Which Permanent Hair Extension Are You? 

by ABBEY WILSON / APR 23, 2024

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    Your lifestyle and personality should definitely be considered when choosing which permanent hair extensions are right for you. Some permanent methods require more maintenance and salon appointments than others, being realistic with your capability to fit this into your life and budget is super important to avoid making the wrong decision that could not only affect the health of your hair but cost you more money in the long run. So, let's explore each professional extension type, the required maintenance and which method is best suited for you!

    Hair Weft & Weave Extensions: For The Big Hair Beauties

    When it comes to dramatic transformations done in a flash, weaves are unmatched. It’s the only permanent method that can turn thick, short hair into long cascading lengths in under 2 hours. Compared with other methods such as pre-bonded extensions that can take up to 4.5 hours to achieve a full head makeover, it’s hard to compete with! Weaves are also referred to as weft hair extensions and are only suitable for those who are already blessed with average to thick hair as they also require some thickness in the natural hair to effectively hide the seam which can be a struggle in very fine tresses.

    If you’re a busy bee with little time to spend in the salon but crave lusciously thick, long hair, a weave could be the perfect product for you due to the fast application and easy removal. You will need to visit the salon every 6-8 weeks for a maintenance appointment, but this is usually finished within an hour. Try the new Flat Track Weft, the latest innovation in weft hair extensions with a more discreet and durable seam that sheds up to 2x times less as the classic Hair Weft. Check out our dedicated blog Everything You Need To Know About The LA Weave for more information on how they are applied and looked after.

    Nano Hair Extensions: For The Active Girlies

    At Cliphair, we have 2 types of Nano Extensions, both super discreet and applied in the same way but with slightly different tips. Our original and top selling Nano Rings Hair Extensions are topped with a tiny metal loop and the second is the latest innovation, Nano Bond Hair Extensions which are topped with a translucent sillicone tip. The beauty of both is the extreme discretion they provide and their lightweight structure which makes them ideal for those with very thin or fine hair.

    Due to their miniscule size, Nanos remain virtually invisible even when the hair is pulled back from the face. So, for anyone with fine texture that tends to wear their hair up regularly, whether that’s for work or working out, Nano Tip or Nano Bond Hair Extensions are the wisest choice. For very active lifestyles, Nano Bonds take the lead as they are more secure than the original version and do not tend to fall out when pulled up into tight hairstyles. A full head for length and volume of either Nano Hair Extension system typically takes around 4-5 hours and will need to be refitted every 6-8 weeks so its important to factor this into your decision making. Even though regular maintinance appointments can be costly, all of the extensions in our double drawn Remy Royale collection last from 6-12 months and are totally reuseable making them cost effective aswell as luxurious.

    I-Tip Hair Extensions: For The All Rounders

    Much like its smaller cousin the Nano Ring, I-Tips or Stick Tips are applied strand by strand and attached to the natural hair with a metal or copper ring, using zero heat or glue, making it a very gentle application. They are a tad faster to apply and refit than Nanos as they are slightly bigger and can use the same ring each time, but it will still take around 4 hours for the initial full head application with push up appointments every 6-8 weeks that usually take around 2 hours.

    Customer wearing a i-tip hair extension

    @crihannahair_ uses 20” I-Tips in shade #1B Natural Black to create these stunning waves.

    Another advantage of I-Tip Extensions is they are suitable for almost any hair type apart from extremely thin or fine hair, they can be placed close to the hairline and remain discreet whilst the hair is up. This all-rounder method is a firm favourite thanks to its versatility, fixture and natural looking finish, a great option for beginners in professional hair extensions. For more information, read How Long Do Micro Ring Extensions Last & How To Look After Them.

    Standard Tape Hair Extensions: For The Quick Fixers

    Our standard Tape Extensions have a general life span of 6-12 weeks, so they are ideal for quick seasonal uses such as the Christmas period or a summer holiday, when you need your extensions in for longer than a day or two but aren’t looking for a long-term commitment. The standard Tapes are made from single drawn, AAA grade quality hair that is designed to be replaced every 12 weeks unlike our Remy Royale Tape-In hair extensions which can be re-used for up to a year with good care!

    Tapes are also a fab way to add colour or highlights into your hair without needing to use harsh chemicals such as dye or bleach, in the video above we added some #Hazelnut Brondie Tapes to Ellie’s naturally brown hair to create a temporary but natural looking balayage for the summer. Explore all our Sunkissed Balayage shades here.

    Remy Royale Tape-In Hair Extensions: For The Luxury Lovers

    Applied by sandwiching a tiny slither of natural hair in between the sticky tapes, the Tape Extensions in our Remy Royale Collection are super easy to apply and lay totally flat to the head making them one of the most popular methods on the market today. A full head is applied in a speedy 2.5 hours and is suitable for all hair types from thick to thin and short too long. However the removal process is a little more time-consuming and trickier, the tapes are removed with the Cliphair tape remover spray, re-taped and refitted which can take anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on amount of hair and this will need to be done every 6-8 weeks. Wondering why it takes so long? Read How To Reuse Tape In Hair Extensions to find out more.


    Not only do we stock top quality long-lasting Tape Ins with a life span of 6-12 months, but we have an even more discreet option: Invisible Tape Hair Extensions. These incredibly natural looking Tapes have a tab fully covered with hair all the way to the edge making them virtually undetectable in even the finest of hair, perfect for those with thin hair looking for extra luxurious permanent hair extensions.


    Flat Tip Hair Extensions: For The Low Maintenance Babes

    Also known as Fusion Extensions, Flat Tips can stay in the hair for 3 whole months before they need to be removed and refitted, the ultimate when it comes to a low maintenance method. If your someone who travels a lot and struggles to find time for regular salon appointments, this minimal effort method could be for you! The application uses a heated tool to melt the keratin tip and fuse it to the natural hair which can be off putting to some customers however providing it is done correctly it should not have a damaging effect to the natural hair. As the extensions are small, they remain discreet whilst the hair is up and can be placed close to the hairline to fill out problem areas. Our Remy Royale Flat Tip Extensions are available in 10 stunning shades and lengths from 18 to 22 Inches.

    Flat tip hair extension


    Whatever your hair type, lifestyle or hair goals, there is a permanent extension for you in our selection. Make sure to have an honest consultation with your stylist before choosing your method to ensure you’re able to look after your precious extensions correctly and protect your own hair. That could mean choosing a low maintenance system that requires minimal salon visits or a more budget friendly option to suit your financial limits, being realistic can save you time and money in the long run. Need more information? Drop a message to our expert advice team who are always on hand to help.

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