Glamorous Brunette Balayage Ideas For 2023

by BRENDA L. / JAN 30, 2023

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    Are you a brunette looking to add some light and spice to her hair? Then look no further than a gorgeous balayage to give your mane a kick with movement and depth. In case you missed it: balayage is a dyeing technique featuring deliciously crafted, strategically placed highlights made with a brushing method. When added to brown hair, an expertly made balayage will leave you with a sunkissed mane like the one of an ever-travelling superstar.

    1. Tiger Hair Colour

    Tiger hair is a trendy low-contrast balayage option that keeps things a little warm and, dare I say, even brassy. It’s ideal for naturally warm brunettes, but works well with cool-toned brown hair too, balancing the tone out and bringing a naturally brightening light to olive and neutral skin undertones.

    2. Strawberry Blonde Balayage On Brown Hair

    This is a delicious combo inspired by a popular dessert: chocolate-covered strawberries! Strawberry blonde is a blush-like type of ginger shade that keeps things classy and romantic, and when matched to brown hair it pops on its own, offering a high-contrast, rosy finish that adds bounce and depth to brown hair in an unconventionally trendy way.

    3. Brunette Blonde Balayage

    Do you like high-contrast and warm tones, but are faithful to your dark brunette hair? A brunette blonde balayage is the perfect way to bring a touch of light and delicate bounce and movement to your tresses by adding soft, natural golden strokes to your naturally brown canvas. You can either stick to a minimalistic style and add a few thin highlights, maybe focusing on the bottom of your mane, or get trigger-happy by going with a full-head balayage.

    4. Brunette Hair Caramel Balayage

    For those who enjoy the warmer shades, caramel makes an ideal choice for a sultry, sunkissed brunette balayage. Just like with a classic brunette blonde one, the caramel balayage on brown hair adds sweet, lightweight strokes of brightness to bring your mane to life in a delicate, subtle and natural way. In order to achieve this look, you could also invest in bronze balayage hair extensions, for an all-natural, authentic look that will bring you all the bounce and depth of a balayage without damaging your tresses with bleach. Explore our range of balayage hair extensions.

    5. Dark Brunette Balayage

    If you have a natural hair colour that is closer to jet black rather than to a lighter shade of brown, an Espresso Melt balayage will be the right solution for you. This sultry, velvety and subtle dark brunette balayage shade gives its best with natural light, and brings a dazzling natural shine to darker shades without going as high-contrast as you would with blonde strokes. Find your match within our Espresso Melt balayage hair extensions.

    6. Warm Brunette Balayage

    Keep things soft, classy and warm with a warm brunette balayage. You can add a touch of honey, Toffee brown or even Lightest brown as the perfect way to achieve a discreet balayage makeover with Remy hair extensions, in sweet contrast with your naturally dark hair without resorting to bleach highlights or spending a fortune at the salon. Warm tones are perfect to compliment a cool-undertoned complexion and bring light to your natural features.

    7. Brunette Honey Balayage

    Brown hair and honey-toned highlights are a match made in heaven, change my mind (hint: you won’t be able to). The delicate touch of a honey balayage adds a unique, natural brightness to warm and neutral/olive complexions, and works really well with both darker and lighter types of brown.

    8. Ashy Brunette Balayage

    If your complexion is neutral or you have an olive undertone, then know that you’re going to be able to rock an ashy brunette balayage like no one else – so why miss out on this opportunity? Cool-toned brunette shades and ashy highlights can be easily revived with the aid of purple or blue shampoo, deleting any brassy undertone and making your ashy colours pop. Find out more about this topic in our dedicated blog: Sassy & Brassy? Here's How To Get Rid Of Brassy Hair!.

    9. Funky Coloured Brunette Balayage

    Wanna go a little crazy? Then consider adding funky coloured hair extensions to your dark hair to add a low-key yet flashy touch of brightness to your hair. From whimsical rosy pink to witchy turquoise and fairy forest green, crazy coloured hair extensions are the perfect way to get a makeover that breaks the mould and stands out from the crowd (may I also add, this makes the perfect festival look?).

    10. Conclusion:

    From classic bronze to bright blonde brunette balayage and the ever-popular caramel shades, these gorgeous and glamorous ideas can step up your hair game and make your brunette hair from basic to stunning. If you’re still deciding on a new hair colour idea but you don’t want to say goodbye to your natural hair yet, a brunette balayage hairstyle might be just what you’re looking for.

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