Spring Hair Trends You Can't Miss Out On

by BRENDA L. / FEB 28, 2023

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    Spring is coming closer and closer, with its blooming flowers, colourful makeup vibes, and new trends to follow. Just as it happens with fashion and makeup, hair isn’t immune to the wheel of time going on and on, bringing new ideas and hairstyles to try every year. In the past few years we’ve witnessed quite a few interesting beauty choices, such as the rise in popularity of shades such as nectar blonde and expensive brunette, ending up with the Money Piece hair dominating the scene throughout summer; Y2K, 90s and 70s asthetics have been holding 2022 in a chokehold, and now it’s time to find out what spring 2023 will bring us. Here’s a list of the hair trends of this year!

    1. The Bob

    Short, cheekbone-grazing 90s bobs are back, and it’s easy to see how this type of hairstyle will be a light in the darkness for people who love short hairdos. Whilst we have Lourdes Leon and her long, flowy tresses on a side, other people serve as inspiration for those who like to keep their hair short and peppy, without missing out on class. If you belong right in the middle, clip in hair extensions are the perfect tool for you to hop from long to short and vice versa, whenever you’d like. Emma Chamberlain and Jenna Ortega are two examples of how a textured, chin-length bob can work wonders and get you that lived-in, trendy and tousled look.

    2. Mushroom Brown Hair

    Ash colours seem to be having a moment, and although ash blondes are a popular choice for those who have been blessed with lighter hair, brunettes can hop on the trendy, ashy train too. The latest craze for brown hair is a dense, dazzling and whimsical shade commonly known as Mushroom Brown. Channel your inner fae and achieve the gorgeous, ethereal combinations that you can obtain by mixing and matching with mushroom brown! From grey balayage to silver ombre hair on a mushroom brown base, the possibilities are endless. I have talked more in detail about this trendy hair colour in our dedicated blog: The Mushroom Brown Hair Colour Trend That Everyone Is Obsessed With.

    3. Slicked-back Hair

    PVC, metal and latex are proliferating and flooding both runways and high-street retailers. Gen Z is revisiting old 90s and Y2K cybergoth/cyberpunk fashion and calling it “techwear”, and these type of outfits can only work with a sufficiently avant-garde hairstyle. Slicked-back hairdos and braided ponytails are the top choice for those who’d like to experiment with this type of alt-fashion, inspired by the 1999’s masterpiece The Matrix and similar post-apocalyptic colossal flicks. Slicked-back hairstyles are easily achievable even if you wear nano ring hair extensions, as they will hide in your natural hair in a super discreet way. Make sure you don’t pull nor tug on your hair too much whilst styling it!

    4. Wet Look

    Wet-looking hair goes really well with the aforementioned hairstyles, and it’s easy to see why. As seen on queen Bella Hadid herself during the Victoria Beckham’s show, the wet look hair is everywhere right now. This type of hair styling technique works better on shorter hair, therefore it might be better to leave your clip ins on a side when you decide to give it a try. The wet look will make your tresses look gently tousled unless you straighten it first, so take note of this before experimenting. Damp-looking, shiny hair in the wet look is usually accompanied by hydration-focused minimal makeup with a bold feature such as red lipstick or heavy-duty winged eyeliner.

    5. Jet Black Hair

    Jet black is having a moment, probably thanks to the avant-garde and cybergoth-inspired fashion that has been taking over among younger audiences. Even though it’s such an intense, deep colour, jet-black looks awesome on people of any age and is universally appreciated, regardless of one’s skin undertone or hair type and texture. Black dye is chock-full of pigmentation that will make your tresses feel plump and thicker, but beware: jet-black isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you’re not too sure about dyeing your hair black, read more about it in our dedicated blog: 15 Things To Consider Before Dyeing Your Hair Black. If this is your colour of choice, grab jet black hair extensions to achieve the ultimate femme-fatale look!

    6. 70s Shag

    As 70s hairstyles are back, the shag makes a grand comeback – revisited in a slightly modern key. Layers and structure are two major characteristics of this haircut, and can be rocked both by curly-haired, wavy-haired or straight-haired beauties alike. Two celebrities that have already been seduced by this hairstyle in the past are Miley Cyrus and Zendaya, who have both adopted it although in two different forms. Inspired by Stevie Nicks and her ethereal, whimsical look and iconic stage presence, the shag haircut can easily be achieved with the aid of hair extensions to add precious length and volume.

    7. Side Part

    Following the Y2K renaissance movement, the side part is still going strong on the runways – both on short and long hair. You can try and make the side part yours if you aren’t already, and if your hair doesn’t naturally comply you could try and train it to stay where you want it to stay. Find out more about how to part your hair in our dedicated blog: Parting Ways: A Complete Guide On How To Part Your Hair.

    The side part is a great way to achieve retro-feeling hairstyles inspired by the 00s and 90s, and can be worn on a trendy bob or to boost a long and voluptuous look such as in the case of a big bouncy blowout or Hollywood waves.

    8. Bangs

    Curtain bangs are still very much in, although they’re losing terrain against blunter, edgier looks such as the full bangs and baby bangs. Both of them can be achieved by using a clip in fringe, especially if this is your first time considering such a big chop. If you don’t feel like committing to a haircut long-term, clip in bangs are the perfect solution! Make sure you bring them to your favourite salon to have them arranged appropriately by a professional – et voila! No need to worry, you can just pop on and off your fresh new bangs whenever you’d like.

    9. Mullet

    Remember Rhianna’s iconic mullet? You may have loved it way more than its original version, born around the early 80s. As we are circling back to the previous decades to borrow hairstyles and fashion pieces for the new 20s, it was only a matter of time before the mullet was re-discovered by some beauty scavenger. The mullet nowadays has so many different versions to it that you can surely find one that is right for you. Long and layered with boosted volume and thickness, or its skinnier cousin – the skullet – this layered haircut will surely see a major growth in popularity now that a brighter season approaches.

    10. Pink Hair

    Pink has a calming, relaxing effect on those who look at it – and it’s only natural that with the blossoming of gorgeous spring flowers everywhere, including the ever-famous blushing Cherry blooms, pink is a colour heavily associated with springtime. Pink hair was already seeing an unexpected comeback, and you can count on spotting lots of pink-haired individuals on your next night out, once the weather gets better. Pink can be added to your hair in the form of a delicate, subtle balayage; you can go full-pastel colour and dye your whole mane pink, or again you can add pink hair extensions to your hairdo to achieve bedazzling flashes of colour in contrast with your natural tresses. 

    11. Conclusion:

    Whether you’re into bright and fairy-like shades or dark and edgy looks, spring 2023 is a pool of opportunities for you. With the return of a few hairstyles and colours that made history plus the usual suspects that have dominated the scene in the past year, these looks will keep you trendy as the weather warms up.

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