Your Guide To: Hairstyles To Look Taller

by BRENDA L. / OCT 11, 2023

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    The right hairstyle can work wonders, but can you actually create an illusion and elongate your figure with the right hairdo? The answer is: yes. There are certain hairstyles and even haircuts that can make you look taller, complimenting your stature without all the pain of towering heels! Ready to find out how? Keep on reading and find the perfect hairstyles that make you look taller! 

    Hairstyles To Look Taller: Go Short!

    Shorter hairstyles such as structured pixie cuts and chin-grazing bobs have the power to make your figure look more elongated, and create the illusion of a longer neck, bringing more attention to that area.

    However, more often than not people may want to experience some change and committing to a big chop can be quite scary. This is where hair extensions come in handy! You can dress up a bob with clip in hair extensions and transform your hair from short to long in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, nano ring hair extensions can be applied to hair that is as short as three inches, for a long-lasting makeover!

    Hairstyles To Look Taller: The High Ponytail

    A wrap around ponytail hair extensions set can help you achieve the ponytail of your dreams in no time. You can wear it in the comfort of your own home in just under five minutes and style it however you’d like: express yourself with creative plaits, mini-braids, waves, curls, and flipped-out ends!

    Hairstyles To Look Taller: Combed Back ‘Do

    The slicked-back hairstyle that went viral thanks to stars like Kim Kardashian? Yep, another trick to appear taller than you are! You can combine it with products such as double weft hair extensions to add body and volume to your tresses as well. Whether you decide to keep it long and flowy or to arrange it in an elegant plait such as a French braid, a Dutch braid, or even a boho-chic Fishtail hairstyle, you can express yourself and get creative whilst keeping your hair away from your face and neck. Isn’t that awesome?

    Hairstyles To Look Taller: Blonde And Sleek

    Lighter colours also help to create the illusion of enhanced height. If you’re a blonde, keeping your hair silky smooth and poker straight is a nice trick to look polished whilst also appearing slightly taller. Explore this collection of blonde hair extensions to embellish your tresses with your sleek ‘do!

    Hairstyles To Look Taller: Buns, Buns, Buns!

    Tight chignon, messy and laid-back bun, French twist: what’s your vibe? Any hairstyle that keeps your hair up and away from your face can work wonders on your figure, making it appear taller! 

    Hairstyles To Look Taller: It’s All In The Parting

    Contrary to what one may think, the curtain haircut or middle part isn’t the most flattering parting for those who’d like to appear taller than they are. Instead, try a deep side-part with lots of volume and waves, perfect to create dimension and bounce in your hair. Adding ultra volume hair extensions can help you achieve that super-glamorous finish, and you can also use this technique to get Hollywood waves for a special occasion (you will need a stylist to do this for you though!).


    A trendy ponytail sitting high and mighty on the top of your head, an artsy messy bun for that “just woke up like this” look, a short haircut or a slicked-back ‘do: what’s it gonna be? Either way, the hairstyles to help you look taller are quite a lot. Feel free to experiment: grab your hair extensions and get styling!

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