Bridal Hairstyles Through The Decades: A Century of Beauty


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    Hair has had a fascinating evolution over the past 100 years, with bridal hairstyles remaining a major focal point within pop culture, contemporary fashion and our history as a whole. Join us in our Cliphair time-machine as we explore a century’s worth of the most beautiful bridal hair looks for your special day, with and without hair extensions! 

    10 Bridal Hairstyles Through The Decades 



    The Roaring Twenties was the bedrock of exploration when it came to music, fashion, makeup and accessorising, but also many original hairstyles that we know and love today. Experimentation was a huge part of life for women in the 1920s due to the flapper girl movement, allowing them to flourish creatively and gain a newfound freedom.  

    For brides, one of the most popular hairstyles was a sleek angled bob cut bluntly just below the jawline and paired with dramatic bangs. Lace or crochet coverings also known as Juliette caps were popular for covering the bride’s hair, with silk veils attached that would match the bouquet.  


    After the Wall Street Crash in 1929, haircuts and beauty appointments for women suddenly became far more expensive, causing shoulder-length hair and longer, looser styles to have their moment. When it came to bridal hairstyles, long finger waves and pin curls were suddenly in fashion. Lace caps were still very much adorned; however, veils became looser to match the cleaner lines of the gowns worn. With the rise of waved hair, commercial shampoos, setting lotions and brilliantines, which were used to add shine, all became an essential part of a woman’s bathroom cabinet. 


    For the 40s bride, hair was much shorter and almost always curled, with upswept hair becoming a popular trend, as well as ‘victory rolls’ or ‘victory curls’, where your hair is rolled away from the face and pinned on top of the head. Fascinators and birdcage veils also came into prominence, with short hair and updos being a practical yet flattering choice for the hardships at the time. 


    Hello hairspray! The 1950s was all about embracing change when it came to hairstyles. Similar to the 1940s, the typical 50s bride would often wear their hair in an updo but far more defined with thicker, lusher and more playful curls on display. The invention of hairspray worked wonders for transforming your appearance, giving your locks a whole new personality.

    Wedding hair pieces and wedding hair accessories were also an integral part of looking stylish on the big day, including pearl hair combs and headbands. Veils became longer, and updos remained the most popular wedding hair, including ‘betty bangs’, known for their blunt style and volume that fell just above the eyebrows. If you’re not sure whether you want to take the plunge just yet and cut yourself a fringe, you can test the waters with our flattering, versatile Clip In Fringe, perfect for those who want to switch up their style in a matter of seconds.  



    A vibrant era filled with silver screen starlets, the golden age of Hollywood and endless glitz and glamour, big and bold hair completely defined 60s street style, but also bridal hair. Beehives, big hair and high ponytails were everywhere to be seen. The bouffant later became credited to French actress Brigitte Bardot, with Priscilla Presley adding to this trend with her larger-than-life tresses and a high lace veil. Many stars today such as Lana Del Rey continue to emulate these hairstyles, particularly dramatic curls and high-volume beehives. If you’re looking for a dramatic makeover, we recommend using our Ultra Volume Clip Ins, Wrap Around Clip In Ponytail or Extra Volume Clip In Bridal Bundle for an instant hair metamorphosis.  


    The 70s look is perfect for a bride who wants to let her hair down! With the birth of disco, evolution of rock ‘n’ roll and the flower child movement, fashion and hair became even more free-spirited. Centre-partings, curtain bangs, feathered locks, boho braids and big curls were all staples for women during this era, with brides opting for long, romantic tresses that cascaded past their shoulders and sometimes even down to their waist. If you’re a retro-loving bride, you’re spoilt for choice with 70s bridal hairstyles. Embrace your inner flower child or bohemian queen with a flower crown or floral wedding headpiece.  

    If you’re looking to experiment with some new wedding hair pieces, you can up your accessories game with our blog Top Bridal Hair Accessories.


    From the dress and the cake to the bride’s hair, the 80s was all about the drama and volume. Locks were often permed, teased or crimped and paired with outlandish makeup such as bright blue eyeshadow and lots of blush. Fluffy bangs were a firm favourite, and theatrical, cathedral-length dresses became all the rage thanks to Princess Diana’s head-turning gown and 25-foot-long train, along with large, thick headbands and headpieces to open up the bride’s face and show off her doll-like curls.  


    Attention 90s babies! This is your time to shinewhether it’s a bouncy blowout, sleek pin straight tresses or a choppier, grungier cut, the 90s is packed with inspo for your wedding hair. Jennifer Anniston changed the game forever with her endless stylish hairstyles as Rachel Green in Friends, giving layers and bright highlights the spotlight they deserve. In terms of beauty, think muted, matte makeup, brown lips, dark lip liner and cat eyes for an ultra-snatched yet fresh faced look. If it’s super sleek, straight tresses you’re after, be sure to use our Moisturising Silky Spray to fight any fly-aways or frizz.  


    For all of you y2k princesses out there, grab your hair styling tools at the ready, because we’re entering a whole new millennium! Beach waves, side parts, side bangs and spiky pixie cuts were at the height of fashion throughout the early 2000s. The rebirth of ‘happily ever after’ and bridal movies saw the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Kiera Knightley adorn tight, slicked back elaborate updos. Think hair gel, framing pieces around the face and delicate curls moulded into a ballerina-style bun or low chignon at the nape of the neck 


    The age of the internet saw women open their eyes to a whole new world of possibilities in inspiration for hair and beauty. Whether they were seen on actresses in coming-of-age movies or all over your Tumblr homepage, half-up half-down styles truly had their moment during the 2010s, and still are to this day. The French colouring technique balayage was developed in the 70s, but became even more popular during the 2010s, with sub-trends such as ombre and dip dye causing a wild amount of colour combinations to take off.  

    Wedding hair accessories such as flower crowns also had their full circle moment, as well as bold brows, contour and fuller lips, with bridal makeup becoming more glamorous than ever before.  



    Flashforward to today, the modern bride has an endless catalogue of hairstyles to look back on and admire. Unlike other decades, the 2020s hasn’t solidified itself just yet with a particular trend or look, and instead has put new, refreshing spins on hundreds of styles from the past. Brides today are all about modernising classics and putting our own unique twists on vintage wedding hair, from Hollywood Waves to traditional buns to bohemian braids. Whether it’s you that’s tying the knot, your daughter, or you’re a hairstylist prepping a moodboard for a client, an entire century of inspiration awaits!  


    From the iconic finger waves and flapper headbands of the Roaring Twenties to the voluminous curls and elaborate bouffants of the 1960s, every decade has brought its own unique flair to bridal fashion. As you prepare to walk down the aisle, remember that your hairstyle is more than just a look – it's a reflection of your personality, a nod to history, and a glimpse into the future. 

    Still unsure of which hairstyle to go with? If you’re currently deciding on a theme, era or particular look for your wedding day, browse our blogs The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Hair and The Incredible History of Hairstyling, or explore our 2024 Cliphair Bridal Campaign complete with our Wedding Shop, Lookbooks, Bridal Bundles and more for a deeper dive into your dream bridal locks. 


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