Why girls get their Hair Extensions on Christmas specially?

by SHOPIFY API / NOV 23, 2011


    I don’t think I am going to explain the joy of holy festivity of Christmas we observe all around the globe and craze of celebration that overflows from each and every corner. We all know, it’s a complete extravagant festival. Everyone celebrates youthfully and takes a short break from hectic and fast-pace life which keeps you rolling in the machine and of course you hate it.

    .. Since everyone is pretty excited for Christmas, we see women and girls are far more enthusiastic because they have got tremendously amazing desires to shop and shop more. In my honest opinion, for some girls, shopping is certainly a full time hobby and Christmas particularly brings a lot of parties in the town, I mean, GIRLS HAVE TO BE DIFFERENT THIS YEAR AND SEXY TO ROCK ON THE STAGE. No? Hell Yes.

    When you say ‘look different’ you gotta do something with hair and it’s fundamentally the most prominent change you see in someone if they do the color change, hair cut or get new hair extensions. It’s not me who is making this opinion, but a short survey that I did specially for my girls told me so. I was so amazingly right about the fact that very second girl in my college is little too much concerned about her hair and the change she wants to see this Christmas. When I asked them the reasons for Hair Extensions Shopping on Christmas, I received quiet naughty answers. I am including a few

    Jessica: Christmas is party time, who is least interested in looking the most beautiful? I guess no one.

    Leyla: I buy my hair extensions on every Christmas because I am particularly fanatic about my hair. When people appreciate the change, it’s basically a huge compliment.

    Arriel: Ohh. BOYS BOYS BOYS. I am sure it’s one of the BIGGEST reasons to get your sexy hair extensions on Christmas and go on date. Perfect date material.

    Claire: I am blonde girl dating a black guy and we’re planning to get engaged on Christmas actually. I think you understand how big day it is and how sizzling my hair should be. But sadly I have short hair and I want to have Rihanna’s red on this day. So Hair Extensions is a pretty awesome option.

    Whoaaa. I had wonderful time with beautiful ladies, you all are awesome darlings.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t include all of the comments, but this whole survey in my college just confirmed how crazy girls are about hair extensions on special occasions like Christmas.

    Okay. Before signing off, I am giving you a HINT of 20% DISCOUNT on all Hair Extension products. AND.. SOMETHING REALLY BIG IS GONNA HAPPEN IN COMING WEEKS. Yeahh A CONTEST TO WIN 50% DISCOUNTED VOUCHERS. Girls make sure you don’t miss this opportunity and get sexy hair extensions on Christmas.

    Till then stay beautiful

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