How Many Grams Of Weave Hair Extensions Do You Need?

by ABBEY WILSON / FEB 9, 2023

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    Weaves or Wefts are one of the most versatile and popular hair extension choices on the planet, due to the variety of ways in which they can be applied, including sewn in options. Your own hair thickness, cut style, and length will determine how many grams or how many wefts you will need to achieve your desired look. Read on to find out how much hair you will need to achieve the weave of your dreams!

    What Are Weft Hair Extensions?

    A Hair Weft or Weave is a type of human hair extension that is applied to the hair on a semi-permanent basis or made into temporary extensions like Clip-Ins or Braids. It consists of a wide curtain-like strip of hair typically measuring between 48-60” in width and topped with a super neat, flexible thread seam. It can be sewn in, glued in, or made into Clip-Ins; the most popular option is to apply the weft using a combination of sewing and micro-rings also known as a LA Weave. If you want to know more about this extension method, check out “Everything you need to know about the LA Weave”.

    Are Weft Extensions Good For Thin Hair?

    Weft or Weave extensions are best for those who already have thick or at least medium-thickness hair as they are the largest and heaviest type of hair extension. A heavy weave on thin hair can cause too much tension and be tricky to hide, even though they are much quicker and easier to apply we wouldn’t advise using this method on thin hair. Luckily there are plenty of fantastic options for thin and fine-haired customers who want to explore into the world of hair extensions, read “Which hair extension types are best for thin and fine hair?” to learn more.

    How Many Grams Of Hair For A Full Head Weave?

    A full head weave is the amount needed to add both volume and length; usually, this is between 150-200g. The weight and the number of wefts will vary slightly depending on the length of your own hair, how long you want to go, and the style of your haircut.

    Are 2 Bundles Enough For A Full Head?

    This completely depends on the company you are buying your extensions from. For example, at Cliphair our Remy Royale Hair Weft weighs 120g and is made from double-drawn human hair meaning it's as thick at the ends as it is at the roots. Therefore 2 bundles will equate to 240g which is more than enough for a full head transformation even from short thick hair to a very long length. Other brands may sell their wefts in smaller or larger bundles so be sure to check the weight over the amount when ordering!

    Weave Hair Extensions For Short Hair

    Your hair should be at least 5-6 Inches long if you are considering having a weave applied. This is to ensure the extensions are well hidden and blend naturally. If you have extremely thick, short hair that sits above your shoulders and you plan to add more than 3-4 Inches of length you will need up to 230g. If you have short, thick hair but you only want to add up to 4 Inches, 200g should be enough to achieve this.  

    Weave Hair Extensions For Long Hair

    Medium to long-length hair this is the perfect starting point for blending hair extensions, especially Wefts. As your hair is already long it will hide the seams well and be much easier to merge with the extensions leaving no obvious line where your own hair ends and the extensions start. 150g should be enough to add length to already long hair as long as the weft is double-drawn. If you are using single-drawn extensions that are thinner on the ends, it's best to use 200g.

    How Much Hair Do You Need For A Weave?

    If your using a weave to add lots and lots of length and volume then 200g is the ideal amount. For only a few inches of length and volume on normal-thickness hair 150g will be enough. If you're not wanting to add length or volume, you are only using your weave to add a flash of colour for a special occasion like a festival or holiday then 100g will do the job.


    Weaves and Weft Hair Extensions are the best choices for those who are blessed with thick hair already and want a big-length transformation. As we’ve learned today, you will need at least 100g of hair for any weft method but due to the ease and speed of its application, it tends to be slightly cheaper to have done than other more intricate methods, another bonus for weave fans! The only downfall is wearing your hair up can be difficult, to combat this you can use smaller extensions at the sides, we explain how it’s done in “Stylist secrets: Combining hair extensions”

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