20 Medium Length Hairstyles Based On Your Face Shape For A Perfect Summer

by BRENDA L. / JUN 8, 2022

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    If you decided to give your mane the big chop last year - probably following the 90s bob trend? - then you’re most likely rocking a medium length haircut right now. Let’s be honest, it’s kinda cool - it has some of the long hair perks, but it’s also manageable and quick to style just like shorter hairstyles. But how do you keep looking fresh when you’re growing out a shorter hairstyle?

    As per usual, I have worked out a collection of 20 medium length hairstyles for you to rock this season and look incredible. Ready? Then let’s have a look at the top 20 haircuts for medium length hair that will make summer 2022 unforgettable!

    1. Medium Length Hairstyles For Round Faces

    Round faces will appreciate having a haircut that slims down the edges and flatters their natural curves. Layers and movement will help create the volume you need to frame your face in the best way according to its shape.

    Mid-parted Waves

    Highlights and a middle part are a timeless classic, perfect for summer. This hairstyle works perfectly with round faces as it softens the edges of rounder cheeks without compromising on light.

    The Shag

    Curly, straight or wavy - the shag has made a comeback (probably thanks to Zendaya!) and it’s staying around! This look will effortlessly give you a rock’n’roll vibe, for those planning on party-hopping all summer long.

    Textured Lob

    If you’d like to keep it classy, you can always opt for a lob that you can style in many different ways. When it comes to summer, crimpy and textured hair are royalty in terms of hairstyles. Spice up your lob with gently tousled ends for a sun kissed effect!

    The Bump

    The Y2K bump has been a classic throughout the Paris Hilton era, and it’s easy to see why; not only it was a simple style to create, but it also was a little blessing in disguise - highlighting the forehead, eyebrows, and eyes area whilst keeping things easy on the sides of the face.

    Deep Side-parted Lob

    Although gen Z tried to get rid of the side part for a long time, all it took to get it back was for a celebrity to unapologetically rock this again. And whilst we may have to thank Bella Hadid or Kylie Jenner for it, at least we can experiment with side parting again. Whoo-ray!

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    2. Medium Length Hairstyles For Square Faces

    Square-shaped faces are characterized by an important jawline, usually as strong as the neat shape of their forehead. Let’s see what the best hairstyles for square faces are, in order to keep that medium length on point with the fierce aesthetic of your natural face shape.

    Beach Waves And Bangs

    A light fringe can go a long way when it comes to balancing out a wide forehead on top of a wide chin, if that’s what you’re looking for! When it comes to beach waves, the name says it all: it’s a summer must!

    Curtain Bangs

    This is not exactly specific to square faces, as they look lovely on pretty much everyone. But since this look is so popular, why not add it to this list? On top of that, curtain bangs go really well with the money piece hair - a 2021 trend, still raging on. Read more on this topic in our Money Piece Hair Blog. 

    Silky Lob

    Middle part, spaghetti-like hair. Yep, you got it - a few years ago it would’ve been deemed as a terrifyingly flat look, whilst now it’s grungy and classy. Fashion! Go figure. If you have thin hair, you may want to give it a little more volume - try getting tape-in hair extensions!

    Side-swept Bangs

    Optimal choice for those who are looking to balance out a wide forehead without committing to a fuller fringe - side part and a side-swept fringe can totally change the way you pull off that shoulder length. And it’s also a versatile look to curl or wear straight, depending on the occasion!

    Baby Bangs

    What if your strong forehead is exactly what you’d like to focus on? This punky look is irresistible - the perfect mix between cute and edgy, working best with darker hair colors. A must-try, but definitely not for the faint-hearted!

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    3. Medium Length Hairstyles For Diamond Faces

    This face shape is characterised by a skull that seems designed to focus on eyes and cheekbones, with a small forehead and a narrow chin to complete the look. What are the best medium-length hairstyles for diamond-shaped faces? Let’s have a look together.

    Soft Curls And A Side Part

    This is the ultimate romantic look: a bit retro perhaps, with gently curled ends resting on your shoulders, a side part and why not? Some of your locks casually styled behind your ears. Effortlessly classy.

    The Big Updo

    One of the perks of having this type of face shape is that pulling off a big updo would be nothing but easy for you. People with diamond-shaped faces look naturally graceful with their hair up! To add the perfect volume to your hive or messy bun, just add a few clip-in hair extensions. Voila!

    Sleek Lob With Fringe

    If you don’t mind the classic “Cleopatra vibe”, then by all means - go for this hairstyle. The sleek locks and the thick, blunt fringe are a timeless classic that go well with a lot of different face shapes and aesthetics. If you’d like to try this look without committing to your hairstylist’s scissors, then try with a clip-in fringe hair extension.

    Wavy Shag

    Adding volume and waves is always a good idea for sharper face shapes, as they naturally bring attention to the central part of one’s face (such as eyes and cheekbones). This way you get to create more movement around the rest of your features!

    Wispy Bangs

    If you like the idea of getting a fringe but are unsure about the full Jessie J look, then try soft, wispy bangs. This is the flirty, peppy rival of blunt bangs - more or less the same results, but in a less aggressive and decisive way. Also easy to grow out, and require minimum styling! If what you want is a low-maintenance medium-length haircut without dramatic changes, this might be the perfect choice for you.

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    4. Medium Length Hairstyles For Oval Faces

    Oval faces are the easiest to match to a good haircut - probably because they are one of the most common too! If you have an oval-shaped face and are still looking to spice up your shoulder-length hairstyle, then look no further than these five adorable medium-length haircuts to try this summer.

    Modern Mid-Length Lob

    The mid-length lob is a timeless classic: can be worn with a side part or a middle part - what mood are you feeling like today? - and it’s characterized by edgy layers to create movement without too much drama.

    Long Curtain Bangs With Beach Waves

    As previously mentioned, curtain bangs are suitable for pretty much every face shape available - and beach waves are the most popular summer hairstyle, so the equation is pretty simple. For a more mermaid-y look, you can try and add a few funky-colored strands in your hair and use a waver for styling. Not ready to commit to crazy colors? Then try adding a few funky colored hair extensions in, for the perfect festival hairstyle.

    Deep Side-parted Curly Lob

    The deep side part is back, and when paired with soft curls and waves it can completely change one’s look. From cheeky to romantic, your lob is brought to new life with wide, bouncy curls and a deep side part - just like Emma Stone’s!

    Straight Hair With Blunt Bangs

    Got a taste for the goth life? Then go for blunt bangs over the eyebrows and a silky, evenly cut lob. Some people have no room for silly feathered trends and wispy bangs to adjust every week or so! This haircut is down to business, just like you might be.

    Sleek Ponytail

    One of the most popular celebrity looks of the past couple of years or so, the sleek ponytail is the perfect excuse to try and rock an updo without missing out on looking fierce. The sleek ponytail in particular can easily be achieved even if your natural locks are not long enough - grab a wrap-around ponytail hair extensions and voila! A total game-changer.

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