How Hair Extensions Can Boost Your Confidence: Feeling Pretty With New Hair

by BRENDA L. / JUN 2, 2023

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    By now, I have talked many times about hair extensions in general – how to use them, what gorgeous hairstyles you can recreate by adding them to your mane, how to take care of them, and more – but one thing I can never stress enough is how hair extensions can transform your day, making you feel instantly better. Saying “goodbye” to bad hair days is a liberating, empowering feeling – so why not go into depth and dedicate a whole blog to the mood improvements that hair extensions can provide? 

    Hair extensions can (and will, when used properly) boost your confidence like nothing else, simply by enhancing your hairstyle, and transforming your entire look. I’m talking added length, newly found volume and thickness, adding a pop of colour without damaging your natural tresses, and more – is there anything this handy product can’t do?

    Making the perfectly versatile and customisable solution that can make you feel like the best version of yourself, hair extensions can help you turn any day into a great hair day, making you look (and feel) absolutely flawless. In this blog post, I’ll explain more in detail how they can help you embrace your unique beauty, making you feel more confident.

    Get ready to discover the empowering impact of hair extensions on your self-esteem!

    Instant Transformation

    Who doesn’t like an instant switch up? When talking about clip in hair extensions, the most important aspect of this product is that it doesn’t require sitting for hours in a salon chair.

    You can literally pop them on and off whenever you’d like, wherever you’d like – provided that you have a comb and a mirror at hand. A few minutes and simple, easy steps can help you achieve the transformation of a lifetime – transforming your mane from zero to hero for a special occasion, a night out, or even a simple everyday look. Different types of hair extensions can help you tackle the hair issue that feels more personal to you, whether it’s lack of length, thinner ends, or the need for a dramatic, glamorous boost of volume. Being an effortless solution that you can use on your own, clip in hair extensions make the perfect ally for those who like changing looks quite often and don’t necessarily want to splash out on salon appointments for colouring, new haircuts and such.

    Enhanced Volume And Thickness

    Not many people are aware of how the beauty industry works in places like Hollywood, but those luscious, thick and majestic manes aren’t all natural – hair extensions, and sometimes wigs, play a major role in creating red carpet looks and big screen-worthy hairdo’s. Outside of the dream factory, many individuals struggle with fine or thinning hair, especially as they age or after damaging their tresses with aggressive styling and poorly executed bleach jobs. All of this can be taxing on the way their hair looks, which can affect their confidence. Hair extensions offer a solution by adding volume and thickness to your natural hair, when you need it and where you need it. The added strands create a fuller, luscious look rich in bounce and movement, giving you a sense of empowerment and confidence. With thicker, more voluminous hair, you can also experiment and style your locks in various ways, knowing that your hair looks vibrant and full of life at all times. Does it get any better? If you'd like to find more big hair inspiration, here's a post for you: Turn The Volume Up! How To Use Hair Extensions For Volume.

    Length And Versatility

    A cut gone wrong, regretting a big chop, or fixing your hair as you grow out an old haircut can all be stressful experiences. With the help of hair extensions, you can spare yourself the pain of dealing with hair that you don’t like and that doesn’t make you feel confident, beautiful and empowered. After all, what looks gorgeous on our favourite celebrity won’t necessarily be that flattering on us, and viceversa. To each their own! Long, flowing hair always comes back as a trend, and if you’d like to give it a go without having to wait years to grow your natural hair out, you can always resort to remy hair extensions to express yourself and find your best new look. Big, bouncy blowouts, playful ponytails and mermaid waves for the summer can be yours in the blink of an eye! If you’re looking for a longer lasting transformation, explore the idea of permanent hair extensions so that your tresses can be sorted out for weeks, and enjoy the versatility of long, cascading hair. Want to know more? Get inspired with our dedicated blog: Princess Tresses: 25 Hairstyles For Long Hair To Go Crazy For!

    Experimenting With Styles And Colours

    This is an aspect often overlooked, but hair extensions can provide you with more services than just length and volume! Many people (including celebrities) use them to add a dash of colour or gorgeously sun-kissed highlights to their regular tresses. Hair extensions offer endless possibilities when it comes to exploring different styles and colours, and the good thing about using clip ins or other types of hair extensions to add a pop of colour to your mane is that you won’t encounter any bleach damage, nor will you need any sort of hair dye to come in close contact with your natural hair. You can add highlights or lowlights by using balayage hair extensions or mixed shades hair extensions, try vibrant fashion colours such as pink, green, blue, red or purple, or experiment with ombre effects (depending on your current length and haircut). All without committing to permanent changes! This freedom allows you to express your personality, unleash your creativity, and step out of your comfort zone in a trendy, playful way. All these opportunities will help you find your style and feel more confident along the way!

    Camouflaging Hair Concerns

    Hair extensions aren’t a vanity accessory, they can be at all effects a health solution that helps you hide some hair concerns whilst you take care of it with the help of your trichologist and/or hair stylist. Whether you're dealing with hormone-related hair loss, thinning patches, or simply a bad haircut, hair extensions can provide a temporary solution to help you feel more confident. By strategically placing the extensions, you can camouflage the areas of concern, and achieve a healthy, natural look. More often than not, people worry that hair extensions can contribute to the problem or even cause breakage or traction alopecia (hair loss related to pulling on your strands for an extended period of time). This is not true – as long as you apply your hair extensions properly and follow the correct hair care routine.


    Did somebody say new hair? Hair extensions have the remarkable ability to transform not only your hair, but also the way you go about your day, feeling more beautiful and having that unique “great hair day” vibe going on. They offer the opportunity to embrace your unique beauty, find your style, experiment with new hairdo’s, and overcome hair-related challenges by helping you hide some issues such as balding patches, hair thinning and a poorly executed haircut. By providing newly found length, volume, and movement in your mane, Remy hair extensions empower you to express your individuality and unlock a sense of confidence that radiates from within.

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