10 Back To School Hairstyle Ideas For The Year 2023/24

by BRENDA L. / AUG 18, 2023

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    Back to school! Back to Uni, back to… Well, I mean, back to reality – leaving holiday season behind. As the new academic year begins, showing up with the perfect hairdo can be an excellent way to start this new chapter of your educational journey. So what will it be this time? Playful, whimsical, edgy, peppy, glamorous, or sophisticated? Finding your hairstyle can be tricky – but with the help of your human hair extensions and this list of gorgeous styles, you’ll feel as confident as ever as you hit the books (and laptop). 

    The Effortless Top Knot:


    Embrace simplicity with a twist – quite in the literal sense! This effortless yet super-elegant and glamorous updo has been chosen by many celebrities, either as a stay-at-home look or a red carpet hairstyle. Using Remy hair extensions can help you achieve more volume and thickness, giving your top knot the right kick to look casual without missing out on being fabulous. The perfect hairdo for days when you're running late but still want to look polished!


    Accessorised Ponytail:


    A ponytail can be a great way to look elegant and polished without wasting too much time on an elaborate blowout. With ponytail hair extensions you can achieve the best ponytail ever in a matter of minutes, at home: what else could you ask for, to a hair piece? Choose the appropriate hair accessory to elevate your look – may it be a colourful scrunchie, a diamante hair barrette, a few strategically placed strings of hair tinsel, or even metallic beads or a scarf.


    Beauty In A (Braided) Crown:


    Feeling nostalgic? This old hairstyle is still a timeless classic – and yes, it may have been used in medieval times as an extra protection against witchcraft accusations, but nowadays it is the perfectly boho-chic hairdo to channel immaculate, whimsical vibes. Whether you’re a fan of cottagecore or simply want to look and feel like “that girl” when walking through your University’s main hall in a long, flowy skirt, a crown braid (also known as the milkmaid braid) will do the job. Adding clip in hair extensions to this style will make it stand out even more, making it appear fuller, healthier, and thicker.


    Half-Up Space Buns:


    Give a nod to the '90s with an adorable duo of half-up space buns. Often chosen by celebrities and influencers as a festival hairstyle, this look works wonders all-year-round! Making it yours is extremely easy, and it allows you to express yourself and customise it however you’d like. From bold glitter to colourful hair pins, you can add a touch of fun to this playful hairstyle while keeping your hair out of your face during class.


    The Modern French Twist:


    Looking to enhance your look with glamour and a sophisticated vibe? Then look no further than the French twist, that you can revamp with a modern touch. Make it stand out even more with a slightly undone, messy look that will make you look artsy and effortlessly cool. Using texturising products such as a spray on your length or a volumising powder on your roots will help you take your French twist to the next level. For optimal results, incorporate a product such as double weft hair extensions for a fuller, longer mane that you can style with ease. 


    Sleek High Ponytail:


    Ah yes, the ultimate sleek yet edgy and cool hairdo: the high ponytail, just like Kim Kardashian and her sisters love it. Many other celebrities and influencers have tried this hairstyle throughout their careers, and it’s easy to see why! After all, this look can bring out one’s features with elegance, achieving an ultra-chic finish in a matter of minutes. Don’t have the necessary length and volume to get the ponytail of your dreams? Make it yours with a classic wrap around ponytail hair extension. For an even smoother, silky and sleek finish, add a few spritz of Silky Moisture Lock Spray.


    Messy Fishtail Braid:


    The cool look of a mermaid? We got it. The fishtail braid is a trendy hairstyle, especially popular in summer and for festival looks. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t sport it for any other occasion – in fact, the fishtail braid makes an excellent choice for a back to school look – complimenting a casual outfit or more grungy styles, adding texture and flair to your look. For an artsy, messy finish, pull out a few tendrils and loosen it up to achieve a carefree finish!


    The Bubble Ponytail:


    Trendy, youthful, and characterised by an unmistakable Y2K flavour: let me introduce you to the bubble ponytail! This hairdo is super easy to achieve: just create your ponytail as you normally would (or enhanced by your Remy hair extensions), and then use elastic bands to create sections down its length. These are the “bubbles” that make this ponytail so interesting! Pull them out a little to puff each section up and make it even bubblier with more volume.


    Slicked-Back Elegance:


    Going for an edgy look? Then try the slicked back hairstyle, which you can also mix and match with a wet look. Style your hair slicked back, and use bobby pins to hold any rebellious lock in place. Use your favourite hair gel or pomade to slick your hair back and hold it in position. You can rock this hairstyle short or long, using a product such as seamless hair extensions to add ultimate shine and a boost of thickness. 


    Twisted Side Braid:


    The twisted braid per se is a trendy look perfect for a night out, a day of shopping, or a brunch with your friends – but did you know that it can also make an amazing back to school style! Twist it and let it rest on your shoulder as a side braid, and loosen it up for a romantic, carefree look. You can also accessorise it with a little bow or a cute scrunchie for the perfect boho-chic finish! 



    Found the perfect hair look to start your school year with? With the help of human hair extensions and a bit of patience you can easily make these looks yours – making sure your hair becomes a glamorous beauty statement. Alternating these looks to the ever-trendy messy bun, classic blowouts and so on, will keep you looking fabulous all-year-round!

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