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by ABBEY WILSON / MAR 10, 2022

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    Looking after your hair extensions well and using the correct products usually equals a long and happy life for the hair, however there are some other factors that come into play. Not all hair extension types have the same lifespan, doing your research before investing in a set will give you an idea of what to expect from each style. In today’s blog we are going to explain the estimated life expectancy for each different type of hair extension and some valuable tips to make them last longer.

    What Affects The Life Span of Hair Extensions?

    Caring for your hair extensions according to the manufacturers instructions is the most important part of maintaining a long life span. The following factors will all also influence how long the hair extensions will last…

    • The raw material (what the hair is made from): 

      Synthetic Hair Extensions will have a shorter lifespan than human hair extensions and are not able to be styled or washed. Even though they tend to be cheaper they will need replacing far sooner than a human hair set which costs more money in the long run.

    • The hair quality: 

      There are 3 quality ratings for human hair extensions. AAA, AAAA and AAAAA with the last being the best quality of hair you can get, this is known as luxury hair and can last up to 2 years! The most used quality of human hair extensions is AAA grade which can last from 6 months to a year depending on the care.

    • The hair colour: 

      Blonde Hair Extensions are normally bleached to achieve a consistent, light colour which slightly damages the hair quality. Just like with our own hair, very light or blonde hair extensions tend to have a shorter life expectancy and drier texture than brunette shades.

    • Usage:

      Clip In Hair Extensions and Temporary Hair Extensions last longer as they are not used everyday. In general, the more you use something the quicker it will deteriorate, this applies to hair extensions too! Permanent hair extensions like tapes or micro rings are in the hair 24/7 so they will have a shorter life span even if the quality is the same as a clip-in.

    How Long Do Clip In Hair Extensions Last?

    How Long Do Clip In Hair Extensions Last

    Lifespan: 3 months to 1 year

    Depending on how often you wear your clip ins will alter the lifespan. When the clip-ins are worn occasionally, for example 1-2 times per week or on special occasions, they can last up to one year if cared for well! The more the hair is worn and washed the faster it will deteriorate, if its worn daily or more than 4-5 times per week you can expect the set to last 3-6 months.

    How Long Do Tape In Hair Extensions Last?

    How Long Do Tape In Extensions Last

    Lifespan: 6-8 weeks

    As Tape In Hair Extensions are permanently attached to the hair, they require a bit more TLC than your average hair extensions. After 6-8 weeks of wear the tapes will need to be removed, after this they can either be replaced or if still in good condition, re-taped and put back in! AAA grade tapes have a total lifespan of 12 weeks (3 months) this should include one re-taping session, AAAAA grade tapes if looked after well can last up to 6 months!

    How Long Do Micro-Ring and Nano-Ring Hair Extensions Last?

    How long do Micro-ring and Nano-ring hair extensions last

    Lifespan: 3-4 months

    Micro-Ring and hair extensions otherwise known as I-Tips or Stick Tips can stay attached to the hair for 6-8 weeks before they need to be repositioned, the same rules apply for Nano Rings. After 6-8 weeks they will be pushed back up, another 6 weeks after this the hair will be totally removed. As micro-rings are individual hair extensions, they tend to have a longer life span than tapes or wefts. After 12 weeks when they are removed if they are in good condition, they can be used again making this method very cost effective.

    How Long Do Seamless Hair Extensions Last?

    How Long Do Seamless Hair Extensions Last

    Lifespan: 6 months to 1 year 

    Seamless, a new improved type of clip in hair extension. Rather than a lace or threaded seam the seam is made from a soft but strong silicone strip which is 4 times more durable and has less shedding than a standard clip in. Its no wonder seamless clip-ins are the most popular type on the market today. If looked after well, even if worn 3-5 days per week you can expect them to last from 6 months to a year. Seamless hair extensions tend to be slightly more expensive than sewn methods however the quality is worth the price.  

    How Long Do Ponytail & Fringe Hair Extensions Last? 

    How Long Do Ponytail Extensions Last

    Lifespan: 6 months to 1 year 

    As Ponytails and Fringe Extensions are often only worn for special occasions they can last a very long time. They are also not attached to the very roots of your hair meaning they have less contact with grease or sweat which also prevents the need to wash. Washing the hair extensions will gradually strip the hair of its natural oils so its best to do this as less as possible.

    Hair Extension Lifespans: FAQS

    • What Is The Type of Hair Extensions That Last The Longest? 

      The longest lasting hair extensions are Seamless Clip-ins, due to their occasional use and super durable attachments.

    • How Long Do Platinum Hair Extensions Last?

      Very blonde and platinum hair extensions tend to have a shorter life span than darker shades. This is due to the bleaching the hair goes through in manufacturing. With platinum clip ins you can expect them to last from 3-9 months and permanent hair extensions can be anywhere from 8 weeks to 4 months depending on the hair quality.

    • What Type of Hair Extensions Have The Shortest Life Span?

      AAA grade, tape hair extensions will need replacing more than any other permanent method of hair extensions due to the usage.


    Remember, regardless of the brands expected life span for the hair extensions, this will only be true if the hair is looked after correctly. If incorrect products and procedures are used this will decrease the life of any hair extensions. Check out our blog on how to prolong the life of your hair extensions and avoid any damage.

    When the time does come where you need to replace your beloved hair extensions, we’ve got 7 ideas for things to do with your old hair extensions to reallly get the most out of your money!

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