Ring Bundle includes our classic colour ring + the new mixed shades & highlights colour ring. Say goodbye to the hassle of waiting for online colour matches or dealing with unrealistic filters – you and your clients can now have easy access to a sample of our 70+ stunning shades, all in one place. Whether it’s natural, funky, mixed, or highlighted – your colour is important to us, so that we can ensure a seamless blend and all the beauty of the Cliphair quality promise. Get your Shade Ring Bundle today, and open the door to a world of colours, creating a new, personalised experience at your salon.


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