Color Guide: Red & Auburn Hair Extensions

by ABBEY WILSON / MAY 5, 2022

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    Gone are the days that women cover up their red hair! We have finally learnt to embrace and enhance it, and it’s about time too! The stunning, autumnal wildness that comes from auburn hair is rapidly growing in popularity and here at Cliphair we hold the crown for the most shade varieties in red hair extensions on the market today. With over 10 shades to choose from, we cover everything: from copper to mahogany and everything in between, whether your red hair is dark or light or even a mixture of both, we have a shade for you!

    Color Terminology Buster

    Quite often in the hair and beauty industry technical language is used to describe products and shades. This is all well and good if you are trained to understand these words, but for the everyday extension wearer, it can be quite confusing! We’ve simplified some common color terminology below to help you understand our descriptions; this could also help you when explaining to your stylist how you want your color to look. 

    • Undertones - Subtle tones underneath the hair surface that influence the overall color;
    • Copper - A vibrant blend of red and bronze tones;
    • Mahogany - A deeper, browner red shade;
    • Auburn - Natural & more subtle ginger shade; 
    • Ginger - Orange undertones; 
    • Warm - Gold/Red undertones; 
    • Golden - Yellow/Orange undertones;
    • Brassy - When the hair is too yellow or orange;

    Light Auburn (#30)

    Light Auburn (30#) Hair Colour

    A classic light auburn shade with both warmth and richness. This color is perfectly suited to the beauty of naturally red-haired people as it is not too vibrant but still red enough to be considered an Auburn.

    Light Auburn (#30) is our top-selling red shade which is why it can be found in all of our products from Clip-Ins Hair Extensions to professional extensions like Tape-In Hair Extensions.

    Dark Auburn/Copper (#33)

    Dark Auburn/Copper (#33) Hair Image

    A darker, coppery version of “Light Auburn”, this color has a little more sass to it. It can be used to match darker natural redheads but also dyed red hair as it is a little more vibrant.

    This color can be found in many of our products, but mainly Clip-Ins.

    Ginger Red (#350)

    Ginger Red (#350) Hair Colour

    This shade is not for the faint-hearted, one of our absolute favs here at Cliphair. A bold and fiery ginger that’s full of life and vibrancy. This shade works well with dyed, bright ginger hair to enhance that flaming hot look.

    As this is one of our top sellers you can find this shade in all of our hair extension products from Ponytails to Nano Ring Hair Extensions. It can be used by itself to match to the same shade or even added to warm, brunette hair to give a bold balayage effect.

    Strawberry Blonde (#27)

    Strawberry Blonde (#27)  Hair Colour

    Warm and beautifully glossy, this is our much-loved Strawberry Blonde. A soft, peachy color that is also classed as a blonde due to its lightness. A classic, natural shade that works with both dyed and naturally light, ginger blonde hair.

    This shade can be found in many of our hair extensions and is used a lot in our mixed shades. Due to its golden finish, it complements both brunette and blonde colors to create striking highlights.

    Deep Red

    Deep Red Hair Colour

    Deep Red. Sultry and luxurious with just the right amount of vibrancy, a darker more subtle version of its sister “Bright Red”. It's not often you see someone with this color naturally so this will work best with dyed red hair.

    As this is a relatively new shade of ours, its only available in a selected few products including Clip-ins Extensions and Tape-In Extension. As this shade grows in popularity, it will be added to more products.

    Mahogany Red (#99J)

    Mahogany Red (#99J) Hair Colour

    Our Mahogany Red has been on a journey at Cliphair, a color that used to be more pink/purple has been toned down to create this delicious deep-wine shade. The depth of this red gives off the most dazzling shine and is very popular in Autumn especially! When the light catches this color the vibrancy is at its full greatness.

    This shade is available in almost all of our hair extension items in everything from hairpieces to professional I-Tip hair extensions.

    Cinnamon Blonde (#27/30)

    Cinnamon Blonde (#27/30) Hair Colour

    A gorgeous combination of our “Light Auburn” & “Strawberry Blonde” creates a warm, cinnamon-inspired highlighted shade. This light shade works brilliantly with highlighted hair or even added to natural ginger hair to create a balayage!

    As this shade is still new it's only available in a few of our most popular products like the Double Weft and Tape-In hair extensions.

    Cinnamon Swirl Balayage

    Cinnamon Swirl Balayage Hair Colour

    Cinnamon Swirl is a warm balayage made from a “Light Auburn” root flawlessly melting into ends of “Strawberry Blonde” and the same root shade. This shade is great for natural redheads looking to add some natural lightness to the ends of their hair.

    This shade is mostly available in Clip-In hair extensions but also comes in Tape-ins!

    Plum/Cherry Red (#530)

    Plum/Cherry Red (#530)

    Plum/Cherry Red is a fun, vivid shade that makes you stand out from the crowd. The color is similar to that of a “Cherry Drop” sweet with a velvety, gothic charm. This color is fantastic added to Black hair to create funky flecks or Balayages or even added to the same dyed color to add thickness and dramatic length.

    You can find this color in many of our hair extension products from Hair Wefts to Clip-Ins and everything in-between.

    Bright Red

    Bright Red Hair Colour

    Last but certainly not least, this is our brightest red shade. Housed in our funky collection this is a knock-out red, it's scarlet and eye-popping and surprisingly very popular! We would advise having your hair dyed to match this shade or adding to natural hair to create fun, flaming streaks.

    You can find this shade in many of our hair extension products but mainly Clip-ins and Tape-ins.

    What color is Auburn Hair?

    What colour is Auburn Hair Section Image

    Auburn hair is a deep, orange-toned shade of ginger hair. It is the most common natural red shade in the world. Due to its delicate vibrancy, it is also an extremely popular request in salons for hair dying as it is easy to achieve with minimal damage.

    How to lighten Auburn Hair?

    Auburn hair is easy to lighten with lighting products however as the undertones are very warm/red the color is likely to turn out golden. If you want to change your auburn to a cooler, blonde shade you will need to tone the hair afterwards using an ash shade. Another way to lighten Auburn hair is to add lighter extensions! This way you will not need to add a drop of dye to your natural hair and still get the beauty of Sunkissed highlights.

    How to keep red hair from fading?

    Red hair is notoriously hard to maintain however there are a few things you can do to prolong the vibrancy.

    1. Keep your hair out of the sun by wearing a hat.
    2. Use a good color-lock shampoo specifically made for red hair.
    3. Stay away from cleansing or clarifying shampoos as they will strip the color.
    4. Keep your hair hydrated and healthy. Damaged, dry hair will fade much faster.

    Check out our blog expertly tailored to tackling vibrant colors that fade fast. It has everything you need to know about locking your color in for as long as possible!

    Is Auburn hair hard to maintain?

    No. Red hair is much harder to maintain than Auburn. This is why Auburn tends to be a safer choice when opting for a change in color. You will still need to keep the hair healthy and hydrated however it will not fade as quickly as other more vibrant red shades.
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