The Mushroom Brown Hair Colour Trend That Everyone Is Obsessed With

by BRENDA L. / FEB 8, 2023

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    Internet sensations and hairstyles come and go, and among the plethora of flimsy hair hacks and editorial hair colours that are literally impossible to keep up with in real life, sometimes we are blessed and find a new trend that is gorgeous, achievable and fresh. What am I talking about this time? But the mushroom brown hair colour, of course. If “mushroom brown hair” hasn’t already flooded your Instagram feed and invaded your FYP on TikTok, let me tell you: you are missing out. But what is this hair colour exactly, and why is everyone so obsessed with it? Let’s find out together.

    1. What Is Mushroom Brown Hair Colour?

    This gorgeous shade of brown is characterised by ashy tones and earthy, cool details in the mix for natural movement and depth. Whilst most people usually opt for warm tones such as golden brown, honey and caramel balayage or even peachy flashes of colour in their naturally dark hair, this 2023 is all about ashy shades – and mushroom brown is quickly becoming a fan favourite for brunettes exploring the idea of a makeover that doesn’t go too dramatically light.

    Thanks to the minimalist wave that has taken over social media and dominated the world of fashion, neutral colours and nude tones have skyrocketed in popularity over the past years – and this had a huge impact on the hair colour choices we’ve been adopting as the seasons change. The characteristics of mushroom brown hair are an ashy brown base with added structure and layers thanks to strategically placed highlights and lowlights, for a natural yet multi-dimensional finish that is subtle and glamorous.

    2. What Shade Is Mushroom Brown Hair?

    According to colour charts, mushroom brown hair classifies as a cool-undertoned ashy brunette shade. Ashy hair colours are best suited for olive-skinned and neutral-undertones individuals, but with a few adjustments you can customise this shade to perfectly match your natural features, regulating the presence of ashy highlights and neutral lowlights until your find your balance.

    3. Is Mushroom Brown Hair Hard To Maintain?

    The beauty of this gorgeous, super-chic ashy hair colour resides in the fact that, like most brunette shades, it’s fairly low-maintenance. If your natural hair colour is very warm or has red undertones you will need regular touch-ups to maintain your mushroomy tones, but in the meantime you can use a toning shampoo to keep brassiness at bay between your appointments. This deep and structured shade works really well on different types of hairstyles, and gives its very best with wavy and bouncy blowouts on a layered haircut.

    4. Mushroom Brown Hair Extensions

    Finding the right type of hair extensions with this type of multi-tonal shade isn’t an easy job, but how could we not comply? Our ash brown hair extensions collection is the closest you’ll get to a trendy mushroom brown addition to give your fresh new mane body and thickness. #9 Ash Brown is our version of mushroom brown. Now let’s find out how you can use your mushroom brown hair extensions to recreate the hairstyles that celebrities and supermodels alike are gushing over!

    5. Mushroom Brown Hairstyle Ideas To Look Incredibly Chic

    A glorious ash brown makeover can never go wrong with added bounce and movement thanks to soft curls, glossy waves and a perfect game of layers. In addition to that, you can play around with highlights and lowlights to focus the attention on a specific area of your mane, such as your ends or face-framing bangs. Let’s see which hairstyles work best with a mushroom brown hair colour. 

    Mushroom Brown Money Piece

    The money piece hairstyle reached peak popularity around 2021 and summer 2022, becoming an internet sensation real quick. Although it’s not as diffused, some people simply can’t let go of its natural glow and have applied the same concept to their mushroom brown makeover, focusing the ashy and grey highlights around their face.

    Mushroom Brown Curtain Bangs

    Often paired with the money piece hairstyle, curtain bangs came back to us following the breakthrough of popular 90s blowouts and big, fluffy hairdos. Highlighted ashy curtain bangs will naturally draw attention to the upper part of your face, complimenting your natural features in a trendy way.

    Mushroom Brown Silver Balayage

    For those that are a huge fan of both editorial looks and classic highlights for summer, you can give a silvery kick to your mushroom brown hairstyle with a bold, silver balayage. Silver is rapidly gaining popularity in 2023, and you can step forward as an avant-gardist and bring a touch of light to your new hair colour with gentle metallic strokes.

    Warm Base Mushroom Brown Balayage

    If you have a cool skin undertone, you may be tempted to get a mushroom brown hair colour makeover. Try starting with a warm brown base melting into a mushroom brown colour towards your ends with a deliciously crafted balayage. 

    Mushroom Brown Ashy Babylights

    Baby lights are super fine highlights added to the hair to give lightness and brightness in the most subtle way. Commonly used in balayage’s to bring the lightness higher and closer to the face without contrasting too harshly with the darker roots. Adding baby lights to mushroom brown coloured hair gives a hint of the sun whilst keeping it very cool!

    Mushroom Brown Ombre

    Ombre hairstyles are coming back, and if you, like me, were a huge fan of this indie-grunge hair colour you’ll be excited to try it in a new, modern flavour. Mushroom brown can be applied to a nicely done ombre hairstyle, starting with a darker brown shade and edging into ash brown.

    Mushroom Brown & Funky Colours

    Getting ready for festival season? Achieve the look of your dreams by adding edgy touches of bright and vivid colours to your mushroom brown hairstyle. If you don’t feel like committing to a bleach job, look into adding funky coloured hair extensions to your mane for a flawless, vibrant finish with zero damage.

    Mushroom Brown Lob

    Switching from short to long has never been easier, and if you’d like to make the most of your mushroom brown hair colour with a layered long bob, you can always count on hair extensions to switch things up when you feel like it. Clip-in hair extensions can go a long way and transform your look from short to long in a matter of minutes!

    Mushroom Brown Curls

    The depth and multi-dimensional tones of this gorgeous brown shade will shine like never before when paired with soft waves and bouncy curls. If you’d like to try it yourself, you don’t necessarily need to stress your strands with curling wands and flat irons! Read more about how to get heatless curls in our dedicated blog: How To Get Heatless Curls In 12 Easy Ways.

    Mushroom Brown On Grey Hair

    Ashy and cool-brown tones could also be useful to natural brunettes trying to embrace their greys, fading naturally into silver hair whilst using their natural grey strands as highlights on a mushroom brown base. This is a cool way to gracefully transition into a silver fox mane!

    6. Conclusion:

    Mushroom brown is the latest trend for brunettes, and as you can see there are many ways for you to embrace it and make it yours; from customising your base and blend it in a glamorous balayage, to the return of ombre hair – choosing a new hair colour has never been easier! Grab your ash brown hair extensions and hop on the hottest trend of 2023. What are you waiting for?

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