How To Hide Your Roots And Make It Hot

by BRENDA L. / SEP 12, 2022

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    For one reason or another, you had to skip your salon appointment this month. No big deal, right? Then you check out your roots, and they’re becoming pretty obvious. But you simply can’t book another appointment any time soon, and now you’re worried everyone is going to judge your unkempt look. Right?


    There are many ways you can style your hair and conceal your roots nowadays, and yeah even if you’re wondering how to hide dark roots on blonde hair, there’s something you should know: roots are in! Let’s talk more in detail about how to hide your roots in style, shall we?

    1. How To Hide Your Grey Roots

    First things first, you could start having grey hair at literally any age. Mine showed up before I even turned 25! Even though at first I quite liked having one or two silver strands, as they became more and more obvious I started to find them annoying. I mean, it’s either I go full Targaryen with my shiny white tresses, or I’d rather dye them back to their original color. You know?

    If you, like me, are struggling with a few greys (or more than a few), you can always resort to a few tricks.

    Colored Dry Shampoo

    Dry shampoo can be your best friend in two cases: a) you had to skip washing day, and b) your roots are showing up and you need a quick fix. I have talked more in detail about dry shampoo in our blog: How To Use Dry Shampoo: A Beginners Guide.

    Roots Concealer

    This product is a little more specific and if you are struggling with only a couple of greys here and there, it’s the perfect ally to keep things up until you manage to get a new appointment with your hair colorist. Roots concealers usually come in a “mascara-like” packaging, and can be applied on your hair with a similar spoolie.

    Head Scarves & Hats

    This is kind of a given, but it needed to be included nonetheless. Especially during summer and fall, head scarves and hats are a fashion statement that can go a long way - and help you cover things up if your hair is looking a bit like a mess. Elizabeth Olsen (Marvel's very own Scarlet Witch!) knows this very well, and can often be spotted wearing fashionable hats and berets. A true icon.

    2. How To Hide Dark Roots On Blonde Hair

    Well, haven’t you heard? I know you may not like them too much, but dark roots on blonde hair are very, very fashionable. They can give you that rock’n’roll effortless look without even trying - all you need to do is learn how to style your hair properly. Let’s see together how.

    Add Texture

    Rule number one: adding movement and depth to your hair always helps. Especially if you’re trying to blend in two or more shades in your hair… Duh! Try the wonderful mermaid waves - you can find out more about this hairstyle here: How To Get Mermaid Hair, The Viral Summer Trend and see how your hair game drastically changes. You can try this hairstyle both on your natural hair, like Madison Iseman in "I Know What You Did Last Summer", and on your human hair extensions. Thank me later.

    Glitter Roots

    This is more of a festival look, but hey - if you’re looking for a hairstyle to stun everyone at a party, this might be just what you needed. Glitter roots broke the internet a few years ago (I believe the year was 2015), and they were usually paired to crazy colors or blonde hair.

    Dutch Braids

    Dutch braids are woven so tightly against your scalp that the color difference will actually contribute to a nice contrast instead of being the obvious proof that you couldn’t find the time to hit the salon this month. If you don’t have the right length and volume to achieve a pair of killer Dutch braids, you can always resort to clip-in hair extensions. A few, strategically placed Remy hair extensions can be a real game changer and seamlessly blend in with the rest of your hair!

    Messy Bun

    A cute, perfectly crafted messy bun is always a good choice - regardless of the state of your current hair color. If you're going for a cosy, boho-chic finish, a cute messy bun is the perfect way to draw the attention away from your roots and simply bring light to your beautiful face. Take it from Miley Cyrus!

    Fancy Ponytail

    Many celebrities are rocking their high ponytail without regrets, even when this hairstyle is making their outgrown roots quite obvious. Ponytails are extremely in, and they can change the way your ensemble looks in a matter of minutes. If you don't have the right length and volume to achieve the perfect, sleek ponytail of your dreams, then grab a wrap-around ponytail hair extension and recreate the look of the stars. From the flipped out retro ponytail to the long and fierce braided one, your possibilities are endless with a clip-in ponytail.

    3. Conclusion:

    Whilst there’s only so many ways that you can completely hide your roots, you can always do your best to make the most out of this temporary condition and make your own fashion statement!

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