5 Punk Hairstyles To Shake The World

by BRENDA L. / JAN 6, 2023

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    Have you ever scrolled down your Instagram page and noticed that everyone… Pretty much looks the same? Every day we’re bombarded with images that dangerously look like someone got trigger-happy with the “let’s try this trend”, resulting in group photos that will make you blink once or twice in order to figure out if it actually is a group of friends or someone’s copy-paste collage of ego. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and do something different, why not start with your hair?

    In order to look trendy, fashionable and glamorous you don’t necessarily need to resort to the same hairstyle that everyone else is adopting – in fact, you could get bonus points for being a trendsetter and trying something that hasn’t already been used and abused by beauty moguls and influencers alike. Do I have your attention? Let’s find out the best punk hairstyles to switch things up and achieve a memorable makeover to proudly show off.

    1. High Contrast Colors

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    Adding a touch of color will make you naturally stand out from the crowd, especially when it’s a high-contrast shade we’re talking about. Red hair is back, and it’s already been seen on runways, photoshoots and social media platforms. This doesn’t mean that you need to settle for less and just get the usual butterfly haircut in a coppery shade: why not keep things interesting with a mix of black and bright red hair?

    If your hair is naturally dark you should consider dyeing your tresses jet black and use colorful hair extensions to achieve the look you want. If you’re the type of person that likes to often change their looks, then why not shop funky colored hair extensions? This way you can switch things up every now and then, without having your hair undergo the stress of a bleaching process, adding flashy strands to your hair with the aid of clip in hair extensions. Bright red is a gorgeous, daring shade that goes really well with dark hair, but turquoise, purple and silver make dazzling choices to keep your punky hair styles trendy.

    2. Curly Mohawk

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    The mohawk is a staple in punk rock hairstyles culture! Wild curls are trending right now, and you could give things a rebellious spin with a mohawk haircut. Not only will this keep you looking fierce, youthful and glamorous, but it can also be grown out later on in a fashionable mullet! If your hair is naturally curly or coily you should also consider lightening your ends for an extra touch of edginess. Alternatively, if your hair doesn’t quite match the required corkscrew-like texture to achieve this hairstyle, you may want to consider getting your hair permed. Nowadays there are different techniques to get a perm, and they can help you achieve lots of different textures. From spiral curls to beach waves, you can customise this hairstyle however you want! If you’re patient and capable of expertly braiding your own tresses, you may also want to consider arranging your hair in a fauxhawk, which will leave your hair long and won’t require buzzing your tresses out.

    3. Creative Buzzcut

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    Getting a buzzcut is a brave choice for most of the people that have lived with long hair their whole life – but hear me out! If you’re in need of a dramatic change, perhaps all you need to do is to brave the shave. A buzzcut is a great choice for a number of reasons: first of all you will save lots of money when it comes to shampooing, conditioning and whatnot. Secondly, time: you will save so much time when it comes to your showering routine! Third reason: no more heat damage. Short hair doesn’t require much time and can usually be left to air-dry whilst you get dressed or do your makeup, and your hair won’t have to undergo the stress of heat-based styling tools such as curling wands and flat irons. Last but not least: you can get creative with it! When people think of a buzzcut, more often than not they struggle to realise that what you’re getting in exchange of your precious long hair is a wonderfully blank canvas where you can create edgy looks such as animalier prints and artsy designs by regulating your cutting lengths and using bleach and funky hair dye to add color and bring your creativity to life. Also, a buzzcut will grow out pretty quickly and can easily be arranged in a trendy pixie cut or messy short punk hair. If you wish to go back to long, flowy tresses, all it takes is a few inches of length to apply nano ring hair extensions and go from a pixie haircut to a Disney-princess-like mane in a day.

    4. Platinum Mullet

    @larrykinghaircare PLATINUM BLONDE PIXIE MULLET! @reganmia absolutely love that you always want to try new looks at our salon! Excited to see what’s next… 👀 Colour by our blonde specialist @harrietmuldoon ♬ PURE/HONEY - Beyoncé

    In case you missed the memo, mullets are in. They are becoming a popular, mainstream option – but this doesn’t mean that you can’t customise it and make it even edgier and cooler with a few personal touches here and there. First of all, platinum hair mixed with a mullet will give life to an incredibly fierce yet glamorous look that hasn’t been recycled by dozens of celebrities already, and will make you stand out by shining with a rockstar aura. Platinum hair is all the rage now, and you can never go wrong with shades such as ice blonde, silver and champagne. A platinum mullet works really well with lots of the Y2K fashion trends that we’ve seen coming back in the past year or so and that are predicted to keep 2023 in a chokehold, including (but not limiting to) butterfly tops, cargo pants and platform shoes. Another great option to try on a platinum mullet is braiding, which can space from plaited tendrils here and there or micro bubble-braids. Growing out a platinum mullet can be annoying when you think about dark roots showing, but keep an open mind and remember that stars like Miley Cyrus have been more than capable to soldier through this process and look flawless whilst at it. Once your mullet has grown out sufficiently, you can easily transform it into a trendy octopus haircut, maximising volume and thickness with the aid of human hair extensions. Find out more about this look and other trendy hairstyles for this year on our dedicated blog: The Top Predicted Hairstyles For 2023.

    5. Ombre Hair

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    Punk hair styles don't always need to involve skin fades and gravity-defying styling. The return of trends from the past left me longing for the 2014 soft grunge aesthetic that dominated one of the best summers of my life. For me, it’s impossible not to reminisce about those days without remembering the power that ombre hair had on me and my group of friends. Although back in the days frying our ends with homemade bleach jobs was quite common, things changed (for the better) in our hair care routine. Nowadays, getting ombre hair doesn’t need to destroy your ends – in fact, you can keep a plump, thick and healthy mane whilst adding the nostalgic touch of color that anticipated the birth of the e-girl aesthetic. How? With ombre hair extensions of course. This way you can also easily switch between hairstyles and color combinations to achieve unique makeovers throughout the season! Ombre hair and thick, luscious fishtail braids are a great way to look different and bring back some edgy trends from the past, trailblazing a predicted comeback of the hairstyles that defined an era. Bonus points if you’d like to add hair accessories such as beads and charms, as only the coolest girls of the early Instagram days did back then. If you’d like to go on the goth side of things, consider adding a pointy fringe to your hairstyle. In order to achieve this look you don’t necessarily need to cut your bangs: once again, a clip in fringe will do the trick and save you the hassle of committing to a big chop and maintaining the haircut.

    6. Conclusion:

    The beauty of these hairstyles resides in the fact that not everyone is considering going too edgy and if you’re looking for a haircut that will make a difference, one of these choices will surely satisfy your need to stand out from the crowd. On top of that, these looks are easily interchangeable and will leave your options open for when your hair grows out or when you’re tired of it. Last but not least, feel free to experiment with them, mixing and matching color combinations, bangs, and haircuts! To find your match made in heaven, have a look at our blog: Predicted Hair Colors For 2023 to create the hairstyle you’re dreaming of whilst keeping things trendy and avant-garde.

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