Color Guide: Hair Extensions for Blondes

by ABBEY WILSON / APR 13, 2022

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    Blonde is a hair color recognized all over the world and thanks to the constant improvement of hair dye its become achievable in even the darkest of hair! Here at Cliphair, our Blonde Hair Extensions hold many of our top-selling shades, and with 15 different blondes to choose from, we want to help guide you through them. Whether you have cool, ash blonde hair or warm, golden-toned tresses we have a color for you in our collection.

    Color Terminology Buster

    Quite often in the hair and beauty industry technical language is used to describe products and shades. This is all well and good if you are trained to understand these words but for the everyday extension wearer, it can be really confusing! We’ve simplified some common color terminology below to help you understand our descriptions, this could also help you when explaining to your stylist how you want your color to look. 

    Undertones  - Subtle tones underneath the hair surface that influence the overall color.

    • Blonde  - Light, Fair hair

    • Ashy/Ash - Grey/Blue undertones. No warmth or red

    •  Warm - Gold/Red undertones

    •  Cool - Grey/Blue undertones. No warmth or red

    •  Neutral - Plain and flat, neither ashy nor warm

    •  Golden - Yellow/Orange undertones

    •  Ginger - Orange undertones

    •  Brassy - When the hair is too yellow or orange

    •  Mousey - Ashy and neutral tones 

    Ice blonde(back to index)

    Iceblond customer image

    A stunningly cool shade of platinum blonde that gives off a luminous shine. Ice blonde is perfect for anyone that has very light, almost white, blonde hair.

    Ice blonde is the top seller in our Blonde Collection so it can be found in all extension types from Clip-ins to Professional extensions.

    Lightest Blonde (#60)

    Lightest Blonde customer image

    Our cleanest and lightest blonde shade. Overall cool-toned with very subtle yellow undertones make this a true, clean light blonde. Blends flawlessly with very light blonde hair and can even be added to darker blonde shades to brighten up the overall look.

    As Lightest Blonde #60 is one of our top sellers it can be found in all hair extension types from Clip-in extensions to Tape-in extensions.

    Bleach Blonde (#613)

    Bleach Blonde customer image

    The classic Bleach Blonde! Light and bright with a golden undertone. This shade gives us major Barbie vibes and matches beautifully with dyed, bleach blonde hair that hasn’t been toned.  

    This timeless blonde shade can be found in almost all of our hair extension products but is most popular in our professional items such as tape extensions or I-tip hair extensions. It's very often paired with other shades to create highlighted styles or balayage.

    Golden Blonde (#16)

    Golden Blonde customer image

    (hair by @bypaige___ )

    This beautiful blonde shade is like pure honey, gold! With extra rich, warm golden undertones balanced with brightness. This shade is slightly lighter than its sister, Strawberry Blonde.

    This shade can be found in many of our products due to its high popularity but it is mostly used in Clip-in extensions and Tape in extensions. It mixes beautifully with warn brunette shades to create a Sunkissed effect.  

    Strawberry Blonde (#27)

    Strawberry Blonde product image

    The Classic Strawberry Blonde. With striking red undertones that blend beautifully with natural strawberry blonde or ginger hair. A darker blonde shade that can also be mixed with other blondes to create highlights.

    This color can be found in most of our hair extension products but mainly in Clip-in hair extensions.

    Dark Blonde (#14)

    Dark Blonde product example

    The darkest blonde shade with neutral undertones. This color works well with naturally dark blonde hair and has an almost bronzed finish to it.

    Very popular in Clip in hair extensions and Remy tape in hair extensions but due to the rise of ashy, cooler-toned trends this color is slowly becoming a best seller.

    Silver Sand (#SS)

    Silver Sand customer image

    SilverSand, a color completely unique to Cliphair. This warm but silver shade lifts your complexion while you play with the grey hair trend. A delicate blend of gold and ash that matches to toned blonde hair of the same shade or add to dark hair to create cool highlights.

    One of our best sellers so you can find it in almost all of our Hair Extension products.

    Lightest Brown (#18)

    Lightest Brown customer image

    A stunning medium blonde color with warm and pearly tones. Perfect for blending with uncolored hair and using in low lights. This darker blonde shade is biscuity and delicious with neutral undertones.

    As this is such a popular shade you can find it in all of our hair extension products. We use this shade in a lot of our ready-mixed colors and balayage.

    Brown/Blonde Mix (#18/613)

    Brown/Blonde Mix customer image

    An eye-catching combination of our Lightest Brown mixed with Bleach Blonde to create gorgeous ashy & golden highlights. It's no surprise this shade is our top seller!

    You can use this shade to match your current highlights or add it to darker hair to create a balayage. You can even use this shade with lighter blonde hair to give an extra dimension of depth underneath. Its possibilities are endless which is why #18/613 is a firm favorite and available in all of our hair extension products.

    BlondeMe (#60/SS)

    BlondeMe customer image

    A dazzling blend of SilverSand and Lightest Blonde to create an Icy fresh combination of highlights. Light and Bright, this shade mixes beautifully with very light highlighted hair that has a cool tone to it.

    As this shade is a best seller you can find it in all of our hair extension products but it's most popular in Clip-Ins!

    Blonde Mix (#16/613)

    Blonde Mix customer image

    ( hair by @ashleyleehair )

    A stunning mix of our Golden Blonde and Bleach Blonde that creates a light, bright and beautiful blonde. This shade gives us major Disney princess vibes! #16/613 is probably one of the most recognized shades in the hair extensions world as it was one of the first blonde mixes to be created, it's firmly stood the test of time as it remains a favorite to this day.

    This shade blends flawlessly with warm, bright blonde highlighted hair and can be added to darker blondes to enhance or create balayage.

    Light Blonde Mix (#16/60)

    Light Blonde Mix product example

    An eye-catching combo of Golden Blonde and Lightest Blonde this is our newest and brightest mixed shade yet! This sumptuously sunny mixture will keep you glowing whatever the weather. Slightly lighter than its older sister #16/613 this color works beautifully with very light, blonde highlighted hair.

    A newbie to our collection but a best seller nether the less, you can find this shade in almost all of our Hair Extension products. This shade is particularly popular in our Nano Ring Hair Extensions.

    Can you dye blonde hair extensions?

    Yes! However, you need to carefully follow the brand's advice and bare in mind this will compromise the quality and life span of your extensions. Many people buy blonde hair extensions to dye as they are the perfect blank canvas to work from to create bespoke shades. Remember, hair extensions should only ever be dyed darker or toned, you should never bleach or lighten them. For more information and advice on dying hair extensions read our How to Dye Hair Extensions blog.

    How to tone hair extensions Ash Blonde?

    The easiest and safest way to tone hair extensions into an Ash Blonde shade is to use Purple Shampoo. This is weaker than an actual toner and can easily be diluted to control the strength. As Blonde hair extensions tend to be more porous than your hair we advise using the shampoo in a water bath rather than applying directly to the hair.

    Can you dye brown hair extensions blonde? Can you Bleach hair extensions?

    No. You should never attempt to make hair extensions lighter with dye, toners, or lighteners like bleach. This will seriously damage the hair and affect the lifespan. With over 60 shades to choose from you shouldn’t need to dye extensions to reach your desired blonde, see all of our colors here.

    How to blend dark roots with blonde hair?

    If you want to add blonde to your dark hair but you’re worried about dying it there is a simple and easy solution: Hair Extensions! You can absolutely blend blonde clip-in hair extensions with dark hair or roots. This will give a gorgeous balayage effect of lightened ends without needing to add a speck of dye to your precious hair.

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