Real Or Fake? Celebrity Hairstyles: DEBUNKED!

by BRENDA L. / DEC 27, 2022

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    How do Hollywood stars, influencers and A-listers always have flawless, perfectly placed hairstyles and colours? Although having access to exclusive, professional products – and a budget that unlocks a long series of treatments and hair services that would put your local beauty salon to shame – surely helps, more often than not the ultimate beauty secret of celebrities are, you guessed it right, hair extensions and wigs.

    1. Celebrities Who Wear Wigs

    Human hair wigs are an extremely pricey investment and are often used to achieve dramatic transformations in a relatively quick way, especially for live performances and/or in cinema and TV. One of the most popular types of human hair wigs utilised in showbiz is called “lace front”, taking its name from the bit of lace sticking out from the “edges” of the wig itself. This lace bit is usually cut off once the wig is worn and adjusted to the wearer’s head; then, in order to further secure the wig, a special glue is applied around the edges to make sure that the hair won’t get snatched away from the wearer.

    Lace front wigs often come with baby hairs that you can style to better help cover the attachment on the forehead, resulting in a natural finish once the wig’s edges are properly cut and laid according to the preferred style.

    Both human and synthetic lace front wigs are popular beauty accessories in use within the black community and a staple piece of the transformation routine of drag queens and kings.

    2. Celebrity Hair Extensions

    Hair extensions are another vastly used hair accessory. Actresses, models and singers alike are often required to switch hairstyles, hair colours and haircuts for artistic purposes. Sometimes, this means going through quick and abrupt changes such as from black to platinum blonde hair in a two-day span or even less.

    When this happens, hair extensions come into play. If you wear your hair dark and bleach it overnight to lift it by several tones, chances are your tresses will look and feel deep-fried and will need a cut; or perhaps you want to achieve the opposite, and don’t have the time to wait years for your bob to grow into a cascade of waist-length hair. We’ve seen such a transformation in Millie Bobby Brown at the beginning of 2022 when she went from her iconic flapper girl bob to Barbie blonde hair and full, wispy bangs.

    3. Kim Kardashian

    One of the most obvious examples of celebrities using wigs and hair extensions is A-lister Kim Kardashian. Her natural hair is usually pretty long already and naturally wavy; Kimberly often resorts to hair extensions to achieve extreme hairstyles such as her iconic rope twist braid, the sleek ponytail and more. If you’d like to get the hair of the Kardashian millionaire you don’t necessarily need to splash out. Clip in ponytail hair extensions are a fairly affordable investment that will allow you to create a variety of hairstyles in a matter of minutes, and they can be popped on and off whenever you’d like to switch things up for any occasion.

    4. Ariana Grande

    Another heavy hair extensions user is Ari herself, whose iconic ponytail has marked history as her signature hairstyle right after her Nickelodeon red hair days. Often paired with soft bangs or romantic half-up hairstyles, Ariana’s ponytail isn’t natural at all.

    The singer confessed they opted for a high-and-mighty ponytail to hide her natural tresses, as they were damaged by years of vivid red dye. By using wrap-around ponytail hair extensions, she can easily get ready to perform on stage, appear on live tv and in music videos, where a change of hairstyle and clothes is often required. Her length of choice usually spans from a minimum of 24 inches of length!

    5. Kylie Jenner

    The young millionaire has been using wigs and hair extensions since the early days of her fame. Throughout her career as a beauty mogul, Kylie has experimented with pastel colours, bobs, curly blowouts, blunt bangs and more. Want to go from a blunt, sleek bob to long, flowy tresses overnight?

    Ultra volume hair extensions are the perfect product to flawlessly achieve a bodacious blowout whilst effortlessly blending in your natural hair so that the difference will be pretty much invisible. You can either get matched to your hair colour or implement balayage or ombre shades to add a touch of light and depth according to your taste.

    6. Kaley Cuoco

    How did the actress go from a pixie haircut to a wavy lob in such a short amount of time? Whilst we all loved Penny’s style and character evolution when watching The Big Bang Theory, don’t expect us to get tricked into thinking that Kaley’s hair would grow that long so quickly! The secret to a flawless makeover with short hair such as in her case is nano ring hair extensions.

    Nano extensions are the best way to achieve a big transformation from short to long in a super discreet, natural way. They can also be used to add thickness and volume to your naturally long hair and fix issues such as pregnancy-related hair thinning.

    7. Millie Bobby Brown

    Remember her gorgeous flapper girl hairstyle rocked at the beginning of 2022 whilst promoting her makeup and skincare line, Florence by Mills? I do (big fan). Well, there is NO WAY that her hair could’ve gone from that to waist-long blonde waves in just a couple of months – and no, there is no miracle oil, potion or supplement that will ever convince me otherwise. In fact, her following Instagram posts – a lovely collection of holiday pictures and couple selfies with boyfriend and fellow actor Jake Bongiovi – revealed that her natural hair is, in fact, a less dramatic soft lob. Kudos to her stylists!

    8. Jennifer Lopez

    Even when you’re a superstar of her level, your hair can only undergo so much. This is why JLo has been using hair extensions throughout her whole career: from her iconic ponytails to the big bouncy blowouts, the triple threat singer, actress and dancer has served a series of memorable hairstyles that people take inspiration from on a daily basis. From the cheesy soft curls and half-up, half-down hairstyles of the nineties to her effortlessly trendy claw clip updos whilst vacationing on a boat, if you’ve ever wondered how JLo keeps her tresses looking so flawless no matter the occasion, the answer is remy hair extensions. So much so that she’s also known for losing some here and there whilst performing live. Still an icon!

    9. Kate Middleton

    Who else is rumoured to be using hair extensions? Surprisingly, even the royals may have been seduced by the luscious, thick mane that you can achieve by adding a few bits of hair extensions here and there. Although it was never confirmed, words on the streets say that the Duchess of Cambridge herself might be using tape in hair extensions to boost the volume of her natural length for a super discreet, natural finish that doesn’t miss out on body and fullness.

    10. Shay Mitchell

    Whether you’re on a nostalgic rewatch of Pretty Little Liars or a newly found fan of Canadian treasure Shay Mitchell, if you’re wondering how to recreate those gorgeous thick waves that she rocked in nearly every show she appeared on, don’t panic: she isn’t relying solely on her natural hair. Clip in wefts are often used in cinema and tv, if not for adding precious inches to a short haircut, at least to enhance a natural hairstyle with a kick of thickness and volume. Styling methods such as the classic blowout and elegant ringlets are often used to achieve a seamless blend and an authentic, natural finish.

    11. Conclusion:

    Ready to get the hair of a celebrity? From shiny Hollywood waves for a special occasion to the big hair of superstars from the past such as Farrah Fawcett and Cindy Crawford, you too can invest in human hair extensions and achieve red-carpet-worthy hairstyles.

    If you’re unsure about what kind of hair extensions would suit you best based on your haircut and hair type, check out our hair quiz or get in touch with us to be directed towards your perfect match – and say goodbye to bad hair days!

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