Top 20 Summer Hair Color Trends 2022

by BRENDA L. / JUN 3, 2022

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    Summer is fast approaching, and many are on the hunt for a seasonal makeover to make the most out of the hottest time of the year. With its festivals, bbq parties, alfresco dinners and nights out with friends - this is the perfect time to show off a new look. Looking for some new hair color ideas for summer? Then look no further than this list to find the hottest shade of 2022.

    Mixed Colors

    Getting a makeover doesn’t always necessarily mean getting a whole new color that completely changes your hair root to ends - and this is where mixed shades come into play.

    You can either add a touch of color by committing to professional care or by buying some mixed shades clip-in hair extensions, for a temporary change. Either way, here’s a selection of ideas for those that would like to keep it subtle.


    The bronde balayage is one of the trendiest looks for a natural brunette. It includes elements that blend in perfectly with the lighter shades applied with the balayage itself and the brown depth of your natural tresses. A bold but natural touch of class that stays low-key but instantly upgrades your hair color.


    A few peachy strands make blonde hair blushy and flirtatious, without being too bold and “out there”. Peach is definitely in the top 5 summer hair colors, and if your hair is naturally light (or has already been bleached) it can be achieved with toning shampoos in the comfort of your own home.


    Shadowed roots and platinum blonde long strands are all the rage if what you’re looking for is a bold and edgy look for long hair. The bleached platinum tresses against naturally dark roots are a rock star’s favourite, to be worn with confidence and personality.


    A caramel balayage can go a long way - ask Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba or Jennifer Lopez. As the most flattering shade for warm skin undertones, caramel is a welcoming, creamy hue that looks as enticing as ever. For some celebrities, this popular summer hair trend dominates the scene all year around. . 

    Pastel Balayage

    To some, summer equals a lot of parties and festivals. And what’s the best choice to start rocking your glittery outfits and braided looks? Pastel hair colors have gone from being frowned upon from our parents to becoming an insatiable trend - as seen on influencers and celebrities around the world.

    Money Piece

    The money piece hair trend has resurfaced from the 90s and made its way back with the aid of celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Beyonce and Jennifer Lawrence. Its name comes from the conception that not only this look will make you look expensive, but… It will also require high maintenance! If you’re not scared of regular appointments at the salon, then you should definitely give it a try - after all, it’s been the hottest hair trend throughout summer 2021 and 2022. Read all about this new hair trend that is breaking the internet in our money piece hair blog.

    Bold Money Piece Hair

    If your hair is there to make a bold statement, then look no further than a bleach platinum blonde money piece in contrast with dark hair (looking at you, Dua). This bold look is a modern version of the famously two-colored hair worn by popstar Geri Halliwell during the golden age of the Spice Girls.

    Money Piece Balayage

    If you’d like to keep it more on the low-key side, then why not take the best of both worlds? Face-framing highlights blending in harmony with your natural color and added balayage on the rest of your hair will make you look naturally sun kissed without having to fly abroad (although, if I could have both it would be amazing).

    Funky Colored Money Piece Hair

    If you’re looking to add color and funk to your tresses, you may want to invest in funky colored shades to touch up your money piece hairstyle with. You may not be ready for a full head of pink tresses, but face-framing rosy strands? Absolutely adorable. Check out our range of funky shade hair extensions, to instantly change your look within minutes. 

    Ashy Money Piece Hair

    If you’re embracing your greys or simply not too in love with the golden and honey-like shades that start spawning on everyone’s head during summer, you may want to try and give this hair trend a chance by adding a touch of silver. Ashy highlights that start from the front of your hair and mix with the rest of your natural hair can go a long way.

    Money Piece Hair With Bangs

    Whether you have committed to a haircut or are willing to spice up your clip-in fringe hair extension, know that you can easily rock a money piece hair style with bangs too. You can either go for subtle touches of color around your eyes or a bold, fully dyed fringe that blends in with your face-framing tendrils. A must-try!

    Hair Color Ideas 2022

    Looking for a full-head change? If your motto is “go big or go home”, then it’s not surprising for you to be scrolling down to this section. Whether you’re a blonde looking to go blonder or a redhead looking to flip the script with a jet-black mane, read on to find the perfect hair color for this season.

    Expensive Brunette

    Labelled as the hottest brunette hair trend of spring 2022, expensive brunette is a shade rich in depth and texture for naturally dark haired beauties.

    Rocked by celebs such as Hailey Bieber, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez - this brown hair color is far from being your one shade, color-block box dye brunette makeover. Instead, it requires a lot of work to achieve the perfect movement and richness. Find out more about this trend in our expensive brunette blog

    Strawberry Blonde

    This hair color is the lovechild between golden blonde and natural red hair - and believe it or not, some rare beauties out there have it natural. Talk about being lucky! Strawberry blonde is a romantic shade that works with any skin undertone. Bonus points! And obviously, if stars like Blake Lively and Sydney Sweeney gave it a go, it must mean something…

    Nectar Blonde

    Wheat blonde has been the hottest shade for light hair for a long time, but this year - together with the return of Schiaparelli pink to dominate the fashion scene - a new shade of blonde has made its debut: nectar blonde. Rich, creamy and warm (but never brassy) this hair color serves the purpose of completing a look. Works best on longer hair and comes to new life with big bouncy blowouts.

    Read more about this topic in our "Nectar Blonde Is The Next Spring Hair Color" blog. 


    Interested in red? I mean, it is the color of love after all - and let’s be honest, we all gave it a try at some point (or intensely thought about it!). If you’re not ready to fully commit to the redhead life, you can always resort to auburn - a deep and darker shade of red that will never go unnoticed (and is relatively low maintenance too)! Browse our collection of red hair extensions to instantly match your hair. 

    Jet Black

    Those who have tried it will know - there’s no color as glossy and deep as jet black. Even if your hair is not at its best stage, pitch black tresses will instantly gain glow and plump. This rich shade brings to life fierce and sleek looks the best. If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair black, get ready for long term commitment - as it’s a real pain to get rid of. But if your heart is set on it, know that you’re in for a distinctive, unforgettable look! Have a look at this jet black ponytail hairstyle created by Stella Cini with our clip-in ponytail hair extension!

    Colorful Hair

    You’re not one to settle for less, and when you commit to a change you mean it. You probably tried it all already - bleach blonde, brunette, ginger and even black. You managed to grow out of each one of these phases and your eyes are now targeting pastel hair color ideas and fun color hair trends for this year. Does this sound like you? If the answer is yes, then read on to find out about the top 5 funky hair colors for summer!

    Pastel Pink

    Pastel pink hair has broken the internet years ago, at the peak of the e-girl era on websites such as Tumblr. Now, you can easily spot it on cheeky Dutch braids at a festival, or on the beach. It’s an easy, peppy shade that looks cute and playful without being pretentious or outspoken.


    Whether you’re embracing natural greys, adding silver hair extensions or fully dyeing your hair silver to channel your inner Daenerys Targaryen, know that you’re doing something that is still considered extremely trendy. Not many have the courage to go grey, but it’s an edgy and witchy shade that doesn’t compromise on looking classy - no matter the hairstyle.


    Ready to feel like a mermaid? If you’d like your tresses to blend in with the crystalline waters of your holiday destination then go for a blue head. Blue isn’t just the color of the sea, it also is a celebrities’ favourite - stars like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have made it a signature look, and so can you!

    Canary Yellow

    Not to be confused with blonde, yellow hair adds a touch of punk to any look. Even Kylie Jenner gave it a go! Yellow hair is bright, edgy and creamy - perfect for any length and unforgettable under the scorching sun of summer 2022.


    Lilac is a pastel shade that keeps it lowkey - probably the classiest, most elegant funky hair color you can think of. If applied evenly, its texture appears soft and creamy, and works perfectly with both warm and cool toned skins. Unfortunately it’s not an easy shade to achieve, hence its rarity. But if your hair type allows you to give it a go, it’s a must-try!

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