How to Care for Dry Hair

by ABBEY WILSON / MAR 26, 2024

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    If gorgeously glossy hair seems like a pipe dream to you, don’t worry, we got you. Yup, dry hair sure can put a dampener on your shiny hair fantasies, but we know the cure. By switching up your hair care routine and introducing ultra-moisturising products, alongside tweaking your diet, lifestyle and styling habits, your tresses will transform from brittle to bouncy in no time.

    Our illuminating hair care for dry hair guide includes juicy tips and ALLL the knowledge you need to tackle your lacklustre locks. We cover practical guidance and product recommendations, including:

    • The causes and characteristics of dry hair
    • How to care for dry hair at home using specialised hydrating products
    • Styling and heat styling tips
    • Diet and nutrition
    • How stress causes dry hair

    Get ready to lubricate those locks baby!

    Understanding Dry Hair

    Causes of Dryness

    Ever wondered why some gals have glossy tresses whilst yours are painfully porous? There could be several factors at play. Read on:

    Dry scalp: The condition of your scalp equals the condition of your hair. Your mane can’t hydrate itself, it needs to drink from the scalp’s natural oils. Dry scalp? Dry hair.

    Ageing: Ever wondered why hair becomes brittle and dry as we get older? As we age, the texture of our hair changes. This is because our hair follicles shrink and produce less sebum, causing, you guessed it – parched hair.

    Hormones: Hormonal issues, such as the menopause or hypothyroidism, can restrict your scalp’s oil production, leaving hair thirsty and malnourished.

    Hair type: Bouncy curls and mermaid waves may ooze Goddess vibes, but they come with a caveat. Your natural coils and curls make it hard for your scalp’s sebum production to glide down your hair, causing dry ends. Don’t fret! Check out how @mxxed nourishes her parched curls with ClipHair’s Quench the Thirst collection:

    Excessive washing: Washing hair every day can diminish its nourishing, natural oils, leading to thirsty hair. The best hair care for dry hair routine involves washing your hair 2-3 times per week.

    Heat styling: Bouncy blow-outs, poker straight tresses and cascading curls may look amazing, but your hair health will pay. Extreme heat exposure frazzles the hair’s cuticle, resulting in lacklustre and scorched hair.

    Harsh chemical treatments: Procedures such as bleaching, dying, perming or relaxing the hair can make it highly porous, meaning your locks will struggle to retain moisture.

    Forgetting to apply heat protectant: Clamping scorching straighteners on unprotected hair is your one-way ticket to a frazzled bonce. Protect your hair first with a heat protectant spray.

    Chemical hair products: Many hair products contain nasties such as isopropyl alcohol, heavy fragrances, sulphates and propanol. Sure, they smell good and cleanse your hair of product build-up, but use with caution. These chemical hair products strip your hair of natural oils, leaving them dull and depressed.

    The environment: Living in extreme environments such as hot climates, can wreak havoc on your hair. Sun exposure, humid temps and salty or chlorinated water sucks the life out of your tresses. On the other hand, cold, windy environments, as well as polluted city air, can distress the natural balance of your hair and scalp.

    Health conditions: Underlying health conditions or stress can affect your hair’s ability to retain moisture. If you have any other symptoms alongside your dry scalp and hair, contact your GP for professional advice.

    Genetics: Blame it on the parents. Reduced sebum production can be hereditary, so if your mum or dad suffered from dry locks, you probably will too…

    Characteristics of Dry Hair

    Not sure if you have dry hair? We all get affected at some point in our lives with dry hair, usually in the cold winter months. But if you have 2 or more of the below symptoms all year round, then you may suffer from a more prevalent dry hair condition.

    1. Dull hair
    2. Rough texture
    3. Brittle strands
    4. Frizz that won’t quit
    5. Tangling
    6. Hair breakage and split ends

    Hydrating and Nourishing Dry Hair

    Moisturizing Shampoos and Conditioners

    If your tired tresses desperately need revitalising, opt for shampoos and conditioners that are designed to nourish, hydrate and moisturise. Check their ingredient lists and keep an eye out for the below hydration heroes.

    • Argan oil
    • Coconut oil
    • Avocado oil
    • Shea Butter
    • Hyaluronic acid
    • Vitamin A & E
    • Essential fatty acids

    If you’re wondering how to care for dry hair at home, our deep moisturising products contain goodies such as shea butter, baobab seed oil and rice proteins. These moisturising and nourishing formulas have been clinically proven to reduce dryness, enhance shine, prevent split ends and reduce frizz in the hair. Whoop!

    All our haircare products can be used to boost hydration on natural hair or hair extensions. Our Deep Moisture Conditioner is one of the best conditioners for hair extensions because it seals cuticles to minimise frizz, ensuring long-lasting softness and shine.

    Don’t just take our word for it though, check out how @_laviniamartin breathes new life into her hair using ClipHair products in the reel below:

    Deep Conditioning Treatments

    If your hair is dryer than the Sahara Desert then maybe it needs a touch more TLC. Slathering on a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week promises to rehydrate those locks. Choose rich, creamy formulas that are packed with baby-soft-hair-inducing ingredients such as argan oil, biotin, and keratin.

    Masks are an inexpensive alternative to salon treatments. Consequently, they’re a savvy solution when planning how to care for dry hair at home. Intensive masks work their magic by penetrating the hair shaft for longer – so leave that mane to marinate for as loooong as possible.

    Comb through with a wide-tooth comb to ensure every strand is covered. Extra points if you leave the mask on overnight for the silkiest, swishiest locks around! Just remember to rinse out in the morning ;)

    Alternatively, make like @elliecraven0 and incorporate your mask into a daytime hairstyle. We LOVE how she creates a sleek bun using her ClipHair Deep Conditioning Hair Mask:

    Styling and Maintenance Tips

    Heat Styling Precautions

    Ladies, we all know heat styling is damaging to our hair, even if we’re blessed with the healthiest of locks. Implement the following into your hair care for dry hair routine to protect your locks from excessive heat.

    • Wash less often (washing less means styling less)
    • Air-dry your hair for a cool, natural texture
    • Use low heat settings on your hair dryer or styler
    • Use heat-protective serums and sprays
    • Use products that moisturise and strengthen in your wash routine. @elliecasei uses our moisturising trio to create a shiny, bouncy blowout:

    Gentle Styling Techniques

    Scratchy towels, vigorous brushing and even the wrong type of pillow can cause dehydrated tresses. Check out these tips to ensure you’re not ruining your hair care for dry hair routine by making the following rookie mistakes:

    Towel drying: You may think you’re protecting your hair by rigorously drying it with a towel to cut down on blow-drying time, but the friction from the towel damages the surface of your hair. Instead of rubbing, pat dry and squeeze the excess water from the hair which is far less damaging.

    Swap your regular towel for a micro fibre towel. The towel’s softer material and gentle absorbent qualities are kinder to your hair. The key is to gently squeeze, then blot those tresses with the towel, don’t rub!

    Brushing when wet: Wet hair is delicate, so don’t hack away at it with a regular hairbrush. Use The Wet One by Cliphair, a detangling hairbrush specifically designed to be safe to use on fragile wet hair, the flexible teeth glide gently through knots with zero damage.

    Cotton pillowcase: Indulging in some beauty sleep? Check your pillowcase first. Cotton is highly absorbent, meaning all those lovely, nourishing products that are meant to be hydrating your hair, are slurped up by your pillowcase, instead. Alternatively, invest in a silk or satin pillowcase. These sumptuous materials can even promote shine, ensuring you wake up like the glossy goddess you deserve to be.

    Lifestyle and Dietary Considerations

    Hydration and Nutrition

    Beauty radiates from the inside out. So, there’s no point in investing in ultra-moisturising products and fixing all your bad hair habits, if you ain’t nourishing your insides as well. You must incorporate the below goodies into your diet, if you desire hair that dazzles with a mirror-like shine.

    • Plenty of water - for hydration, obvs.
    • Omega-3s found in salmon, nuts, and seeds
    • Antioxidants found in berries, beans, and spinach
    • Healthy proteins, such as Greek yoghurt, beans and eggs

    Stress Management

    We all know stress and anxiety is bad for us. But did you know it can affect your hair too?

    Firstly, the stress hormone, cortisol, can raise your testosterone levels which can cause hair thinning. Secondly, stress reduces your body’s ability to absorb nutrients which may result in hair shedding. Finally, stress wreaks havoc on your nervous system which creates strain on your body. When this happens, your body diverts nutrients and energy to vital organs, prioritising your skin and hair last.

    The solution? We can’t control external circumstances, but we can control our internal world. Incorporating the following stress-reducing techniques is an essential part of your hair care for dry hair.

    • Meditation
    • Yoga and/or Pilates
    • Deep breathing
    • Gentle exercise, such as swimming, jogging or brisk walking
    • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
    • At least 8 hours of sleep
    • Self-care, such as face/hair masks, manicures and pedicures.

    Transforming dehydrated hair into luminous locks certainly takes a holistic approach. By investigating ALL areas of your life, from diet and lifestyle to hair products and styling habits, you can develop a powerful and reliable hair care for dry hair routine that WORKS. Remember to stay consistent and patient and we promise that gleaming tresses will be yours forever.

    The easiest way to care for dry hair at home is to fill your bathroom cabinet with ultra-nourishing products. We have everything your hair and hair extensions need to keep them silky-soft and radiant right here.

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