Are Hair Extensions Bad for Your Hair?

by BRENDA L. / AUG 25, 2023

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    Hair extensions have gained popularity, and they went from a vanity accessory mostly used by celebrities to a beauty essential that is now universally loved. They are sold everywhere in the world as a tool to enhance your hair’s length, boost its volume, achieve a fuller, healthier look, hide temporary hair loss, add a pop of colour, and so on. But, truth be told: are they as miraculous as they say? And how safe are they in reality? There are quite a few myths and misconceptions about Remy hair extensions. Let’s have a look together to find out the pros and cons of hair extensions and everything you need to know about your hair’s safety when wearing them!

    Myth vs. Reality: Are Hair Extensions Bad For Your Hair?

    Let’s take a closer look at the most popular hair extensions myths and let’s debunk them one by one.

    Myth: Hair Extensions Cause Hair Damage

    Reality: Hair extensions themselves aren't inherently damaging, although in the past some hair extensions fitting techniques have revealed themselves to be quite deterring for our tresses. Nowadays hair extensions technology has evolved, and when installed properly they are safe to wear. Improper fitting, poor maintenance and negligence can, however, turn hair extensions from a beautifying tool to a damaging one. Always make sure you choose high quality hair and you put yourself in the hands of a hair extensions professional with good experience, and make sure you take proper care of them after you leave the salon, without missing re-fitting appointments and by washing and drying them properly!

    Myth: Hair Extensions Inevitably Lead To Hair Loss

    Reality: If hair extensions are applied and maintained correctly, they should not cause any hair loss. Tugging and pulling and applying excessive tension, however, can potentially lead to damage and breakage. On top of that, also remember to give your hair a break every now and then, without wearing your hair extensions over the recommended period of time. 

    Myth: Extensions Alter Natural Hair Growth

    Reality: Hair extensions, when properly cared for, don't hinder hair growth – quite the opposite, actually! Using hair extensions to style your hair how you want it can potentially help you leave your tresses alone whilst they grow happy and healthy, letting you achieve longer natural hair whilst hiding your actual length with human hair extensions. 

    Myth: Extensions Prevent Your Scalp From Breathing

    Reality: Human hair extensions are, as the name indicates, human hair. This means that they won’t stress your scalp with suffocation. However, when choosing poor-quality or synthetic hair extension, the risk of discomfort and irritation increases.

    Myth: All Extensions Are The Same

    Reality: Hair extensions vary greatly in quality and application methods, and they are absolutely not the same at all! Choosing the right type of hair extensions, whether we’re talking clip in hair extensions or permanent solutions such as nano ring hair extensions or tape in hair extensions is essential to achieve a seamless blend and a natural finish that looks, feels and performs in harmony with your chosen look, hair type and lifestyle. 

    Maintaining Healthy Hair With Extensions

    Keeping your mane looking flawless and healthy whilst wearing hair extensions is not an impossible task at all. After all, extensions are supposed to enhance your beauty, not complicate your life. Here’s what to do in order to have a pleasant experience with hair extensions: 

    Choose Quality Extensions:

    Let’s be real, the first step is the most important: always make sure you invest in high-quality, 100% Remy human hair extensions to avoid any issues. Synthetic extensions, although cheaper, are more prone to tangling, look way less natural, and can cause scalp irritation.

    Consult a Professional:

    Unless you’re using clip-ins, don’t try DIY with human hair extensions. Take your time to research, find, and speak to a qualified, certified hair extensions expert to achieve a seamless blend with the correct placement and choosing the right type of hair extensions for you. If you’re exploring the idea of clip in hair extensions instead, you can take our hair quiz or chat to our team to make an informed purchase. All completely free of charge! 

    Regular Maintenance:

    Build a healthy hair care routine with all the necessary steps required to look after your hair extension. Washing, conditioning, detangling and choosing the right products (making sure you always use sulfate-free formulas) are the key to maintain your hair extensions looking flawless! 

    Limit Wear Time:

    Give your natural hair a break in between hair extensions appointments, and wear your extensions for a reasonable amount of time. Speak to your stylist if you’re unsure, so that you don’t put any unnecessary strain on your scalp and tresses.

    Avoid Heat Damage:

    Use heat styling tools sparingly, making sure you keep the heat settings on low and use heat protectant spray before allowing any heat-based styling tool (including a blow-dryer) any close to your hair and hair extensions.

    Be Gentle:

    This is a bit of a give, but handle your hair extensions with care. In the case of clip-ins and temporary hair pieces, make sure you store them properly when not using them to prevent tangles from forming, and avoid tugging and pulling on your hair extensions when you wear them.


    Whilst hair extensions per se aren’t bad for your hair, what did we learn today? Don’t hate the game, hate the player, in this case! Improper fitting and poor aftercare, including choosing poor-quality products and abusing the usage of hair extensions can potentially lead to hair damage and discomfort. So make sure you always choose high-quality hair extensions and get them fitted by a qualified stylist! 

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