Celebrity Lookbook: Millie Bobby Brown

by BRENDA L. / JUN 30, 2022

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    If your idea of happiness and relax equals a night in with a cheeky take-away on the table and the infamous TU-DUM of Netflix as comfort sound, then you and I are very much alike.

    And if you and I are alike when it comes to our favourite shows… Then chances are you have watched Stranger Things at some point. Yes, the one with Winona Ryder screaming “WIIIIILL” for ⅔ of the first season.

    The show brought us not only a series of emotional and exciting TV moments, no; it also brought us the magnificent talent and personality of actress Millie Bobby Brown, who has soon enough become an icon in the celebrity world. Soon enough, the actress has also launched her own skincare and makeup line, florence by mills, reaching out to over 2 millions of followers.

    To celebrate the release of Season 4 (Vol. 2) of Stranger Things, I decided to dedicate this episode of our Celebrity Lookbook series to MBB and her fabulous hairstyles and makeovers. Ready to take a dive into the Upsidedown?

    1. The Buzzcut

    As Millie was getting ready to play the role of Eleven in season 1 of Stranger Things, she had to shave her head and get a fierce buzzcut.

    In 2016, this became Eleven’s signature look, and Millie got praised for being brave and embracing the short haircut. As the show progressed, we see Eleven becoming part of the pack thanks to her friendship with Mike and the rest of their motley crue. This eventually leads the character to integrating and growing her hair out.

    2. Growing It Out

    Later on, on and off stage Millie sported a short haircut as she was growing out her buzzcut. This hairstyle is a versatile grown-out pixie cut, that the actress wore both elegantly with a side-part and hair clips for a 90s vibe and both slicked back and gelled down for a rockstar-like look (as seen on the Interview magazine cover)!

    3. Curly Hairstyle

    It’s the eighties after all - what did you expect? And there’s only a few things that scream “80s” and “synthwave revival” like a big, curly hairstyle. Season 2 of Stranger Things features a curly-haired, tom-boyish Millie Bobby Brown - ready to leave her fans baffled and confused as her storyline twists and turns. Just like her ringlets! If you'd like to get Millie's curls, check out our blog about how to curl hair and extensions.

    4. The Textured Lob

    This is by far one of the most-seen MBB’s looks. With gently tousled ends and an elegant middle part, this soft collarbone-length hairstyle has been a fan-favourite. As Millie’s career soars new skies and she partners up with Converse and The Sims (releasing her character available in The Sims gallery too!) this modern look accompanies her on her journey with style and class.

    5. Messy Space Buns

    Not exactly a long-lasting look of hers, but definitely worth a mention. I loved the cute, messy space buns she wore in her promotional video for UEFA! Paired with a colourful eyeshadow and a tracksuit for the occasion, this hairstyle can easily be a party look or a night out look.

    6. The Balayage

    As her tresses grow longer, Millie gives it more colour and movement with a creamy, even balayage. Her lob grows out in a longer hairstyle, that she wore with gentle waves and her classic middle part. The first appearance of this look was spotted on her personal instagram, as she was sponsoring the latest palette designed for her beauty company, florence by mills.  Love this colour? I know, me too. Get your balayage shades now and transform your hair without any bleach damage.

    7. The Flapper Girl

    We already talked about this hairstyle in one of our previous blogs (written by yours truly), but let’s explore it once again, shall we? Inspired by the roaring 20s and the flapper girls (the rebellious women that defined the era by breaking society’s rules), this hairstyle gained a low-key sudden popularity among celebrities. Get more inspiration about this beautiful style in our Roaring 20's Hairstyles blog. 

    8. Braided Tendrils

    This is literally the look, yes, the one that broke the internet not too long ago. As Millie appeared sporting long, golden tresses, this Y2K braided tendrils look made everyone go crazy. Also seen on other fellow celebs such as Hailey Bieber, Margot Robbie and Bella Hadid - this hairstyle is the perfect combo of youthful, playful and trendy.

    9. Blonde Bangs

    After the braided tendrils, the blonde bangs are another fan-favourite among her recent looks (and you haven’t seen the low pony yet…)! I personally love this look. When a brunette experiments with blonde hues (and vice-versa) it’s always a bit of a shocker, but I love to see it. If you, like Mills, would love to experiment with bangs but are a bit afraid of committing to your scissors, then try a clip-in bangs hair piece to experiment with your looks!

    10. The Low Ponytail

    This is now to be considered a classic: the middle-parted, sleek and shiny low ponytail. As seen on other celebrities such as Ariana Grande (you can read all about her hairstyles in our Celebrity Lookbook: Ariana Grande blog) and Kim Kardashian (a real wizard of the glass hair trend!) this look works wonders on Millie’s beauty. You can easily achieve this look by adding length and volume to your natural hair with a clip-in wrap-around ponytail.

    11. The Half-Up, Half-Down With Blunt Bangs

    With the arrival of season 4 of Stranger Things, I obviously had to mention this look. Potentially inspired by the fairy godmother of the show, 80s queen Winona Ryder, MBB’s character Eleven is now seen sporting a long and wavy half-up, half-down look, paired with blunt bangs that end right before the eyebrow line. A retro look that fits the era perfectly, accompanying Eleven through a journey of self-discovery to save Hawkins (and the world), once again.

    12. Conclusion:

    Excited for the latest season? This volume 2 will be the last Stranger Things part we’ll see this year, followed by the 5th (and last) season to conclude Eleven’s adventures in the Upsidedown (hopefully closing the gates forever). Stay tuned for another Celebrity Lookbook next week, and keep an eye on your lights this Friday as Season 4 - Vol. 2 of Stranger Things premiers on Netflix.

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