What Is The Mixie Cut? Introducing The Latest Trend

by BRENDA L. / OCT 11, 2023

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    Although the popularity of pixie haircuts has visibly declined to make room for luscious lengths and incredible hair extensions makeovers, short and fun hairstyles such as 90s-inspired midi lengths and 80s mullets have made a huge comeback. So it was only a matter of time before someone decided to bring back the iconic pixie cut seen on celebrities such as Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus... And who could invent a new trend if not Kirsten Stewart? In today's blog, we'll talk about the Mixie, aka the lovechild between a mullet and a pixie haircut. What is it structured like, and how can you dress it up for a special occasion?


    The Mixie Cut In A Nutshell

    Bold and playful, the Mixie cut is a fun hairstyle choice that captures the essence of both the pixie and the mullet, creating a layered, grown-out finish with a rebellious flavour. Almost reminds me of that one David Bowie look! Here's what defines this trendy haircut as seen on Kirsten Stewart herself:

    Short And Layered Front

    At the front, the Mixie cut is characterised by short, choppy layers that frame the face, reminiscent of the classic pixie cut. You can customise this look however you want, with wispy bangs or a longer, asymmetrical fringe.
    These layers are designed to highlight facial features and can be personalised based on your face shape. Find out more about this in our blog: 20 Hairstyles For Long Hair Based On Your Face Shape.

    Longer And Textured Back

    Moving towards the back, the Mixie cut surprises with longer, sometimes even textured lengths, cascading down the nape of the neck. If your starting point is a shorter pixie cut, you can use discreet hair extensions to get the necessary length at the back, for example nano ring hair extensions that can hide in shorter haircut and can be fitted on hair as short as three inches. This mullet-inspired feature adds an edgy and unconventional twist to the hairstyle.

    Versatile Styling

    Although short, the Mixie haircut offers a wide range of styling possibilities. You can slick back the longer sections for an edgy yet elegant look, or spark it with texture for a more rugged and rebellious vibe. Finally, you can also dress it up and down with Remy hair extensions.

    Kirsten Stewart and the Mixie Cut

    Kirsten Stewart is well known for her daring fashion choices, so it's easy to say I wasn't surprised to find out that the latest hair craze was initiated by her. Kirsten's unique interpretation of this haircut is already iconic, and it's already making its way on social media such as TikTok, quickly becoming one of the most requested short haircuts in hair salons.

    Dressing Up the Mixie Cut with Hair Extensions

    While the Mixie haircut is a statement hairstyle in itself, you can easily take it to the next level by adding hair extensions and diversify it a little. Here's how to do it:

    Adding Length and Volume: you can use hair extensions to add length to the longer sections at back of your Mixie cut, transforming the look in a more obvious mullet. This will enhance the dramatic contrast between the front and back, creating an edgier look! Alternatively, you can fit extensions all around your head to switch between long and short. Keep in mind that you will need to grow out your haircut a little before using clip in hair extensions for this type of hair transformation.

    Creating an Updo: gather the extended lengths at the back and create a textured updo or bun with the help of strategically placed hair extensions to create the illusion of length and fluff, supercharging your messy bun look. This is ideal to elevate your style, adding an element of sophistication for special occasions.

    Accessorise: short hair doesn't mean that you can't experiment with hair accessories such as colourful or sparkly clips, barrettes, headbands or bandanas! Even something like a hat or beanie in the colder season can radically change the way your hair looks. This can also be a quick and easy way to hide temporary hair extensions attachments if you'd like to play around with longer lengths but can't blend in clip ins yet. 


    As seen on Kirsten Stewart, the Mixie cut is a captivating fusion of the pixie and mullet styles, blending the best of both worlds whilst still offering a plethora of of options to switch things up with your style every now and then. If you're looking to try a Mixie cut and then take it to the next level, consider adding hair extensions for more length and drama whenever you'd like.

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