The Best Shampoo For Ginger Hair Extensions

by BRENDA L. / SEP 1, 2023

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    Hey redhead! Shopping (or considering) red hair extensions? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. From styling to care and maintenance, human hair extensions (whether they are clip ins or permanent) need some extra attention, and it’s easy to fall into a bad habit that could potentially damage your precious investment. Now, not every type of hair extensions is the same – but when it comes to human hair, there are some general rules that, when followed correctly, can gift your added tresses with longevity, beauty, softness, and shine. And guess what? It all starts in the shower! Ready to find out how to care for your ginger hair extensions? Let’s have a look together.

    Understanding the Unique Needs of Ginger Hair Extensions

    Ginger hair extensions possess a unique vibrancy and warmth designed to match naturally red hair (but not only), crafted to elevate one’s style and appearance by going in harmony with the rest of their mane. However, to maintain their beauty and shine and keep them soft and manageable, Remy hair extensions require special care and attention – not to mention that natural red hair has a slightly different structure compared to other types of hair, being coarser and more prone to frizz. So, how do find the perfect shampoo that takes care of Remy extensions and natural ginger hair at the same time?

    Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Ginger Hair Shampoo:

    When selecting a shampoo for your ginger hair and extensions, keep these essential factors in mind:

    Sulfate-Free Formula: Always go for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners for your hair extensions, as sulfates are drying agents that can strip the hair of its natural oils and even damage the colour on the long run. As hair extensions do not get any nourishment from your scalp unlike your natural strands, the presence of cleansing agents such as sulfates and alcohol in your washing products can do more damage than good to your hair.

    Colour-Safe Recipe: Red is a tricky shade, and if your hair is not naturally ginger you want to focus on colour-safe formulas to avoid your red fading away too quickly. You could also look into adding a colour-reviving red hair mask in your hair care routine, for a weekly deep-conditioning treatment that not only will restore softness and silkiness in your tresses, but also boost your hair’s red colour.

    Hydrating Ingredients: Ginger hair extensions greatly benefit from shampoos infused with moisturising ingredients like argan oil or shea butter, as they help maintain the hair's softness and shine – ensuring that it stays manageable and hydrated.

    UV Protection: If your extensions are exposed to sunlight regularly, consider a shampoo with UV protection on top of using other UV-shielding products, such as a specific mist, spray, or hair oil. This, in particular, is helpful to those whose red hair isn’t natural, to prevent red colour from fading.

    Top Picks: Best Shampoo for Ginger Hair Extensions

    1. Bumble and Bumble Color Minded: Crafted specifically for dyed hair, this sulfate-free formula cleanses gently while maintaining the integrity of your hair colour. Redheads that dye their hair are already swearing by this product, so why not give it a try?

    1. Gingerful Colour Enhancing Shampoo: A favourite among those with ginger locks, this color-safe shampoo is enriched with henna (a well-known natural hair beauty product) and rose for a delicate, sultry, and fresh natural fragrance. Coming in sustainable, glamorous sugarcane bottle and characterised by a sulfate-free, vegan, gluten-free formula!

    1. John Frieda Radiant Red Colour Magnifying Shampoo: This color-enhancing shampoo is perfect for ginger hair extensions and natural red hair alike, with a formula that boosts the red pigmentation in your tresses without dyeing it – meaning, no pesky residues hanging around. What else could a redhead ask for?

    Expert Tips for Ginger Hair Extension Care

    What else can you do to ensure that your hair and red hair extensions are living their best life? Here’s a few tips from our team…

    Avoid Overwashing: human hair extensions don't require frequent washing, unless there’s some serious build-up going on (in which case, you may want to opt for a detoxing shampoo).  Aim for washing your ginger clip in hair extensions every 1-2 weeks to prevent excessive dryness.

    Cool Water Rinse: After shampooing, using cool water for the final rinse can help seal the hair cuticles and retain color, achieving ultimate shine and manageability.

    Condition Regularly: Use a conditioner specifically formulated for hair extensions to keep them soft and ready to be detangled and styled.

    Protective Styling: When exposing your ginger hair extensions to heat styling tools such as curling wands, flat irons and blow-dryers, make sure you always use a good dose of heat protectant spray to prevent damage, dryness, tangling, and frizz.

    Regular Maintenance: If you’re wearing permanent hair extensions, don’t forget to schedule regular maintenance appointments with a professional stylist who specialises in hair extensions. They can ensure proper care and maintenance for your hair, re-fit your extensions when needed, and adjust your haircut with a proper trim to ensure you always achieve a flawless, seamless blend.


    Choosing the right shampoo is the first step in a healthy hair care routine for ginger hair extensions, but your TLC cycle for your tresses’ beauty doesn’t certainly stop there. Consider the unique needs of your hair and opt for a shampoo that aligns with those requirements, and make sure you keep up with your maintenance appointments and styling care for the best results. 

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