Best and Worst Hairstyles of 2013

by SHOPIFY API / DEC 17, 2013


     »Best and Worst Hairstyles of 2013«


    2013 has flown by – we can’t believe it is nearly over. As usual, celebrities have kept us entertained with wacky hairstyles and surprise image overhauls. We’ve taken a look back over the year at some of the best and worst ones…

    Best Up Do – Taylor Swift at the MTV VMA’s


    Taylor Swift has wowed us throughout 2013 with her impossibly glossy locks. She’s now sporting a sleek full fringe, but we were most impressed by her old school Hollywood glamour up-do at the MTV VMA’s. Taylor looked classy and elegant with swept back curls and a slick of red lipstick. This look is easily achievable at home – curl your hair using heated rollers or a curling tony and pin it in place with bobby pins. Pull a few tendrils out around the front of your face for a soft, feminine look.


    Best Hair Extensions – Rihanna at the Grammy Awards


    Rihanna is well known for her wacky styles and crazy haircuts. The star loves experimenting with her looks, meaning hair extensions are important for her. One day Rihanna has a short pixie crop, and the next her hair is Rapunzel-esque! We loved her hair extensions at the Grammy awards – they were so natural looking and the style was uncharacteristically ladylike for RiRi. This subtle ombre look was soft and sunkissed – perfectly complimenting her scarlet gown.


    Best Fringe – Lea Michele at the SAG Awards


    Lea Michele shows us all how to work a fringe- the Glee star looked gorgeous at the SAG Awards with a full choppy fringe, perfectly complimenting her strong features. Want to steal Lea’s style? You no longer need to head to the hairdressers – why not just clip on a fringe? Clip-on fringes are loved by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, as they’re a super quick and easy way to update your look!


    Most daring hairstyle – Jessie J for Comic Relief


    Jessie J can truly get away with anything – a fact she proved to us all when she shaved her raven locks off in aid of Comic Relief in March. Since shaving her head, Jessie has dyed her cropped hair a range of colours, from green to blue to peroxide. She accessorises her shorter style with big chunky earrings and stylish accessories. We think she pulls of a shaved head perfectly!


    Best colour – Kelly Osborne


    Kelly Osborne wins the prize for best hair colour this year. We love her lilac locks, which look stunning when styled in glamorous waves as seen here. Pastel locks have been massive this year, and it’s now easier than ever to steal the style of gorgeous Kelly thanks to an influx of semi-permanent hairdyes. We are loving the sold out new range from Bleach London, full of pretty hues to brighten up your barnet


    Worst hairstyle – Nicole Richie at the MET Ball


    Sorry Nicole – you win the worst hairstyle award with this white Cruella Deville inspired shocker!

     Which celeb hairstyles did you love this year? Which did you hate? We’d love to know!

    Written By Ellie Parkinson
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