7 Blonde Hair Ideas For Every Hair Color

by BRENDA L. / JUL 21, 2023

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    With the arrival of summer, more and more people decide to go blonde – this includes celebrities, as setting trends is also… kind of  part of their job, too. And when people like Kaia Gerber, Sophie Turner, Selena Gomez and more enter the new season with a fresh blonde shade in their tresses, you know something is up! Looking to achieve your very own blonde transformation? Let’s see what you can do – by either going full bleach on your tresses, or with a more subtle, delicate approach, there’s a blonde look out there that is simply waiting for you!

    Total Bleach Blonde Hairstyles

    In the tones of bright bleach blonde, Sophie Turner’s new look is simple and youthful, deliberately messy on her Instagram’s latest drop as she shares moments of fun and nightly shenanigans at one wild hen do party in Alicante, Spain. The Game of Thrones star, rising to fame by sporting a bright ginger mane in the role of Sansa Stark, abandoned her old look to go back to her natural blonde a long time ago. Throughout the years, despite being cast as a redhead again (see: Marvel’s Dark Phoenix), she played with different blonde shades, often by experimenting with root blends, champagne tones, and now this bright, playful hair colour for the summer. Looking for the right hair extensions to match her tone? Our Goldilocks hair extensions are the perfect match to recreate her length!

    Root Blend 

    If you are a natural brunette worried about high-contrast roots showing up under your fresh new blonde tresses after a few weeks… Don’t stress – dark roots on blonde hair are IN! Miley Cyrus has been an advocate for this style for years, and now Selena Gomez is back in with this gorgeous colour combination. Artsy and grungy, bright blonde hair with a hint of dark roots naturally blending in the lighter colour is a super cool 90s combo you can’t miss out on – especially if you know you’re going to be lazy and skip your next root touch up…

    Blonde Balayage

    Adding a touch of light to your hair doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go through a dramatic transformation: in fact, you can simply give your mane a sunkissed glow with a balayage job. And, what if I told you you don’t have to necessarily undergo a bleach job to achieve this? Balayage hair extensions can help you achieve that naturally sun-lightened beach look without any bleach damage – a fresh makeover, drama-free. What’s not to love?

    The balayage technique differs from classic highlights in the application technique; in fact, no balayage look is the same, as the lightning product is applied with a “free hand” method, much like when painting.


    Getting a full head or a half head of highlights is a popular option over summer, not only among brunettes willing to get some freshness in their tresses, but also quite appreciated by natural blondes looking to breathe new life in their mane for the new season. Full head highlights are usually scattered highlights throughout all layers of the hair, for a more natural and uniform look that is visible with every hairstyle. Half head highlights, instead, typically focus on the top sections, which are the most visible – usually preferred by those who enjoy bolder, chunkier transformations, often characterised by high contrast or multiple colours involved. Mixed hair extensions can help you enhance your highlights, boosting volume and length in your natural tresses.

    Blonde Ombre Hair

    Ombre hair can be an awesome way to achieve lighter tones on your ends and part of your lengths without coming too close to your face, in case you were worried about your shade of choice not going in harmony with your natural features. Ombre hair allows you to keep your natural hair colour in your comfort zone whilst experimenting with anything else on your hair! Just like for balayage, ombre hair extensions can help you achieve these results without having to go under any bleach at all – the perfect way to play around with different looks before committing to anything more permanent.

    Gemini Hair

    Gemini hair, named after the twins of the Zodiac, is a captivating and bold hair colour trend that has been around for decades – despite finding new popularity only in recent years. This type of hairstyle is characterised by two tones in contrast between each other, much like Cruella Deville’s iconic hairdo. If you’d like to try it on your hair, you can either go bold and dye half of your hair blonde, or add blonde hair extensions to your lower sections to achieve a high-contrast, bold new look. Gemini hair encapsulates the essence of duality, and it does classify as an avant-gardist ‘do indeed! Singers like Nicki Minaj and Kesha are probably the most popular advocates of this daring hair colour technique.

    Money Piece Hair

    If you haven’t been living under a rock last year, you’ll probably remember the iconic Money piece hairstyle, the colouring method that took over summer 2021 and 2022. Bleeding in 2023, although less viral, this hairstyle is still very much relevant and universally loved by trendsetters and influencers everywhere. The trendy term implies a look that aims at making you look expensive, and it’s been one of the most requested styles in salons all over the world in the past year. Consisting in chunky highlights framing the face and blending in with the rest of your natural colour, this trend is yet another 90s fashion statement experiencing a raging comeback chock-full with nostalgia – as seen on Cindy Crawford, Geri Halliwell, and Jennifer Aniston, among others.


    Adding some light to your hair has never been easier – these techniques allow you to achieve your summer transformation in virtually no time, depending on which one you prefer. From dramatic total bleach changes to artsy and grungy ombre hair ideas, why not try a blonde addition to your tresses this season?

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