Lockdown Is Getting Lifted.
Is Your Hair Ready To Be Seen Again?

What Are the Least damaging Hair Extensions?

We have been waiting for this moment. Now we can see our friends again (while socially distancing of course) and have dinner somewhere outside of our dining rooms!
We have our masks, hand sanitisers, and we are ready to go out! But how about your hair? Is it ready to be seen again too? Surviving without the hairdressers was a challenge for many of us. But you don’t need to give up on your looks just because you can’t get an immediate appointment from your hairdressers now.
                          We do have 5-minute hair solutions for gorgeousness. 

Make your morning routine a glam transition with full head clip-ins

Our clip in hair extensions come in 8 pieces set. You can place them on your head.
Our full head clip in hair extensions will give you the volume and thickness to your hair. With the super easy to use clip-ins, you can have that look you would normally get after leaving the salon, in only 5 minutes.
They come in 8 pieces to be placed on different levels and sides for a more natural and full. And they can be styled in the same way as your own hair.
Click here to see the colour options for our full head clip in real human hair extensions.

Want volume and length?

Are you looking to get your boyfriend’s mind out of his head? Try our ultra volume clip in hair extensions. While the normal full hair extensions are 130grams, the ultra volume hair extensions are between 240-280 grams. It will definitely give you the Instagram worthy glam look!
You can apply the 8 wefts in minutes. And as the clips are secure silicone covered, they will give you the best comfort throughout the day.
Click here to see the colour options for our Ultra volume clip in real human hair extensions.

Can’t talk. Need volume!

If you are looking for an instant hair solution where you can get volume and thickness, we got you covered! Our Supreme Quad Weft comes in one piece. Giving you the luxury and flexibility to apply your extension just in minutes. Simply, attach the five small silicon-coated clips ear to ear on your hair and; you are good to go.
Click here to see the colour options for our Supreme Quad Weft clip in real human hair extensions.

Ponytail is always in!

Most celebrities use hair extensions to achieve the ultimate glam look. And ponytail hair extensions is one of the most famous ones in the modelling world.
If you feel that your ponytail is lacking volume and looks rather weak? Why not try our ponytail extensions? Simply, put your hair into a ponytail. Use the clips on your real human ponytail extensions and tie the ribbon on. You can also cover the hairband with your hair extensions for a more beautiful look.
Click here to see the colour options for our ponytail clip in real human hair extensions.

Need more? Add a one-piece top-up.

Would you have all the hair volume in the world if you could? Well, now you can. If you think your current hair extensions are not enough, you can just top up with the one-piece top-up Remy real human clip hair extensions.
You can clip your hair extensions simply with the silicon-covered comfortable clip-ins. And you can even forget that you have them on during the day.
Click here to see the colour options for our one-piece top-up clip in real human hair extensions.

Chance your look in one step fringes

Clip in fringes are another amazing way to change your look in a quick simple step. Do you want to change your look and start your day with a more refreshed style? Just try our clip in fringes.
Easily place 3 silicone covered super comfortable clip ins and style your fringe as you wish. Your friends will be amazed!
Click here to see the colour options for our fringe clip in real human hair extensions.

Curly hair. The bigger the better!

If you have a curly hair or you are using perm, then you already know what a difference a full volume can make to your look. Curly hair immediately changes and everyday look to a special occasion.
Our curly clip real human hair extensions come in different grams and lengths. You can choose which one you prefer. You can either match your colour or try something different for a more exciting look. And because curly and wavy hair blends in easier and better, you don’t need to spend a lot of time styling it.
Click here to see the colour options for our curly clip in real human hair extensions.

https://www.cliphair.com/We know! There is so much to choose from. But which hair extension is the best option for you?
If you are not sure which real human hair extensions to choose, contact us for advice.
Our team of hair experts offer FREE advice and colour matching to help you. Click here to contact us now.

Specialist Hair Extensions Care Products 

Care for your hair extensions with our range of specialist products. With moisturising sprays to keep your extensions looking silky and shiny, dry shampoo that handles day-three roots with ease, and gentle tape-in extension remover for when it’s time to start over, we have a range of products to care for your extensions and natural hair.

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