10 Iconic Kylie Jenner Hairstyles To Inspire Your Next Hair Transformation

by BRENDA L. / AUG 10, 2023

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    Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, has made a significant impact on the beauty and fashion world with her style, her makeup choices, and ultimately: her glamorous hair looks. With her nonchalance, although often dividing the public in factions that deem her either iconic or tacky, Kylie has built her own empire and is now one of the youngest, richest self-made millionaires in America. As she turns 25, I decided to celebrate her birthday with a collection of her best hairstyles to inspire the next generations of Kylie Jenner fans. From bold hair colours to super-chic blunt cuts, Kylie's hair looks (even the most effortless ones) have become iconic and have inspired countless fellow celebrities and viral TikTok trends. Let’s not waste any time and let’s take a trip down memory lane to explore my personal 10 Kylie Jenner's most iconic hairstyles favourites.

    Turquoise Tresses

    One of Kylie's early hair experiments involved a striking turquoise hair colour, a dangerous choice that not many have tried to recreate – and yet, to this day, this is still one of my personal favourites. No I don’t care if it was a wig or not, simply put: this colour complements her natural complexion in such a rich, delicate and dare I say futuristic way, it’s impossible to top off. Although, don’t get me wrong, she does look stunning in pretty much any shade. Duh.

    Lavish Long Locks

    Kylie's signature look often involves luxurious, long hair. Whether it's sleek and straight or styled with loose waves, her long locks are a top notch choice, and it’s no surprise that even her own sisters (and dozens of celebrities out there) have experimented with this type of look too. Long hair is an exquisite choice especially popular during summer. You can recreate this type of look too with 26” long hair extensions – and pick the style you prefer. Will it be mermaid waves, retro soft curls, or long and sleek? The choice is yours.

    Sleek Bob

    The sleek bob was everywhere at some point, so how could a beauty mogul like Kylie, miss out on this trend? Blunt, sleek and perfectly shaped, this type of hairstyle requires quite the maintenance to keep its sophisticated vibe, but it’s a total game changer and will make you look instantly more polished and put together. In other words: this is the haircut capable of making you look just as expensive as a Kardashian Jenner.

    Cotton Candy Dreams

    Pastel pink has to be one of Kylie’s best colours, hands down. As she experimented with different shades of pink in the past, including dusty pink and bubblegum hues, it’s also quite safe to say that she knows exactly how flattering the colour is! Pink is never done by chance, and it’s a very powerful hair colour. Other celebrities have played around with pink hair, including the most recent Emily Ratajkowski. You can read more about the meaning of pink hair and its impact in our blog: The Return Of Dusty Pink Hair. Ready to achieve your pink hair transformation? Get your pastel pink hair extensions now!

    Platinum Bombshell

    Kylie made jaws drop when she debuted platinum blonde hair! This daring transformation once again highlighted her chameleon-like beauty and how powerful a hair colour makeover can be. Platinum blonde is a timeless classic, and to this day many many people (both famous and non-famous) swear by it no matter what (looking at you, annoying root touch-up appointments). Many of our customers enhance their Targaryen-like tresses with the help of ice blonde hair extensions, for a boost in thickness and volume.

    Jet-Black Perfection

    Kylie Jenner's in-and-out of shiny jet-black hair is a constant reminder that sometimes less is more. Although jet-black is quite a hard shade to pull off (easy to achieve, hard to get rid of, and can make someone’s features look a little out there!), once again Kylie proved herself more than capable of adapting to a new hair colour, no matter how strong it is. Often powered up by jet black hair extensions, Queen Kylie’s black hair phase had a super-chic aura of elegance and sophistication, and as someone that has experimented with black tresses herself, I simply had to put this look in the list.

    Chic Sleek Ponytail

    Kylie loves a good ponytail, just like her sisters Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kourtney. In particular, plaited ponies and the timeless classic, the wrap-around ponytail, seem to be her favourites. What if I told you that you too can get the hair of a Kardashian-Jenner in an elegant, sleek and sophisticated ponytail? That’s right – come and explore our ponytail hair extensions collection, and get the lounging-chic hairdo of California’s finest. 

    Mermaid Waves

    Kylie Jenner's mermaid waves make me want to book a holiday I can’t afford. Which means, I am fully buying this look! How could I not include this iconic summer look in this (partial) list of her stellar repertoire of hairstyles? Whilst I can’t exactly hop on a private jet and go lounging on an exclusive beach tomorrow, what I can do is recreate this gorgeous look with the help of my trusty seamless hair extensions. Long, flowy and super glamorous, this hairstyle is easily achievable – all you need is a waver, your set of Cliphair hair extensions, and a bit of patience. Take a look at our tutorial: How To Get Mermaid Hair, The Viral Summer Trend.

    Painting The Town Red

    So many celebrities have experimented with red tresses this past year, but I still consider Kylie one of the pioneers of this warm, sultry shade. With her bright red hair she embodied an incredibly luscious, daring, flashy, and bold Y2K vibe that to this day stays pretty much unmatched. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe that Bella Hadid is the ultimate noughties revival queen, but Kylie’s red was… Simply something else. I matched her shade to our Bright Red hair extensions, in case you were wondering.

    Silver Out

    Kylie's silver hair phase wasn’t too long, and yet it made everyone go crazy for glamorous grey looks, seduced by the unique charm and futuristic allure of silver tresses. Although unconventional, pigmented silver looks are not uncommon in the fashion and cinema world – and not only for those celebrities that are naturally greying and embracing it! Silver was one of the predicted hair colours to gain popularity in 2023. Feeling like becoming a trendsetter? Grab your silver hair extensions to make this look yours!


    Kylie’s iconic hairstyles have inspired thousands of beauty enthusiasts out there, including fellow celebrities. Redefining some classics and bringing back some overlooked shades in the hair community, the youngest Jenner sister has made her hair choices a remarkable example of audacity and glamour. Go Kylie, and happy birthday from the Cliphair team!

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