Collection: Clip-In Ombre Hair Extensions Range of Colours & Styles USA

Ombre is a fun and striking look for a night out, and our range of ombre hair extensions allow you to try the ombre style without dyeing your hair. You can choose an ombre hair extensions weft that clips in, or can be taped or sewn in, which instantly gives you the ombre look. When you’re looking for ombre hair extensions in the USA, Cliphair offer a great range of colours and styles, so you can get the look you want. Our ombre hair extensions are all made with human hair for a natural look and are easy to style.

Buy Ombre Extensions Come in Many Colour Combinations

At Cliphair, you’ll find a huge range of ombre extensions to suit your style, with lots of different colour combinations. When you buy ombre extensions, you should choose ones that have a top half that matches your natural hair, so they blend in, but you can choose all sorts of colours for the bottom half. For example, our red ombre hair extensions come in black to red. At Cliphair, we make it easy to make a colour choice and have lots of shades to suit different skin tones.

Ombre Extensions that Clip in Are an Easy Alternative to Dyes

Ombre has been a big hair trend for the past few years, but many women are nervous about getting an ombre, as it usually involves bleaching their hair. However, with our ombre extensions that clip in, you can get an ombre in seconds, without any causing any chemical damage to your own hair!

There are many advantages to using ombre hair extensions clip in rather than dyes, including:

  • Less damage to your hair – many women prefer to avoid harsh dyes as they can permanently dry out your hair
  • No bleaching – unless you have light hair, ombre styles often involve bleaching to achieve brighter colours
  • You can take them in and out – while a striking ombre looks great, it’s not always suitable for work or day to day life, so our ombre clip in extensions allow you to switch things up whenever you like

When you want a look that’s fun, or you have a special night out planned, our ombre extensions that clip in are ideal as you can do them at home and they couldn’t be simpler to use.

Black Ombre Hair Extensions Add Colour to Dark Styles for Sale

At Cliphair, we offer a wide range of black ombre hair extensions that suit those with darker, natural hair. They allow you to add some bright accents to your hair, without needing to go through the bleaching process or damaging your beautiful, natural locks.

It’s easy to add colourful ombre hair extensions to dark hair, whether you want a style such as black to red or something more subtle like a dark to light brown ombre. Our black ombre hair extensions give you colourful hair in seconds, if you choose our clip in, or can be sewn or taped in if you want your extensions for a few weeks.

One look that’s popular with brunettes or those with dark hair is grey ombre hair extensions. Grey hair is on-trend, and our hair extensions ombre are a great alternative to a full head of grey. Check out some of our ombre hair extensions for sale for style inspo.

Another option for those with dark hair is to look at our range of pink hair extensions and other bright colours, which can give you more of an under dye effect, or can be used for bright streaks.

Blonde Ombre Clip-In Extensions Suit Lighter Tones

We also offer lots of beautiful blonde ombre extensions for those with lighter hair. Those with lighter hair will find lots of unique styles of blonde ombre hair extensions, with lots of ways to wear them. Many of our ombre human hair extensions clip in, so you can switch your look whenever you want.

If you want a reverse ombre or darker streaks, our black hair extensions are ideal. You don’t have to risk damaging your natural hair colour, and the black or brown/blond contrast is a unique style for your hair.

Ombre Hair Extensions Can Be Styled the Way You Want

Our ombre human hair extensions allow you to wear your hair lots of different ways:

  • Different lengths – from shoulder or medium length to your lower back, Cliphair offer lots of different lengths for different looks
  • Natural or dramatic looks – we offer ombre hair with many effects. You can choose brown ombre hair with subtle shades of brown, grey ombre hair extensions, or extensions that are in bold, bright colours
  • Straight or curly – because Cliphair sell ombre human hair extensions, they can be styled in the same way as your own hair, whether it’s with a straightener or curling iron
  • Up or down – whether you choose our clip in hair extensions or a weave, you can wear them in an up or down

While some women think extensions limit their options, they can allow you to experiment more with your style and try something new. Why not try a few different styles and see what works for you? Some people have multiple sets of different extensions, so you can have different looks for different occasions.

Ombre Clip In Hair Extensions Give You Ombre Hair for the Night

Love ombre hair, but only want it for the night? Our ombre clip in hair extensions are the perfect solution. They come in all sorts of colours, from natural blondes and brown hair colours like medium brown and dark browns, with ends that are blonde, black, red and a range of bright colours.

If you’re looking for ombre clip in hair extensions in the USA, then Cliphair offer some of the best ombre clip in hair extensions on the market. Our ombre human hair extensions clip in come in full head sets which are 8 pieces, so you can add them and go. Even if you don’t have great styling skills, most people can get to grips with our clip in range. There are videos on our site that show you how our clip ins work, and you can also find loads of tutorials online for different styles.

Want your extensions for more than one night? If you’re going away on a special trip or have an occasion coming up, consider getting your extensions taped or woven in, as they will stay in place for a few weeks with minimal upkeep.

Ombre Remy 100% Human Hair Extensions are the Best Quality

It can be tempting to opt for cheap ombre hair extensions, but the problem is, these are often made from acrylic or unnatural hair. This doesn’t give you the best look, and it can be obvious you’re wearing extensions. When you buy from Cliphair, you get ombre Remy hair extensions which are made from 100% human hair, so they look as natural as possible. Remy is human hair that’s harvested in a way that keeps it intact, so it looks great when made into extensions.

Don’t opt for cheap ombre hair extensions. When you buy from Cliphair, you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality product that’ll look great and last as long as possible.

Cliphair Make it Easy to Buy Ombre Hair Extensions Online

It’s easy to buy ombre hair extensions with Cliphair. Browse our website and you can find a range of ombre clip in hair extensions in the UK and more, with a free colour matching service, fast UK delivery and much more.


Can you have ombre hair with extensions?

Yes, you can wear extensions if you have ombre hair, but you will need to find a set that matches your hair. For example, you might want dark to light brown ombre extensions, and they may need to be cut to length to ensure they blend in properly. A hair extensions technician can do this for you.

How do you do ombre hair extensions at home?

Ombre hair extensions that clip in are the best option if you want to do ombre extensions at home. They simply clip in under your hairline and can be added in seconds. If you want a longer lasting option, then a weave or tape extensions can be added at a salon.

How much do ombre hair extensions cost?

The cost of ombre hair extensions can vary. The least expensive option is clip in ombre hair extensions, as you attach them yourself, and they cost around $80 if you choose human hair. Other options for extensions, such as taped or sewn in, will need to be done at a salon, so take that cost into account.

DDo I need to have ombre hair already to use Ombre extensions?

No, the beauty of the ombre real hair extensions is that you can give your natural hair a new colour on the ends without having to dye it! Its best to stick with a root colour that is the same or similar to your own and then be as adventurous as you like with the ends.