How Hair Extensions Can Provide the Perfect Wedding Style

How Hair Extensions Can Provide the Perfect Wedding Style
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You might be hoping to inject some old fashioned oomph into a dazzling bridal look, or to lend a little extra length to a half up and half down ‘do – you might even be thinking about replicating a glamorous style that you have seen on your favourite Hollywood babe. Yet, no matter whether you are the bridesmaid or the star of the wedding herself, clip in hair extensions for wedding are a great way to turn heads.

Us experts at ClipHair are keen to show the world just how versatile and amazing modern hair extensions can be, so we’ve put together a handy guide to wearing them at your next wedding.

With these beauty tips and tricks in the bag, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your ‘do will last as long as you – through the ceremony, the dancing, and the prosecco.

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Should I get Hair Extensions for Wedding? 

Whilst single tone extensions can look lovely if worn correctly, they really do not come close to multidimensional clip in pieces (hair extensions featuring a subtle mix of colours).

If possible, opt for extensions which offer multidimensional colouration, because they will give your locks a much more natural look. If you think about it, real hair does not fall into the category of a single block colour, so if natural is your aim, you need highlights, lighter ends, or a mix of tones.

To keep running with this idea of ‘natural’ fake tresses, we recommend that you pick up a top quality remy hair extension piece (longer pieces work great for weddings) and choose a style which allows your real locks to intertwine with the fake ones. In other words, you should be aiming for a flawless look which makes the extension piece a part of your own hair. You can do this by using a curling iron at a lower temperature than usual and styling one inch pieces from front to back.

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Washing Hair Extensions before your wedding

You are strongly advised to wash and condition your hair extension pieces before the big day, whether you are the bride or one of her main altar gals. Whilst lower quality clip in pieces run the risk of damage if you take them out and manually wash them, ClipHair hair extensions are strong enough to stand up to a full (but gentle) wash and deep conditioning treatment. However, you do need to let them dry completely before wear.

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Hair Extension wedding mistakes: Things to avoid at all costs

There are a few things that you should avoid if you are planning to rock ClipHair hair extensions at your next wedding. The first is being tempted to use too much hair or hair extensions that are too thick or long for your face and features – you not only run the risk of feeling uncomfortable, you err on the side of looking obviously fake and even a little tacky. If you can make several clip in pieces work for you, by all means go for it, but do not overload on fake tresses if it is not necessary.

This is a very important tip, so listen up – hair extension pieces should not be clipped in too close to the hairline, or they can feel scratchy, uncomfortable, and insecure. The best way to affix them is to grip or clip them around ½ inch away from the scalp and two inches away from the hairline itself.

To create a firm hold, take some time to tease your natural tresses with hairspray first, because this adds some natural grip and helps the extensions stay secure for longer.

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