5 Boho Hairstyles For The Romantic Type

by BRENDA L. / JAN 9, 2023

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    SZA declared that this is cuffing season, and as her Big Boy hit gets praised by fans all over the world as this winter’s anthem, chances are you might be out there trying to find your person too, just like the girls in her song. So why not go for a romantic boho-chic hairstyle for your next date – or for any occasion, really?

    Cottagecore fashion has gone from lowkey and niche to a widely appreciated summer trend, and many of us are not ready to let go of the romantic messy braids, soft buns and curly ponytails this trend has brought us: in fact, many people resort to this type of aesthetic for their day-to-day look, and boho wedding hair is still going strong If you, like me, appreciate a cute rustic hairdo that keeps things simple yet incredibly interesting, let’s dive deep into these five boho hairstyles to look adorable.

    1. Boho Braided Updo

    If you’d like to look sophisticated but artsy at the same time, there’s no easier way to do it than with a braided updo. You can honestly play around with so many combinations it’s incredible: this, of course, comes particularly easy for those who have naturally thick hair. If that’s not your case, don’t panic: you can still achieve the big messy updo you’re dreaming of with the aid of hair extensions. You can find a great deal of inspo for a braided updo anywhere on the internet: from TikTok to Pinterest, social media are a pool of great fashion inspiration to fish from your next boho chic hairstyle.

    How do you achieve the perfect boho braided updo? The recipe is quite simple. If you already own some old clip in hair extensions that don’t quite cut it anymore when it comes to leaving your hair down, you can still freshen them up with a nourishing, moisturising treatment (find out more about it in our video: How To Revive Your Hair Extensions - Step By Step Guide)and then pop them on and start braiding. Ideally you can use this technique to realise a braided bun, or to just add messy plaits to your usual messy updo.

    2. Messy Bun

    Another fan favourite, if you like updos then the good old messy bun won’t miss the target. After all, there’s a reason why celebrities such as Hailey Bieber made this their look of choice for their wedding day! The beauty of a messy bun can be dressed up with any sort of accessories: some like to embellish it with touches of gold or silver according to their hair colour and personal style, and if you’re willing to go full on cottagecore then you could consider adding some flowers in (possibly faux ones, as fresh plants in your hair are not ideal). This hairstyle has often been overlooked and classified as a “stay at home” updo, becoming a symbol of the “I literally just woke up” aesthetic. But trust me, you’ll learn to love it the same way I do! Not only is it cute and easy to realise, it will also serve an important purpose: tucking in your hair and protecting it from external agents such as wind, sun, and more. Many people complain about their hair getting dry after being worn all day in a bun, but you can easily resort to leave-in conditioner to make sure your strands stay nourished and moisturised whilst you’re out there looking effortlessly fabulous.

    3. Twisted Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle

    Half-up hairstyles are worldwide appreciated, and I can see why: they bring you all the comfort of an updo so that your hair won’t get in your face, and the elegance and versatility of longer hair in the back that can be styled in fluffy, gorgeous waves or bouncy ringlets.

    Adding movement and texture to your hair will naturally give you that boho-chic vibe, and you can also add in micro braids and other hair accessories to make it stand out even more. The twisted half-up is a now quite common variation of your regular, plain half-up/half-down hairstyle, giving things a (literal) twist that adds body and volume to the part. More often than not, again, the problem with half-up hairstyles is that the hair left to hang loose is now cut down in thickness, and needs a little boost. Once again, you can use products such as double weft hair extensions to give your hair a kick and replenish the section on the back and sides of your head.

    Adding tight ringlets here and there will give the impression of a naturally mixed texture in your hair, which is an incredibly cute detail that too often gets forgotten in the rush to find the perfect hairstyle. Last but not least, choose your tying hair accessory accordingly: you can’t leave things in the hands of a nylon hair tie! Whether it’s a silk scrunchie, a decorated claw clip or a rhinestone-encrusted barrette, the right hair accessory will top things off.

    4. Crown Braid

    A timeless classic, the crown braid has been dominating the scene at some point. There was a summer when everyone wanted to be that girl: long statement skirts, crocheted top, low shoes, always looking effortlessly classy but in a down-to-earth, rustic way that almost made us feel as if she belonged to another world. What was the hairstyle of choice for these women on the internet? The crown braid, also known as the milkmaid braid. This hairstyle is often associated with mediaeval times and Scandinavian aesthetic, and the good news is that you don’t need to be living in a traditional village of Sweden to rock this hairdo. If your hair lacks the natural thickness and length to recreate this style with it, you can always repurpose some old hair extensions to make it yours. Find out more about how to get creative with old hair extensions and give them new life in our dedicated blog: 7 Exciting Things To Do With Your Old Hair Extensions.

    Using hair extensions to create a braided headband is fairly easy: all you need to do is to give them a nice, replenishing wash, and subsequently plait them according to your preferred style. Secure the braid around the crown of your head with a couple of strategically placed bobby pins and there you go! Add a touch of texture to the left out hair by using sea salt spray or a waver and you’re set.

    5. Fishtail Braid

    The history of fishtail braids (or herring-bone braids) is deeply rooted in Ancient Greece, where they were used by women to adorn their hair. The complexity and time-consuming factors that characterised this hairstyle suggest that it may have been a symbol of high societal status, but nowadays you don’t need to belong to the aristocracy to sport this gorgeous hairstyle. The fishtail braid Renaissance began around 2009, when it started getting spotted on runways and New York street fashion – and since then, it’s safe to say that it has never quite left the scene. The peak popularity of this hairstyle can probably be placed around the years between 2014 to 2016, when boho-chic and grungecore aesthetics exploded among younger audiences; this hairstyle was often accompanied by ombre hair and colourful streaks to resemble mermaid hair. Fans of boho aesthetic and cottagecore have held on the fishtail braid and kept it as a staple hairstyle for those blessed with long hair; if that’s not your case, you can still achieve a vertigo-inducing extra long fishtail braid with the aid of human hair extensions – this will also boost body and thickness in your tresses and allow you to play around with colour and hair accessories. Given the shape of a fishtail plait, beads and charms are the preferred additions.

    6. Conclusion:

    Twists, braids, and curls – I love boho hair fashion! As statement skirts and frills are coming back these hairstyles are likely to blow up in popularity once again. Fishtail braids and messy buns in particular are great hairstyles to rock with lots of different fashion aesthetics, and can offer lots of versatility, working well with cargo everything – a trend that we’ve seen dominating SS23 runways already.

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