The 5 Top 70s Hairstyles Going Big Right Now

by BRENDA L. / FEB 24, 2023

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    Got the hippie, hippie shake? I know, me too. There’s something so whimsical, trendy and glamorous about the 70s aesthetic: some of the best music was born in this colourful decade, and fashion and hairstyles were just something else. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see that together with the Y2K renaissance, we have seen a lot of 70s-inspired content going viral on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Some people made the 70s aesthetic their own little world made of vinyls, big hairdos and flared jeans and sleeves.

    The impact that the 70s decade had on beauty and fashion is remarkable, and it’s easy to see how some of the best 70s hairstyles for women have made their way back to us, even half a century later. So what are you waiting for? Let’s find out the trendiest 70s hairstyle to keep you fashionable and in line with the retro revival coming up this 2023.

    1. Feathered Hair, Like Farah Fawcett

    The Charlie’s Angels superstar is – to this day – considered an icon of the 70s, and her hairstyle even more so. This gorgeous haircut is structured with lots of layers and hold, expertly curling it to give it its characterising feathered effect. In order to pull off this glamorous hairstyle you will need lots of volume to give your mane the right amount of bounce and hair to work with; you can easily do so by adding Ultra Volume hair extensions to your tresses. This hairstyle went viral again around 2021, and gained worldwide popularity in 2022 on TikTok. People like Mallory Jade, better known as Groovy Mal, adopted a version of this haircut and made it their signature look. Stunning!

    2. Full Bangs, Like Jane Birkin

    Do I even have to mention how Jane Birkin changed the world of beauty and fashion? I mean, this woman is so iconic that a whole high-luxury bag was named after her – and celebrities from all over the world are spending up to six figure to get their hands on one. Jane Birkin’s life of art and beauty is an inspiring, decadent story that deserves to be told with the supreme creative techniques of French cinema, but if you’d like to adopt her most famous hairstyle ever then look no further than the full, blunt bangs – a staple in many 70s looks. Just like Cher and Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane, many people during the 70s have adopted this iconic look. Don’t feel like going in with the big cut yet? Then feel free to experiment with clip in bangs, to switch things up whenever you’d like without commitment.

    3. Extra Long And Sleek, Like Cher

    Long hair is having a moment, and celebrities like Lourdes Leon, Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian have all received the memo and sported vertigo-inducing, glorious manes at almost every event they attended in the past year or so. Before them, many other people belonging to the stardom have rocked this type of hair, and the 70s was – after all – still part of the hippie era, were long hair were sort of a requirement for many. Cher was the long-haired icon of that decade (and still is today, to be honest), no wonder so many people take inspiration in her most stylish looks from the past! Extra long hair to wear down can easily be achieved with the aid of hair extensions, in particular tape in hair extensions are the best option for those who are looking to wear their hair long and flowy for an extended period of time.

    4. Big Curls, Like Donna Summer

    Donna was the Queen of Disco, and her glorious curls have literally made history, together with her incredible talent and enchanting music. She’s the powerful voice behind unmatched musical treasures such as Hot Stuff and I Feel Love, which kept more than a generation dancing and grooving. Nowadays, more and more celebrities like Zendaya, Beyonce and Halle Berry are embracing their natural hair and showing off magnificent curly crowns too, and if you’ve been blessed with gorgeous curls too, why not let them go wild? The curly explosion is a popular and trendy way to show the world the beauty of your natural hair, unapologetically curly, big and fluffy! If you want to make it go extra, you can always adopt curly hair extensions to give a kick to your curly hairdo, and boost it with length and volume.

    5. Shaggy, Like Stevie Nicks

    The White Witch has charmed numerous crowds throughout her career, and not only thanks to her stunning stage presence and ethereal music – in fact, many have been bewitched by her whimsical looks. Stevie’s iconic hairstyle is long and layered, lived-in just like many celebrity hairstylists are now styling their A-list clients’ hair. For some reason, tousled hair and bedheads do have some sort of alluring factor, and whilst it’s hard to determine exactly how or why we tend to appreciate this sort of edgy, almost punk look on certain celebrities, Stevie’s unique vibe goes perfectly with this type of hairstyle – so much so that it’s very hard for me to imagine her with a set of perfectly polished Hollywood waves. Layers and a texturising spray will help you achieve this iconic 70s rockstar look, and if you’re in need for length you can always add clip in hair extensions to instantly get precious inches to achieve that long, glamster hairdo.

    6. Conclusion:

    If you’re browsing for new ways to style your hair in a creative but trendy way, take the 70s as the decade to inspire you and give you some styling and cutting options that will stand out from the crowd. Finish your hairstyle with the right hair accessories such as head scarves and headbands, and complete your retro outfit with the aid of statement earrings for the ultimate 70s look. 70s fashion inspiration is now available almost everywhere, with high street retailers jumping on the retro wagon and offering flared jeans, flower-power prints and 70s inspired colour palettes.

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